It’s CHRISTMAS!!!! Update Live on Apple…AND Android

We’re hearing reports of the Christmas Update (V 4.6 r1) hitting the Apple stores.  So be sure to check out your iTunes store and update your devices!  Android users sit tight…it’s coming shortly!

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Update:  We’re seeing spotty reports of it hitting the Android Market as well.  Some users are reporting it’s there, other’s don’t see it & some are saying it says update but nothing is there yet.  The true Addicts that we are…we play on ALL devices and we’re still not seeing it in our Android markets.  As soon as it hits for us we’ll confirm it to you guys! 🙂

Update #2: The update on the App has hit Android Markets.  If you’re still not seeing it try restarting your device.

Update #3: Another in game update hit both Apple and Android. Checking to see if there are any noticeable differences. Hoping this fixes the glitches a few apple users are already seeing. Will post if we see more.

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  2. I Use This Everyday & I Could Use More Friends


  3. I haven’t been able to find anything on this yet, but did anyone else notice that the Decoration ‘Snowball II Snowcat’ costs 20 doughnuts and says it gives a 2% increase? I can’t imagine this being correct, so I thought I’d check here if it actually adds 2% before I buy a few of them.

    • Per the files, yes. 2% 😉

      • I have found only one other post on the internet that said their bonus did not go up at all after placing the Snowcat. Makes me wonder if it is bugged and has a tooltip error and only does something like ‘increase Vanity rating’. If the tooltip is correct, then that makes it the best doughnut-bonus ratio item available, I think. Is there anyone who can verify their bonus increased 2% upon adding it? I can’t buy doughnuts, so each one is extremely valuable to me, lol.

      • You are awesome. Thank you so much! Time to further advance my Carpal Tunnel!!!

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