TAAA DAAAAAA Christmas Gift Card Calendar

Here yah go JP and Marco and all you other awesome readers that asked me to HURRY UP AND POST THE CALENDAR!  🙂

Bunny has lost her frakkin mind (what’s new, right?) So ANOTHER personality is gonna take over for her instead. Be afraid she was the sane one. 😛

You poor lil impatient readers. GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME!! Sheesh. You do realize I AM on vacation right? 😛 But I DO love you guys and will be working as fast as I can to bring you all the information possible. Just bare with me while I attempt to make sense of it all as fast as I can. SOOO MUCH STUFF.


In the meantime, I know you would like to get an idea of just how many gift cards you need to collect on a daily basis in order to hit the goal by the end of the event. Well look no further…TAAAA DAAAA…Calendar. Now you know just where you need to be before the event ends if you wish to collect all of the personal prizes.

Screenshot 2013-12-11 21.59.23


UPDATE: EVENT EXTENDED TO JANUARY 14th. Here is your new target goals to hit by the end of each day in order to receive all the available Personal Prizes. 

Gift Card Calendar

For those of you with lightning itchy fingers, there is MORE after you collected all the prizes. You can get a chance every 1000 extra Gift Cards collected AFTER the intial 30,000 to win Golden Coins to use on the Holiday Giveaway Wheel. Basically you will get one more Golden Coin added to your count to use on the Wheel for each 1000 extra you collect.



So that about does it for now. I will be breaking down all the ins n outs of the Holiday Prize Wheel in another post, just in case you were wondering CGuy 😛

Bunny OUT (Of her mind)


133 responses to “TAAA DAAAAAA Christmas Gift Card Calendar

  1. Please add me, I play multiple times a day, even at work sometimes, buddah656565 I have a ton of gift bags, don’t let them go to waste.


  2. Hey everyone! Im such a big tapped out fan and would love to get all the personal prizes for this event but for some reason whenever I go to add anyone to my friends it just says no results found on origin! If anyone has any solutions please let me know and add me if you like I have plenty of gift bags to give away and play quite a few times daily! raeleelayton


  3. Hey everyone,
    I have all of the prizes…if you need gift cards add us Mzaware28 and wwb83942. We play everyday throughout the day.


  4. I need to catch up on gift cards. Add me. ttubooms


  5. First off, I wanna say I looove this game, I am def an addict. I turned my fiancé into a tapper as well… I’ve added him as a friend successfully but I’ve tried to add others the origin finds them but says the friend request failed to send.. 😦 if someone could offer me some advice or add me, I’d appreciate it! Thank you =) esticka


  6. Add me! Sophski685 I need gift cards!!


  7. Hi,
    i’m a daily tapper (sometimes multiple times 😉 and i would like to get to the 30.000 cards (6000 missing), so if you would like to share gift backs, please add me: darkman2342


  8. Add me! I’m on every couple of hours daily. I’m level 37 also!


  9. Bunny not to be offensive but you’re gift card advent calendar is not very accurate as I’m at 27000 but what level are you in the game? I’m 32.


    • How do you mean “not accurate”?

      The calendar was established in a way that the minimum amount each day is hit to create a successful event by the end. If you’re above and beyond the numbers, great. It helps those at a slower pace to stay on target. It helps people know where to be at least to get all prizes. I’m already done with collecting.


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