Addicts Character Profile: Kirk Van Houten


Ah Kirk Van Houten!  Introduced in Level 37, unlocks with the Bachelor Arms Apartments…Milhouse FINALLY has a parent!

More details on Kirk (and his Simpsons back story) coming soon…but for now let’s take a look at his in game quests:

Task Time Payout
Eat At Krusty Burger 30min $35/10xp
Borrow a Self Help Book 1hr $75/20xp
Cry Sitting Down in the Shower 4hrs $175/45xp
Hand Out Fliers 8hrs $275/75xp
Advertise Condos 12hrs $350/100xp
Protect Crops 16hrs $500/110xp
Collect Unemployment Check 24hrs $600/150xp

Looking for a walkthrough for Kirk’s quests?  Check out the Level 37 walkthrough here!

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  1. Some would have to be an insane Simpsons fan/freak to get a “Dignity’ tattoo !!

    I did like the episode where Kirk and Luanne got stranded on the island together

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