Tapped Out Christmas Personal Prizes: The First Two Gift Card Prizes Egg Nog & Christmas Trees

Hey Howdy Hey Gift Grabbing Tappers!

By now you’re all in the thick of gift card collecting and you should have (at least) unlocked the first two Gift Card Prizes, the Egg Nog Bar & the Holiday Tree (Woohoo free prizes!  Woohoo Egg Nog!).  Let’s take a look at what happens once you unlock and place these two prizes in your Springfield!

First up at 250 gift cards collected….the Egg Nog Bar (now with more rum!)
eggnogbar_menuPlacing the Egg Nog Bar and going through the dialogue (no quest) between Homer, Moe & Krusty will earn you 20 Gift Cards & 10xp.  
Once you’ve earned the Egg Nog bar (it’s automatically placed in your inventory) you’ll receive a  task to place the Egg Nog Bar.  Once placed Homer has a little dialogue with Moe, discussing how the un-watered down rum at the Egg Nog bar could kill Homer (since he’s a customer of Moe’s and has never had real booze before!).
Of course this dialogue is what leads into the explanation of why you earn Wheel Token’s at the Egg Nog Bar…because “you couldn’t pay (Homer) to drink that nog” they’ll give you a free wheel token every day!
Once you’ve set the bar in your Springfield the counter will start and every 24 hrs it will earn you 1 Wheel Token & 30xp.  After the 24 hours are up you’ll see the token floating over the Egg Nog bar, once collected you’ll be taken to Krusty’s Holiday Wheel Game.  For more on the Holiday Wheel check out Bunny’s post here.

Next up…1,500 Gift Cards and the Holiday Tree (everyone’s favorite fire hazard!)

“O HOLIDAY TREE, O HOLIDAY TREE,  COME MARCH YOU’LL BE A FIRE HAZARD” (Homer singing once you place the tree)
Once you place the Holiday Tree in your Springfield a little mini dialogue kicks off between Homer & Lisa.  Homer since the little song above & Lisa (s-m-r-t as always) reminds him to just get rid of the tree in January instead of March.
Once placed the timer on the tree starts.  The holiday tree will earn you 75 Gift Cards & 45 XP every 24hrs!  Not bad for a free item!  (Note: you can also purchase the Holiday Tree for Donuts…it’s not unique so you can have as many as you’d like).

So Gift Grabbing Tappers there you have an overview of the first two personal prizes with the Holiday Event.  Now, what we want to know is what you’ve done with yours!  Show us what you’ve done with your Egg Nog Bar & Holiday Tree….upload your designs to our Flickr page and post a link to them in the comments below.  We LOVE seeing how you all design your towns!

P.S. The Egg Nog Bar & the Holiday Tree help make great FREE additions to your Springfield that can help you decorate for our big Holiday Contest…have you submitted your design yet?  *nudge nudge* 🙂

15 responses to “Tapped Out Christmas Personal Prizes: The First Two Gift Card Prizes Egg Nog & Christmas Trees

  1. I am not sure of my game is sopoused to be like this because its christmas day but, my scartch- r-ticket I can buy at kwik-e mart is not showing!!! Let me know if this is a problom!!!!! I really want to by one for christmas!!!!

  2. I can’t figure out how to view the ticker for the community prizes. I have a Droid Bionic. I remember finding the community prize section during the Halloween event was tricky.. but I can’t seem to find it anywhere this time. Help? Thanks

    • Lower right corner of your main screen. The Candy Cane striped trophy. Click on it and you will see the personal prizes. Now down in the lower right corner will be two icons. Homer going “WOOHOO” and the community group. Click on the community group and VOILA…community prize countdown area.

  3. Daily player add me taralynnpa653 level 37 squidport too

  4. How do you think we’re doing on the Community Prizes? Seems like we’ve barely scratched the surface on the first… There’s not a high drop rate on those gift bags. Think EA’s trying to get us to spend donuts on them?

    • It’s slow go so far. But I think EA will find a way for us to win them all before the event is over. I remember feeling like that at Halloween and we managed to collect them all. 🙂

    • I know we are seriously lamenting the lack of gift bag drops. Our community member only ticks up by about six hundred every second. EA either needs to DRASTICALLY increase the drop rate or lower the totals. We are not even up to the first one yet, and it is already the 15th! We have to at least make it to the Yes Man. It’s getting depressing.

      Changing the reward format to distributing presents as opposed to the goo collection hinders us quite a bit. Even if we have full friends hat we visit daily, it’s hard to collect enough gift bags to even go through a portion of our friends. Collecting personal prizes by comparison is a piece of cake. I’m hoping it gets adjusted… And soon!!!

      • I wouldn’t stress about it too much. They adjusted Halloween as we went. I think they got a lil TOO ambitious with Christmas. I just don’t see EA going through all that trouble to create the prizes to NOT give them all to us. They have been quite generous lately. 🙂

      • Couldn’t agree more with our community prizes in peril! EA needs to act quickly and lower the total goal we need to set – drastically! We’re a few days into this and we’ve barely even reached the halfway mark for community prize #1. Were they not pleased with how fast everyone got their “Comm” prizes” for Halloween? Which as I recall was pretty quickly. But come on EA how about a median between these last two community prizes! Or just NERF the total it’s going to take. Or increase bags drop rate a few percent, that would encourage people to drop off all their bags in all the towns! 👥👤👥👤👥

  5. Is there a possibility that there is a wheel token glitch similar to the one of channel 6 (which is still working)? just noticed that i could tap the egg nog bar of some of my neighbors and wondered if that will add up too. but as it is my first christmas event on TSTO i dont want to wait using my coin. 😡

  6. Ok so I have the HTC droid DNA.. just got. Firmware update today. Upon it finishing everytime I tried to going to my Simpson neighborhood or friends it crashes. But now I can’t even get it to load! And it’s keeping me from gift cards! I was at 9000+ I uninstalled-reinstall. Still nothing! Help

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