3D Bumper Cars (Kinda)

So I decided to do something just a tad bit different for this weeks 3D. The image I am creating does not have multiple levels, but it still gives an appearance of coming out of the screen in a very subtle way.



So let’s get started. Level 36 gave us a new decoration in a Stolen Bumper Car. It is amusing to see it in Springfield. Now the question is, just how to design with it? Where’s a good place to put it. Well the kid in me wanted to make a fun track with them. Not the normal open square to smash into one another with, but almost more to race around a track and smash each other with. Lol.

I give you my Bumper Cars…Go Kart Style…

First I laid out a basic design for a track with the pavement. I like to use the pavement as it allows you to place items on it.

bumper cars 7

Then I outlined the outer area of the track with the Large Hedge. I left an opening as the “entrance” to the track.

bumper cars

bumper cars 6

The inner area I wanted it to look as though the drivers could “see” into the center, so I used the Boardwalk Fence.

bumper cars 5

bumper cars 4

Then came some fun designing. I placed some of the cars currently available in the center (as it is a car track) like the Freakmobile, Burns Limo, Chalmer’s 1979 _ONDA, and the Piece-of-crap Car. I also placed two Left-handed Roadsters at the entrance. I know many of these are donut purchased items, I just wanted to give a few different options for any level player. Chalmer’s car and other decorations would work just fine. I also added “car” type decorations too. Pylon/Orange Cone, Gas Pump, Stop Sign,and Barriers.Β 

bumper cars 3


Just for a laugh, I also moved the Springfield Tire Fire next to it. It fits, right?Β As for the Stolen Bumper Cars, I randomly placed them all over the track to give the appearance they were being raced. As with most tracks, there will be crashes…so I also displaced a few areas of the Large Hedges to look as though they had been ran into.

bumper cars 2

I had previously made another one to go with my Noiseland Arcade, so here is a different take on the idea.

bumper cars 1

So there you have it. Short and simple way to design with the Stolen Bumper Cars. Many more decorations can be added and other items used to outline the area. Now I want to see how YOU would make one. Share your pics on our Flickr and/or link them below. πŸ™‚

Til next time…



14 thoughts on “3D Bumper Cars (Kinda)

  1. Hey Bunny, Love this website. Could you either send me a request to your real account or alt town so I can take a look? Or may I have feedback on my town?

    1. Lol. My town is a downright disaster sight right now. I was going to start my redesign when I had to go away on business/vacation for two weeks. Now with the update, I am slowly putting it back together. My A game (my original) is full with over 300 pending request. My B game (where I play and make my 2D art) has space. Let me know your ID and I will send you a request to it. You can watch it grow from the ground up and my 2D work in progress as I make them. πŸ™‚

  2. I made a little number car arena that opens just off a little city park. Closed it in with the graffiti walls. Anyone can check it out at rackyroo72

        1. Its my alternate town…my creative world. My main town has 100 and 150 in wait…just a tad filled up. Lol. Yes name in my main town is similar. Alternate town is different

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