Where did THAT come from – Bachelor Arms

Hey hey hey Addicterinos!

No more mist, no more ghoulies, goo, gremlins or haunted buildings!  Who knew there was so much money to collect in your town, right?  The vandals are back to spray paint your useless, errr, I mean non-money earning buildings (well… some of them) and Level 37 is here.  It’s officially Milhouse Day!

Milhouse Day

Level 37 already seems like a pretty swell update to the game and as further proof that EA loves us, we got another female character (150 for a character/building ain’t too shabby, eh?) who just happens to be the better half of Milhouse’s parents.  For free (my favorite number by the way), we also got Mr. Van Houton with his apartment building but where the heck does THAT come from?


Well my friends, wonder no further… Wookiee here once again to watch some episodes and let you know.  For once, I actually knew right away where you can see the Bachelor’s Arms.  In Season 14 Episode 17 Three Gays of the Condo, Homer discovers that once upon a time, Marge was going to leave him for being a drunk.  He finds a break up letter from Marge on the back of an ad for the grand opening of Meaux’s Tavern

Bachelors Arms

Yeah, that was back when the floors were sticky with promise.  Jeesh, that bar has reinvented itself more than Madonna and William Shatner combined.  Ok… maybe that’s an exaggeration but that info is another post…

Bachelors Arms 2

Back to MY post.  Homer thinks that Marge only stayed with him because she found out she was preggo with Bartholomew J and is so upset, he leaves.  First place he goes to stay… with Kirk Van Houten.

Bachelors Arms 3

The Bachelor Arms… this apartment complex is so sad.   Homer can’t even spend one night there because of all the crying.  The gunshot that changes the sign when we first see it… shivers… I’m sure it was a misfire.

Bachelors Arms 4

As a divorced father, I can understand this situation but thankfully live a life nowhere near as depressing as Milhouse’s Dad.  (It’s all about seeing your kids regularly and the people you love who love you in return btw).

Moving on to less depressing things.  Reader aabend380 commented that “In german, the Bachelor Arms is called “Casa Nova” – Huh?!??”  

Well… my German only includes several choice cuss words, how to get a beer, find a bathroom/taxi or flirt with a German girl (Hey… I spent 2 months there while in the military… cut me some slack judgy mcjudgersons) but what I can tell you readers, is that Kirk’s apartment appeared prior to Season 14 under a different name.

In Season 8, Episode 6: A Milhouse Divided, it appears as none other than the Casa Nova, A Transitional Place for Singles.

Casa Nova

Kirk has moved there after his divorce and is showing off his new digs to Homer, complete with race car bed and neighbors informing him of a dead possum they found.

Casa Nova 2

Kirk’s apartment also appeared in Season 16 Episode 9: Prankster Rap but only the interior was shown.  Who knows what it was named by this time although the landlords have really let it go downhill…

Bachelors Arms 5

Poor Kirk… I always root for the guy although I should probably stop.  Only WIN he has had lately is joining our game lol.

Bachelors Arms 6

Kirk level 37

Well, there you have it.  Another item that came from a couple quick scenes of the Best. Show. Ever.  The one our building’s name comes from is an episode I highly endorse.  It was easy for me to remember this one mainly because “Weird Al” Yancovic made a cameo in it as himself (I love this guy!).  Marge pays him to come and sing a song to Homer so he’ll come back to her…

Bachelors Arms 7

Add to this radness that Marge and Homer go on a date to Medieval Times which is literally 15 minutes away from where I live AND I worked there a long time ago in a life far, far away. Please don’t ask about the tights…

Bachelors Arms 8

Besides this amazingness, Homer lives for a while with his two gay roommates aka the Velvet Mafia and there are a bunch of funny scenes plus the best kiss of his night.  Question is whether it was Marge or Grady.

Bachelors Arms 9

Well… I thought it’d be cool to end this post with the short little ditty I like so much from the episode.

Y’all stay classy… Wookiee out!

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  1. Think of the Welshly Arms Motel (SNL) everytime I see Kirk’s pad… laugh each time!

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