WAWW… Holiday Prediction Edition

Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg, The Batmobile lost a wheel and Joker got away…

Oh hey, didn’t see you there for a second.  How’s it going?   No Shave November is almost over so it’s about time for this Wookiee to get into the Holiday spirit.

Wookiee Movember

Aren’t my friends adorable?  As usual, I get the chance to dish on what I’d like to see in the game and with the Yuletide a-coming… here I gooooooooooooooo…..

The Simpsons is one of those shows that parodies everything and the holidays are no exception.  There are so many cool things we could have from their holiday episodes.  Which holidays?  Well, I’ll refer to my buddy Krusty to show off a few of them.


Last year, our Springfield got covered in snow and we got the ability to earn Christmas decorations for a lot of our houses.

Christmas Decorations

True to my Appalachian American roots, I never took mine down, but I am so looking forward to more this year.  Other dope things we got in our town were Holiday Trees, Reindeer, the Funzos, Santa’s Little Helper, The Simpson family as Snowpeople, the Mapple Store, Barney’s Bowlarama, Krustylu Studios and Santa’s Village with the Santa Homer skin.  Most of these were available for Santa coins (think goo with a Xmas bent).

With the exception of five things (holiday building skins, holiday trees, reindeer, snowpeople and Santa’s Village), everything else stuck around after the update as premium items.  That’s 15/20 items you already could have purchased even if you’re a Droid user.  What does this mean?  A whole lot of NEW Christmas content and a lot of it should be FREE.  Hopefully the other 5 come back too!

Last year I really wished the creators over at EA had brought us the Festival of Lights aka Hanukkah but this year they get a second chance.


I just hope they don’t take Springfield’s most famous GroyseMakher and turn him into a symbol of corporate Christmas.

“Kid, this company’s bust. For years I’ve been giving out free toys and getting cookies in return.  It’s not a sustainable business model.”

Or at least if they do that they go with the Bad Santa angle.

I think it’s only fair to say that this is posting on 29 November and EA has most certainly finished creating the new update so anything I write is pure speculation.  I get a real kick out of predicting things right but know my opinions really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

First off, it’s fair to say that the holiday building decorations should return in addition to some new ones for buildings that came out after last year’s event.  The look of your town with snow and Christmas lights really is cool.  Springfield just looks so nifty with snow.

My true prediction for this event is the arrival of Costington’s Department Store. (Christmas Presents at Hanukkah Prices)

Characters that could come with it include Mr. Costington and poor ol’ Gil. There’s been rumors about Gil becoming a permanent character for a while so who knows?

Could this be Gil’s year?  Is any year really?

Not sure what effect this would have on donut deals but since EA has already designed Gil for the game when he appeared said deals, it wouldn’t be too hard to make him a permanent fixture.  Let’s throw in his Santa costume to boot, eh?

Christmas 8

While I’m dishing on rumors, these next 3 items might actually be guaranteed to pop into the game.  All three (Hal Roach Apartments, Olmec Head and MyPod Poster) were in the files back in August but disappeared.  The snow might be a good indication, right?

Christmas Stuff in Files

No guarantee on that spoiler but it hasn’t been talked about in a while so I figured it couldn’t hurt to bring it up again.

Moving on… You may have noticed Homer as Santa flying above some of your neighbors towns.  While I always fear for the safety of Homer J. as I like to have Arnie Pye fly in the air as well, I think it’d be pretty sweet to get Kang or Kodos in on the holiday action.  All it would take would be a holiday task and maybe some decoration to their UFOs.

I know everyone is probably still pretty sick of Halloween but this item from the THOH stuff could be pretty awesome in anyone’s town.


The Christmas Skin I would most like to see would be on the Nuclear Power Plant.  Candy cane striped towers a la “The Fight Before Christmas”.

Even if Burns and Smithers didn’t go all Scrooge and Marley on us, at least his Mansion could become a skoshi more festive.  You’d have to check out his mansion in The Simpsons Movie to know what I mean.

Reader Mike was on the same page as me by suggesting they bring an ice rink to the game.  I would love an outdoor rink but if the designers need a building, how about a skin for the Colliseum for Krusty’s Kristmas on Ice?

Most folks associate this time of year with gifts.  Other than presents as decorations, I’d love to get the gift of Gary Coleman.  I know this may like a strange request but I guess I’d just love to see him have a task of destroying Funzos.  He could do this alone or team up with Homer and throw them in the Springfield Tire Fire.  For some of us with 2012 (or later) buyer’s remorse, this would be EPIC.

Bored yet?  No?  Cool beans… that means I can keep going.  (I guess if the answer was yes you probably didn’t even make it to the question now that I think about it.)  For all my peeps who are still with me… let’s soldier on.  For ioS players, you probably remember Bart as a Nutcracker walking around last year.  I guess I didn’t mention previously that some of our favorite characters got Holiday tasks.  My favorite was Ned snowmobiling with Rod and Todd especially because those silly boys weren’t in the game yet.  I think it’d be cool to see the nutcracker task become a joint one with Milhouse.

Did you just realize that Martha Stewart in the show was why Bart once paraded around as a Nutcracker?  She actually guest-starred in an episode.  This wouldn’t really be WAWW if I didn’t discuss a house or two.  We could either get The Simpsons home circa-WWII or the Martha Stewart Living house.

For businesses, it really doesn’t get more traditional than a Christmas Tree lot.  How cool would it be to see Jasper as the rosy-cheeked Nog Hog in front of one of the Springfield Stores as a task?

Christmas 19

I’d love this because it could also come with the Marge-shaped tree.

A really amazing decoration for our town would be Otto’s Polar Express train.

I would love, love, love to lay down tracks in my town and watch this train cruise around Candy Cane Corners, Sugar Plum Square, Jack Frost Junction, Falalala Lane, Nutcracker Street and Hannukah Heights.  In addition, Otto is the conductor (holiday task and skin!) and the fuel for it is mildly questionable with hilarious results.

As the tracks and animation might be a bit much, I think just the engine with interaction by Otto would be so cool.

So much of the amazing stuff I found for this article is from Season 22, Episode 8: The Fight Before Christmas.  There is a ton of other cool stuff in the episode including Cletus’ truck, Moe as an Elf, Snowmen Police, and a Gingerbread Mansion.

There actually are not that many Christmas episodes of the Best. Show. Ever. considering it’s 25 season run.  I counted 10-12 depending on your definition, but The Fight Before Christmas has to be my favorite.

My favorite portion of this episode is Maggie and her “A Fluppet Christmas Special”.  I love The Muppets but the best part of her portion is it is a segment with The Simpsons as puppets AND with a in the flesh appearance by the beautiful, amazing, georgeous, talented and hopefully in love with me, Katy Perry.

Pretty please with donuts on top EA Santa, can we have her in my condo, errrrr… I mean our games?  You’d definitely hear me roar with teenage dreams after I kissed a girl with fireworks.

Christmas 17Don’t you touch her with your grubby mitts Moe!  She’s an Angel!

Anywho… the late year holiday season really is about presents (probably not Katy Perry) and thankfulness so I have a bit of a present for you.  While I love getting to write about things I’d like to see, this game has a lot more players than one “little” Wookiee with a crush on a pop star.  In that spirit, the TSTO Addicts team has decided that we’d rather see regularly what y’all want.  It’s a Christmas Miraculam!

We are going to be moving the Tapaholic Requesterinos to EA page over to its own home on the TSTO Addicts Forum.  There you can write, show pictures, etc. about items you’d love to see added to the game.  I’ll continue to pop in now and again with my normal madness and WAWW but really want to showcase what others want.  Think of it as What Addicts Want.  Just one less “W” or WAW.  Hopefully this is exactly what reader Silverdog77 was looking for.  Why the change?  Christian Charity.  What does a porn star have to do with this?  Nothing and before you shoot me… watch Kil Gil Volume 1 & 2 (S18, Ep. 9) for the reference.

In an effort to veer you away from that bit of randomness, here’s a bonus present that is equally random.  How to make a home-made magic wand according to Martha Stewart: Take an old car antennae, marinate it overnight in the tears of a heart-broken leprechaun, bake at 350 until a rainbow shoots out of the oven and there you go.

Well, I sincerely hope we all have a blessed holiday season and a great Holiday event in TSTO.  I can’t wait to see what things the community comes up with and if I pegged one of our new presents with this gigantic ramble.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

22 responses to “WAWW… Holiday Prediction Edition

  1. Is it ever too early for Christmas? I’m stealing your theme Wookie and titling this post WADW (What a dog wants for XMAS 2014). It really entails only one thought. I’d like to see EA offer all the limited time items that involve character tasks as an option to purchase for donuts. I.E. Swanky Fish, Mapple Store, etc.. It’s a little sad to see characters with an option grayed out 🙁 and while you’r at it EA throw in the character skins 🙂 oh and for Wookie throw in all the veeehickles you haven’t released yet. I’ll have him forward you the list. 🙂

    Dog Out

  2. Wow…looking back at this you nailed a lot of stuff…
    Return of holiday building skins, holiday trees, reindeer, snowpeople, and Santa’s Village…Check
    Hannukah-themed stuff…Nope
    Krusty Santa…Nope
    Decorations for new buildings (turns out it was the Skinner house)…Check
    Gil…Nope (darn)
    Hal Roach Apartments, Olmec Head, MyPod Poster…Nope (despite saying they were “guaranteed”)
    Kang and Kodos Santa…Nope
    Skeleton Sleigh…Nope
    Power Plant Christmas Skin…Check
    Burns Manor Christmas Skin…Nope
    Krusty’s Kristmas on Ice…Check (as Springfield Skating Rink)
    Gary Coleman…Nope (nice try)
    Milhouse as a Nutcracker…Nope
    Christmas Tree Lot…Nope
    Polar Express and Otto as the conductor…Nope (for copyright reasons probably)
    All of the Fight Before Christmas image…Nope
    Fluppet Christmas Special…Nope
    Not bad…9 out of 24…now do one for the Valentine’s update.

  3. I’d love to see a post office.

  4. I’m just so excited as I was not here for last years festivities…so I’m looking forward to a snow-covered SF…
    Wookiee: I did the tile-tapping trick with my boardwalk tile and have so far gotten six extra tiles! It really works! I had tried previously with only one handshake and got nada…didn’t realize you have to have more than one for it to work! Duh! So I left one behind and keep tapping any extras that come my way, and boom! Whaddayaknow? Tiles aplenty! Loves it! Loves it so much!
    Does that work on anything else in town?
    Thanks for the holiday breakdown….looking forward to the update! (And scraping together money for donuts so that I can now own the SF sign and Duff brewery…if you don’t have it the sale really is a great deal!)

  5. Great, fun post. A tree lot would be too great. Yeah, hoping for that outdoor skating rink. I love the pick up truck with tree, too. There are soooo many possibilities here. Maybe it’s too late for Hanukkah, bit I’d love to see some Festival of lights items. Maybe a giant town square menorah? Guess we’ll find out in a few days.

  6. Wow there is so much work into this post!

  7. An epic post loads of information worth reading twice.

    I am looking forward to Xmas and hope your predictions are accurate. I am looking forward to some livestock, buildings and cars. The battered pick up truck is a good shout.

  8. I hope the Mapple Store returns. I joined the game recently and was sad to find out this wasn’t still available anywhere.

  9. Awesome post Wookie. I hope an elf costume for Moe will be available and at least half of the things you mentioned, specially Temple Beth Springfield. Fingers crossed.

  10. Fingers crossed for more land too!!

  11. Wow! You put an Amazing amount of work into that post!! I love it!

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