3D Bumper Cars (Kinda)

So I decided to do something just a tad bit different for this weeks 3D. The image I am creating does not have multiple levels, but it still gives an appearance of coming out of the screen in a very subtle way.



So let’s get started. Level 36 gave us a new decoration in a Stolen Bumper Car. It is amusing to see it in Springfield. Now the question is, just how to design with it? Where’s a good place to put it. Well the kid in me wanted to make a fun track with them. Not the normal open square to smash into one another with, but almost more to race around a track and smash each other with. Lol.

I give you my Bumper Cars…Go Kart Style…

First I laid out a basic design for a track with the pavement. I like to use the pavement as it allows you to place items on it.

bumper cars 7

Then I outlined the outer area of the track with the Large Hedge. I left an opening as the “entrance” to the track.

bumper cars

bumper cars 6

The inner area I wanted it to look as though the drivers could “see” into the center, so I used the Boardwalk Fence.

bumper cars 5

bumper cars 4

Then came some fun designing. I placed some of the cars currently available in the center (as it is a car track) like the Freakmobile, Burns Limo, Chalmer’s 1979 _ONDA, and the Piece-of-crap Car. I also placed two Left-handed Roadsters at the entrance. I know many of these are donut purchased items, I just wanted to give a few different options for any level player. Chalmer’s car and other decorations would work just fine. I also added “car” type decorations too. Pylon/Orange Cone, Gas Pump, Stop Sign,and Barriers.Β 

bumper cars 3


Just for a laugh, I also moved the Springfield Tire Fire next to it. It fits, right?Β As for the Stolen Bumper Cars, I randomly placed them all over the track to give the appearance they were being raced. As with most tracks, there will be crashes…so I also displaced a few areas of the Large Hedges to look as though they had been ran into.

bumper cars 2

I had previously made another one to go with my Noiseland Arcade, so here is a different take on the idea.

bumper cars 1

So there you have it. Short and simple way to design with the Stolen Bumper Cars. Many more decorations can be added and other items used to outline the area. Now I want to see how YOU would make one. Share your pics on our Flickr and/or link them below. πŸ™‚

Til next time…



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  1. Hey Bunny, Love this website. Could you either send me a request to your real account or alt town so I can take a look? Or may I have feedback on my town?

    • Lol. My town is a downright disaster sight right now. I was going to start my redesign when I had to go away on business/vacation for two weeks. Now with the update, I am slowly putting it back together. My A game (my original) is full with over 300 pending request. My B game (where I play and make my 2D art) has space. Let me know your ID and I will send you a request to it. You can watch it grow from the ground up and my 2D work in progress as I make them. πŸ™‚

  2. I made a little number car arena that opens just off a little city park. Closed it in with the graffiti walls. Anyone can check it out at rackyroo72

  3. I wish I could visit your town…if you ever get a lazy neighbor-eeno, be sure to keep me in mind! ( —> candiekidz )

  4. I just visited your town and saw that! It looks very nice πŸ˜›

  5. So much better than my track. Looks great.

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