It’s CHRISTMAS!!!! Update Live on Apple…AND Android

We’re hearing reports of the Christmas Update (V 4.6 r1) hitting the Apple stores.  So be sure to check out your iTunes store and update your devices!  Android users sit tight…it’s coming shortly!

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Update:  We’re seeing spotty reports of it hitting the Android Market as well.  Some users are reporting it’s there, other’s don’t see it & some are saying it says update but nothing is there yet.  The true Addicts that we are…we play on ALL devices and we’re still not seeing it in our Android markets.  As soon as it hits for us we’ll confirm it to you guys! 🙂

Update #2: The update on the App has hit Android Markets.  If you’re still not seeing it try restarting your device.

Update #3: Another in game update hit both Apple and Android. Checking to see if there are any noticeable differences. Hoping this fixes the glitches a few apple users are already seeing. Will post if we see more.

For Full Coverage of the 2013 Holiday Update check out our Christmas 2013 Event page

153 responses to “It’s CHRISTMAS!!!! Update Live on Apple…AND Android

  1. someone on reddit posted a neat calendar

  2. I play all the time and need some new and active friends – add me and I will visit your Springfield!


  3. Tried downloading the Christmas update three times. It downloads but won’t install.

    Unknown error code during application install:920

    Galaxy S3 … any ideas to get past this will be greatly appreciated.

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  5. NOW it’s the holiday season! 😉

    Daily player add me dabase6091

  6. I’ve used 33 coins on the spin wheel, using donuts and have gotten all but 2 of the prizes. Seeing as the event lasts 27 days and the egg nog bar only offers one coin a day I’m guessing it would be difficult to get all the prized without donuts. Mr plow skin is probably the best prize as it allows homer to earn at a premium rate.

  7. Thanks to your Emails, I was informed just in time.

    And to all those who did NOT subscribe for the YOU ARE MISSING A LOT!!!

  8. Any ideas on the community prizes yet? Sorry for being so impatient but this is my first Springfield Christmas and is eager to find out everything!!! 🙂

  9. TSTO we want a calendar, like the one for the halloween update!! To keep track of the cards we need to get all gifts!!

  10. Quick tip: hide your buildings during decoration mode to find gifts as they can be well hidden. Check the water too

  11. Argh, so frustrating. Game crashes whenever I open a gift bag. If it doesn’t get fixed I won’t be able to play. I can’t give gifts to friends yet either but as I can’t open gift bags I can’t stock up on any gifts to give out anyway.

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  13. How do you decorate new houses with Christmas decorations and lights this year? Last year it would give you the option to buy it but this year I can’t find where it gives me the option…

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  16. Update worked on my iPhone, but it won’t allow me to put presents or packages in the other Springfield’s. Guess it will be a fix.

    • Make sure your neighbors count is HIGHER than zero and they are ready to be able to accept gifts from you. I am also looking into a possible glitch issue with the iPhones and placing gifts.

    • Had the same problem, you need 3 gifts of your own before you activate giving them away. Takes some time, but Lisa pops up and unlocks the community prize counter too.
      Hope this helps.

      • Had the tree for about 14 hours and still haven’t a package drop.

        Was gonna try storing the present depot but it wouldn’t even let me.

        All of the decorations are available for money or donuts but the buildings coins and extra packages for donuts are still locked from a quest not being active yet.

        It seems to be some glitch with the trigger for the package collecting not being activated, or at least it is on my account.

        I keep getting super old quests for about the first 10-12 characters unlocked as tasks that need to be completed and highlighted with the yellow exclamation mark.

        • We are looking into this. I apologize. The go to is to try all the basic troubleshooting and if no luck, contact EA so they are aware of the issue and just how wide spread it is so they can correct it. In the meantime I am trying a few things to see if I can help further as far as triggering this issue.

          Troubleshooting and links for contacting EA are in the post below.

  17. Been playing this game for over a year and never had a problem with any of the updates until this one. On an iphone 5 and started the whole Christmas dialogue with Lisa and Homer. Placed the Holiday Tree and have had nothing further be triggered. Used donuts to rush the tree and got gift cards but no gifts. I dont have the option to drop gifts at friends towns or can I find any in my own. Ive hidden the buildings and characters and find nothing. Ive stored huge chunks of the map back in storage and found nothing.

    I noticed that everyone on my friends list has at least 5 gift boxes even if they havent been playing for months. I have none, but have 75 gift cards.

    Anyone else having this issue?

    I restarted my phone. Deleted the app and re-installed it 3 times and tried on multiple devices.

    At a loss here. Any ideas?

    • The 5 gifts you see when you venture into your neighbors towns is actually the amount of gifts that YOU can drop into their town. It is a count down number.

      You also have to make sure that your neighbors are ready to accept gifts. The gift card count has to be HIGHER than 0 to do this.

      Try hopping in n out of Krustyland a few times to see if that triggers anything. Yours and your neighbors Krustylands. See if it will get the game to refresh.

      • Tried going in and out of several Krustylands and my own and didn’t seem to help.

        I go to friends that do have the update and there is no option anywhere to place those 5 gifts I should be able to.

        I’m wondering if there is some glitch in the system on this since I’ve never encountered any issues in the past. It’s the first day for the update so it could just need some time.

        Thanks so much for the quick reply. You are awesome!

        • You are welcome 🙂 Sorry for the issue. If standard troubleshooting steps do not work, the next step is to contact EA. If anything so they know if it is a reoccurring issue, how far spread it is, and can work quickly to resolve it. (Not to mention some times they feel gracious and award people a small amount of donuts as compensation depending on severity of issue.)

          All the information is in another post here:

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  20. When I build the Christmas depot it won’t let me collect any presents and it is still in my task it says its done but I still can’t collect any cards or gifts I tried restarting and deleting the app and it still dosent work what can I do

  21. Quick tip: hide your houses in decorating mode and you should notice a few boxes

    Sorry if its a repeat

  22. How can a meighbour of mine have collected over 30000 tickets when the update was only released today ???

  23. Daily player lvl 37 add me marquezm622

  24. I see one of the quests “Do unto others” wants me to spend 10 donuts… what is that about ? Im not sure what I will “get” if I complete it… any one have any ideas?

    • Are you talking about giving out gifts? If you are, it is only giving you the option to SKIP that task by paying 10 donuts. DO NOT SPEND THEM. You will be just fine. 🙂

  25. Please help my Lisa has gone missing how do I find her?

  26. Even intermittent sounds of a cold wind blowing after the initial music plays in the town. Loving all of the details and easiness of gameplay!

  27. Why do the gift bags seem impossible to get?! I’m up over 4000 gift cards and have only received 4 bags total! Crazy! Are the decorated houses not giving any gift cards/bags???

    • Similar to Gremlins Gift Bags only appear sporadically in Gift Boxes (presents), so they don’t come up as often.

      • I haven’t figured out how to give gift bags yet, but I had turned off all three eyes and happened upon a gift in the street that was covered up by one of my buildings.

        • Glad you were able to find them! Did you check out the steps on giving Gift Bags in this post? All the way at the bottom there’s a section called Gift Bags. That should tell you what you’ll need to do to give them 🙂

      • I figured, but this is really few and far in between. To only get 4 seems a little weird …

  28. You can win so many cool thing on that wheel if your gonna spend donuts do it on the wheel

  29. Anyone else not able to place gifts?

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