Gimme My Gifts EA!!

Hello there my frustrated tappin friends. I am seeing tons of reports now of you getting stuck during the first tasks and NOT being able to get any gifts/presents after placing the Present Depot.

Present Depot


Present Depot and presents


This makes Bunny sad…then annoyed…then makes me have crazy thoughts. So here’s my plans.  I’m currently 30,000 ft in the air on my way west. Bunny is gonna storm the EA castle, cause some chaos,  annoy some programmers,  and light some fires to bring attention to the issue. This is a critical one that will effect the personal prizes. So…here goes nothing.

In the meantime,  I need YOUR help.  I need each and every one of you having the issue to flood EA with calls, emails, etc. Try the basic troubleshooting steps first as they will ask you to do them anyway. Open a ticket with them. This will help them see just how wide spread this really is.  Not to mention, if they choose to compensate via donuts…you wanna get in on that. The steps on a few options to contact EA are here.

I also would like to compile a list here of those effected to help me in my fight. This is what I need from you…

*Device you are playing on

*Origin ID (user name)

*If possible, screenshot of issue

*A brief description of the issue and troubleshooting you’ve done.

Email this info to us:

I will update you with any and all information EA provides. Hopefully it is not too technical and is something they can easily and quickly fix by an update.

Hang in there. I know this can be extremely frustrating. We are here to help all we can and will continue to stay on top of it.


17 responses to “Gimme My Gifts EA!!

  1. Hiya
    I haven’t received the Snow Plow, or Costingtons even though I have got the tickets!
    I am playing on my iPhone 5
    Name: Dino927
    Troubleshooting: I had to shutdown and reboot phone. I earned the necessary tickets but all I had was that my presents were noted on the “personal Prizes” page, but they never appeared in my Inventory


  2. Hello. I’m having this problem too. I didn’t understand what I needed to do so please someone sumarize it for me 😡 thanks a lot 🙂

  3. Add me thothisgre976

  4. I posted in the other thread that I had this issue and it seems to be fixed.

    Pleasantly surprised that they got a fix for it in a relatively quick amount of time as complicated as online gaming and programming probably is.

    I have no doubt that posting the issue here and getting Bunny involved had a lot to do with the resolution.

    Thanks again

  5. That really sucks cause I un-friended a bunch of neighbors who had “0” as their Gift Card tally, thinking they stopped playing. And I maxed out my friends with new people. Oops.

  6. Didn’t have a glitchy game before, but now Origin is not available plus I’ve lost one of my newest & most generous neighbors. UGGGH!

  7. Ha did it work as I’ve just had a in game update.

  8. How many gifts are you meant to receive a day?

    • I think it depends on how fast you can tap them (and how many neighbors you have). Looks like the tree drops 1 gift every 6-7 minutes..checking the game files now for verification. I plan on having an Addicts Question Corner post up a little later today that answers this question..and many many others we’re seeing in the comments 🙂

      • I’d be interested in knowing what the odds are of getting a spin coin in a gift bag 🙂 so far I’ve only gotten one. Maybe I dreamed it though…

        • Lol…yes…all a dream. 😉

          So far I have only got one too. I have not seen any clarification on odds, but still combing through tons of data that keeps changing. Lol

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