Episode Recap: Yellow Subterfuge

I really love that one of the bennies of this gig is I get to watch new Simpsons episodes and then recap them for you.  Bunny Foo Foo got the pleasure the last couple times, but as Alissa actually let her out of the basement for a vacation, it’s my turn this week.  Woo hoo!

Today we’re gonna go over Season 25, Episode 7, Yellow Subterfuge.  As all us tapaholics know due to the episode tie-in, it has something to do with Skinner’s secret plan.

The episode wastes no time getting to this, but first I just wanted to say I always enjoy the opening sequences of almost every Simpsons episode.  This one is no different: Kang and Kodos in a non-Halloween appearance, Moe being creepy and endorsing fake IDs, “I will stop asking when Santa goes to the bathroom” on the chalkboard and a great couch gag with the family as those annoying flappy advertising dealies in a used couch lot.  Man, I love this show!

Yellow Subterfuge

AFter this amazingness, the show starts with an awesome cowboy montage with Skinner as the sheriff of the west laying down the law.  Highlights include him gunning down the bullies and making Bart spill his milk.  This all finished with Skinner riding Chalmers like a horse.  So sad for Skinner that it was all only a daydream.

Yellow Subterfuge 2

Skinner announces to the student body a field trip so amazing, we’ve put sign here stickers on the permission slips.  Thanks to his old Navy buddy who also loves to shop at Old Navy, the field trip will be on a nuclear powered, attack class submarine, the USS Tom Clancy.

Yellow Subterfuge 3

I love the footage of the sub to include the Party Posse throw back of Yvan eht nioj.

Yellow Subterfuge 4

Due to limited room on the sub, only the best behaved students get to go on the trip.  They all get a clean slate but Skinner holds the red pen.  Pranks, inside use of outside voice, off color whistling and you’re stricken from the list… and once crossed off, you stay crossed off, that’s what pens do.

Yellow Subterfuge 5Anyone else think that image is mildly phallic?

Bart is really excited to have the chance to go on the sub but even his family doesn’t think he can be good that long.  Skinner may have given him a clean slate but they know how Bart can be.  El Barto is determined to prove them wrong.  Good one ding dong.  Despite this dinnertime banter, the golden moment is Marge starting Homer’s car by breathing into his breathalyzer.  And the haters say our families enable our TSTO addiction…. Jeesh!

Yellow Subterfuge 6

Bart starts off his clean slate by getting rid of all his temptations.  Lisa takes off for a bike ride and encounters Krusty having all his stuff repossessed.  This is a great shot of Krusty’s mansion and limo.

Yellow Subterfuge 7

Not surprisingly, Krusty’s gambling has lost him everything.  Lisa suggests selling the foreign rights to his show to make money.  Heck, even Spongebob apparently did it.

Yellow Subterfuge 8

Meanwhile back at Springfield Elementary, Skinner is ready to give students the axe from the field trip.  Gum on the floor… off the list.  Unauthorized meat-a-pult… off the list.  Lips touching the fountain… off the list.  One flub… No sub.

Yellow Subterfuge 9

Bart is serious about staying on the list and especially making it to school on time.  He wears a suit and even hoofs it to school when Otto’s bus (aka his long, yellow car) breaks down.  During Bart’s trek… we get our quick view of the Oscar’s Obstacles truck as it crashes and its contents fall out.

Yellow Subterfuge 10

Unfortunately Bart’s trek results in him tracking muddy footprints into the school… OFF THE LIST.

Yellow Subterfuge 11

Bart tries to use sound clips of US President Barack Obama to try and get back on the submarine list.  Unfortunately he fails, foiled by a bird but the resulting phone conversation is great.

Yellow Subterfuge 12

Krusty’s pyramid of laughter is a great way to teach foreigners how to be Krusty. He basically wants them to do Krusty in their country and send 10%, then 60% and then 5% of their money, which rhymes with funny, which they can be if they like, as long as he gets his cut.

Yellow Subterfuge 13

Poor Bart tries hard to get back on the submarine list but ultimately fails.  I really feel for him as the class submerges in the USS Tom Clancy without him.

Yellow Subterfuge 14

Lisa is watching Foreign versions of Krusty’s show with the originator.  The Jamaican version is pretty hilarious.  Chinese Krusty with Sideshow Mao and Irish Krusty are also funny but let’s just say Rasta Wookiee likes Itchem and Scratchem.

Ralph the Rasta WookieeThanks Toxicshark!

I find it really funny that later, the foreign Krusty’s all end up more popular than the real article.  American Krusty is now the least popular Krusty in the world.  As MyTube videos are better than any image I’d use to highlight all this, let’s go with the pros:

Back to our main characters.  Homer shows up to the dock to cheer up Bart.  I love his Pig Gulp with Spiderpig on it.  That’s a lot of soda.

Yellow Subterfuge 15

“As I always say, don’t get mad, get dinner, then get even… with Skinner.”  They decide to use Skinner’s weaknesses against him.  What are his weaknesses?  Everything.

Homer and Bart fake the murder of Skinner’s mother to get back at him and use his fear of the incompetent Springfield cops to get him to leave town under the identity of Dick Fiddler.

Yellow Subterfuge 16

Skinner ultimately decides not to leave and instead to accept responsibility for his actions.  Marge pulls the hood off Homer and Bart’s ruse.  Agnes is none too happy that Skinner said he’d be glad to see his mother gone.  Now she’s going to be meaner to him than ever.  How is that possible?  She’s no longer going to take the pills which keep her nice.  Poor Seymour.

Yellow Subterfuge 17

ALl the shenanigans close with a return to the western montage from earlier but this one is much sadder with Skinner as Dick Fiddler riding his donkey into a den of ill repute with all-Agnes ladies of the evening.  Now that’s sad AND scary AND mildly disturbing.

Yellow Subterfuge 18

This montage would have been a fitting end to the episode but the writers decided to end it with Krusty welcoming all the Krusty’s of the World at a beautiful hotel which makes me think of Miami, Florida.  The new Krustys are dissatisfied with his 75% take and don’t like the idea of him doing a guest shot on their shows.

Yellow Subterfuge 19

As he’s chased by all the K’s, Krusty reveals he’s not good under pressure, can’t ad lib or tell jokes.  The reason he even became a clown was that he was supposed to be one of the sad ones.  Who knew?  Well, now we do.  Merry Christmas!

Yellow Subterfuge 20

And cue the credits.  All in all, while sort of a strange episode, it had some really funny moments.  As for the decorations from the tie-in, I’m actually really pleased.  Granted the sub played a much bigger part than the truck and the Budget Dog Bus could’ve been a cool addition to the game but ultimately, what was made available for us was really cool and different.  Maybe it’d have been better to get some Krusty stuff but it’s so easy to armchair quarterback after the game is over.

Well, y’all stay classy tapperinos.  As always, it’s better to watch the episode for yourself, but if you can’t, I hope you enjoyed this recap.  Wookiee out!

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  1. This is to make sure I get added to the email list.

  2. My favorite part of the show was the Jamaican Itchy and Scratchy opening sequence where they sing reggae and hit each other with a bong and a joint. I wouldve GLADLY taken a rastafarian costume or a bong decoration instead of that truck for the episode tie-in item.

  3. So what was the tie in to the show about the truck? Nothing? I must have blinked or something I was expecting a question in the game like the halloween ruby ring. Did I miss somethin?

    • Just a quick lil blip of a flash. The usual EA “tie-in” stuff. It was just there…on its side…contents spilled. Went super quick.

      • So it was just basically a screen show of Oscars Obsticles truck? Nothing else. No free premium stuff nothing to do. But we got the truck? Reason im asking I tapped too fast when they put the truck in my inventory (basically everything that popped up about it Doh! ) so I thought I missed intructions on something to do. Lol

        • All for free…nothing required. It is very similar to past times they have done tie-ins. Just there…just because. No rhyme or reason. Just…free. 🙂

    • It basically became an obstacle to Bart getting to school on time. Real quick flash like a lot of the tie-ins. The 2 pics I put up on here were me clicking print screen in quick succession lol.

  4. So…Lisa was locked up in her room doing the Sub Presentation…??? Skinner’s scheme was the Sub fieldtrip or leaving town after not really killing his mother…???

  5. fantastic recap…how many of u thought Agnes was the Simpsons fatality??? I did

  6. Nice recap. I didn’t get to see the show. I’ll have to catch it in reruns.
    One of the new things that Ralph says on TSTO is “When I grow up, I want to be the new Itchy and Scraty game”

  7. I laughed so hard at the Rasta Krusty parts of the show. I loved the foreign Krusty guys. It would be great to get some of that stuff in Krustyland for the game. What I really want is the Simpson family as the flappy advertising things and some of the obstacles from the truck to put in the road. Thanks for all the pics & recap.

  8. Very nice! Any insite to the update?? I still don’t understand the questions in the game, what was skinner skeeming on?

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