Episode Tie-In: In Game Update…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like EA has dropped yet another little surprise on us this morning…no it’s not Christmas yet…a minor in-game update just dropped (no this is not a new level update).

This update cleared Thanksgiving from Springfield and it’s a special episode tie-in update for Sunday’s episode of the Simpsons!  Here are the details you’ll need to know:

2 NEW items!

Oscar’s Obstacles Truck
FREE once you complete the quests!  (this will be tucked into your inventory once you’re done with the Clandestine Nerd quests)

USS Tom Clancy
– Premium Submarine.  50 Donuts.  This is unlocked immediately and is a new decoration for your water!  (Requires Level 15 AND will earn you 2.25% bonus)
Here’s how the Sub looks in Squidport:
Screenshot_2013-12-04-07-58-40 Screenshot_2013-12-04-07-59-30

BOTH of these items are limited-time so be sure to get them before Sunday’s episode of the Simpsons!

This SHOULD  auto-start for you once you’ve logged into TSTO.  However, in my game it did not auto-start (I play on an Android device, GS4).  If this happens to you (the game updates but you don’t see the quests starting) back out of the game, hard close the app and then restart TSTO.  This should trigger the game to auto-start the quest.  

Lisa gets things started…

Clandestine Nerd Pt. 1
Lisa: A note for me?  Wow, I’ve heard about students passing notes but I never thought it would happen to me!  I wonder who it’s from?
Skinner: Me!  But keep it to yourself.  School secrets are important.  Like how all cockroaches disappear right before the cafeteria makes chili.
Lisa: Sorry.  I’ve never had a secret before.  This is all new territory for me.
Skinner:  Meet me in my office after school.  It’s the one with “WIENER” spray-painted on the door.   If people are suspicious, say it’s about the “Math Club” – everyone will lose interest.
Reach Level 9 and Build Springfield Elementary
Make Lisa Secretly Meet with Skinner-4hrs
Make Skinner Secretly Meet with Lisa –

Clandestine Nerd Pt. 2
After tapping Skinner

Skinner: Lisa, I’m asking you to do this secret assignment because you’re the smartest student at this school.
Lisa: Well, you did engrave my name on honor roll plaques for the next 3 years to get the volume discount.
Skinner: You understand this has to remain secret.  Just like that Willie and the lunch lady are back together… oops.
Lisa: I do.  Thanks for asking me Principal Skinner.  This is almost as exciting as extra credit algebra!
Skinner:  Ok, now I need this done by Sunday.  Hopefully before my “Real Housewives” TV program is on.  That’s my “me-time”.
Make Lisa Work on a Secret Assignment– 24hrs
Homer– Hey Honey, how come you’re locking yourself in your room for 24 hours?  And can you get Bart to do it instead?
Lisa: Uh, it’s nothing Dad.  I’m just practicing to be a moody teenager.  Do I have your permission to play music loudly?
Homer: Of course.  It there’s one thing I know about parenting, it’s to always believe your kid’s first answer.

Clandestine Nerd Pt. 3
After tapping on Lisa

Lisa: Principal Skinner, I finish the assignment.  I even put it in a binder with color-coded tabs.  Consider that when you are grading it.
Skinner: Nice work Lisa.  And remember, this is just between us, like how I’m studying the art of making balloon animals online.  By the way, thank you for your reference letter.
tie-in 1 tie-in 2 tie-in 3 tie-in 4

What else changed with the update?

Well…it looks as though the location for the Scratch-R’s in the Kwik-E-Mart as changed.  The Premium Scratch-R is now listed second and the $250 in game cash Scratch-R is listed first.  So be careful when tapping on the Kwik-E-Mart that you don’t accidentally hit the wrong one!

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  2. Ok I found it…..so what’s the point, just to have the items and answer the questions for yourself when you watch the show?

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  6. Got the truck (dumped into my inventory) and it told me to watch the show. I did (loved it) but then there were no questions to answer and no sub to claim. I am very sad to think I cannot get this item (very kwel to have)

    • If anyone can tell me how to get it (I have tried the restart several times and have now done the C-mas update) but no sub. I even said last night how cool would it be if the free item was a sub rather than the truck.

    • The Submarine was separate from the truck. The two were not linked in the quest line. It was a limited time item in the premiums. You had to purchase it with donuts.

  7. This update is way cool. I like how we can go to one and hit the street sign by their name to keep going to other neighbors. And that everytime you tap on someone whos job is done there is a new icon to tap on where you can tap to start a new job.

  8. Wens the Christmas update?

  9. Would anyone be willing to let me add them for friends. Mine is nikkikimme248. Thx

  10. I don’t get what the update had to do with the episode. I mean other than the semi and sub. What was the secret mission they had between Lisa and skinner? The list of clean slated kids?

    • That’s what I was thinking. Lisa propably created the list for Seymour while he was busy shopping at Old Navy with his old Navy buddy.

      • I was thinking the secret mission was that short film that Lisa and the other nerds made. The one with the sub crashing into the rock of bad behavior.

  11. I have the truck is that the end? I never had any questions about this Sundays episode. Am I missing something? Also if u need friends feel free to add me 🙂

  12. Does any one have any updates on the episode I’m stuck at work and can’t watch. I know u dnt have to watch it for the quest but I still wanna know what happened

  13. Not living in the US I find these Episode updates a bit rude. There is no way to catch the episode needed meaning I can only complete the task using the cheat sheets.

    • Aw I’m sorry you feel that way! The good news is though usually the episode tie in updates don’t actually require you to watch the episode to complete the tie in quests. It’s usually a free item bonus from EA (like the truck) without having to watch the show. But it’s a way for them to connect the show to the game. 🙂

    • I know it’s not the same as watching it, but we will have a complete recap of the episode within a few hours of it airing.

  14. That scratch card switch ***** me up every time

  15. anyone had a problem with the Springfield downs? I haven’t won a single time since the update came out.

    I always bet the 2-1 odds

    • I’ve still won at least 6 tomes on 2-1 odds. It varies by individual. There was a few weeks there for me in October I swear I lost again and again. Lol

  16. Good job I like how you explained us what was new.
    Thank you very much Alissa.

  17. How come part 2 of the clendestine quest didn’t start automatically is it day by day or what? Help ! I want thAt truck

  18. Ok so I completed the quests & I didn’t get Oscar’s obstacle truck. What do I do????????

  19. When does the update come out

  20. A nice, limited edition premium decoration for the Squidport with a decent bonus percentage for only 50 donuts? Couldn’t resist! Hopefully the donuts I have left are enough for anything I want when the Christmas update comes.

    Also, is it just me, or does the normal scratchcard no longer say “You could have won X donuts with a premium scratcher”?

  21. A boat and a lorry I am so excited

  22. Glad you mentioned the lottery ticket change, I thought I was going crazy! Btw, did they change the odds on the golden scratchers? I haven’t won much of anything the last week or so. Out of the last 30 tickets I bought might have won 20 donuts twice. Yes, I said the last 30, I might have a problem!

    • lol! You might be an addict huh? 🙂
      Let me check the game files to see if the odds have changed and let you know!

      • Thank you! It might just be my normal horrible luck. I’ve actually won the jackpot a bunch of times and fifty several times also, but nothing much lately.

  23. I had to delete/reinstall the app for the update to download. The updates are done downloading, and I’ve hard closed the app and re-booted my iPhone 4S a few times, but the quest won’t auto-start. Help!

    • hmm is Lisa free? Try doing some other triggers as well, like going into Krustyland, visiting neighbors etc. Usually those should trick the game into starting the quest.

  24. I had this pop-up this morning and I was hoping it was the Christmas update, but I guess not!

  25. I bought the sub,could not resist!EA I hate you!

  26. There it is LoL 5th try I got it =)

  27. I am not getting the update on my phone or my tablet =(

  28. If someone has bought the sub, can they post a pic? I’m curious to see what it looks like…does it go in the Squidport?

  29. will we only get this update once we first see “downloading XXkb/XXmb…” type of thing when we log in? (not showing up yet)

    • Yes. That’s when the update will hit your game. However, on my phone (GS4, Android) it did not auto-start, which it’s supposed to. If that happens, the download hits but doesn’t start, try hard closing out of your game (tasks/apps, close all) and restart TSTO. That should kick-start the quest for you. 🙂

      • Mine didn’t autostart either. I had to completely close the game (iOS 7), and restart to get it to trigger.

        I guess this might mean Xmas won’t be until AFTER the new episode (Monday?) (Sunday Night?)

        • Won’t be Sunday…EA only drops updates during the week…but as far as when now no one knows for sure. Could be tomorrow, could be next week. They like playing these little mind games with us! BUT as soon as it does drop we will keep you posted right here! 🙂
          Glad you were able to get it to start!

  30. You are quick to post! Thank you!

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