So for this fun and exciting Christmas 2013 event, EA has chosen to give us additional goodies and prizes in the form of a Wheel. Everyone likes to spin the wheel, right? I know I do. Everytime I go to any event, I just gotta grab a hold of that thing and SPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN it. ( I blame the Price Is Right.) Well now everyone has a chance to spin the wheel too.

Introducing the Krusty’s Non-Denominational Holiday Giveaway Wheel! To start off, you first need to collect ONE GOLDEN COIN (poor Homer, he hoped it was a Chocolate one).

Holiday Giveaway Wheel

This can be done many ways. You can reach the 250 Gift Card Personal Prize and receive the Egg Nog Bar. Once every 24 hours the bar will generate one Golden Coin. I also have found that if you purchase the Elf Home(instead of waiting to hit 6000 Gift Cards to get one for free) and set the Elves free, they will go collecting presents and bags in the nearby buildings. They also seem to find Golden Coins. WOOHOO!!

Gold Coin

Also as you collect the bags/presents from your town and neighbors, you may also have good luck on picking up some extra ones here and there as well.

Now, once you have that one coin…you will see up in the top right hand corner an icon of the coin and the current count of how many you have collected. All you have to do is click on that icon to enter the Holiday Prize Wheel screen…and SPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN away.

Holiday Giveaway Wheel

Now for the prizes…MANY of you want the Christmas lights all over your house and buildings. THIS is where EA has tucked those particular goodies for you.

Christmas Simpson Home
Christmas Purple House
Christmas Cletus Farm
Christmas White House
Christmas Brown House
Christmas Pink House
Christmas Blue House
Christmas Muntz House
Christmas Skinner House
Christmas Orange House
Christmas Willie’s Shack
Christmas Krabappel Apartment
Christmas Van Houten Home
Christmas Flanders Home

Claus Co
Helter Shelter

Snow Monster

Mr. Plow
Plow King

Homer Snowman
Bart Snowman
Lisa Snowman
Marge Snowman
Grandpa Snowman
Maggie Snowman
Snowball Snowcat
Santa’s Little Helper Snowdog

Ice God

$1000 In Game Cash


Bronze Gift Cards- 50 Gift Cards
Silver Gift Cards- 100 Gift Cards
Gold Gift Cards- 250 Gift Cards

As you collect each prize, a new one is added. This will continue until all the “special” items are won. Then the wheel will just be full of In Game Cash and the 3 levels of Gift Cards. The Wheel Prizes will vary per each player.

Holiday Giveaway Wheel

Want to spin MORE and not wait? You also can take your precious donuts and use them to purchase additional coins for playing on the Wheel. 1 Gold Coin for 10 donuts, 3 Gold Coins for 25 donuts, and 10 Gold Coins for 50 donuts. Me personally, I would rather save my precious donuts for some of the other cool offerings in the Premium Limited Items. Why buy when you can get them for free, right?

So there yah have it. Just another cool way to earn even MORE free items from the event. THANK YOU EA!! 😉


103 responses to “HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY WHEEL

  1. Tried so many times to get snow monster and it’s screwing me over. Xmas update goes soon so looks like I’ll miss out on it. So annoying when I just miss it and end up with a lousy 1000 game money! I’ve got over a million now! Gimme my damn snow monster!

  2. Is it normal that ClausCo has never shown up on my wheel? I’ve spun at least once every day since this event started and have never seen that prize on the wheel. Right now the wheel has the Homer Snowman, the Volcano Lair skin, the Snow Monster, and something that looks like it could be the Helter Shelter along with 3 cash and 3 card slots. Should ClausCo have shown up by now or do I need to win the Helter Shelter first because they are the same type of prize?

    • There are prizes behind others on the wheel. Once you win one, another will take its place, that may be why you have not seen it yet. I believe mine was behind Helter Shelter.

  3. This wheel is making me so made all I have left to win is Helter Shelter & have landed on it 3 times now & I mean full on it not touching a stopper YET instead of giving me the shelter it gives me cash every time!!! Grrr…

  4. EA should give us all the buildings (that everybody wants the most) as a gift just to put up with the wheel of scams

  5. feel like the wheel is a fix. always stops at the same cash win. never ever going to get claus co or snow monster 🙁

  6. I won a 50 gift card where is it? Help please

  7. I got claus co after my 4th spin… Its just luck i guess 😮
    (I’m a new player level 10)

  8. Only got Claus Co, Shelter and yeti left, yet there spaced so keep getting money and GC, any suggestions on way to swing it in my favour? Or it they’ll sell them to you for tickets/donouts at the end?

  9. I’ve got all snowmen and buildings and all prizes oh and you can buy an Xmas volcano lair for 10 donuts ! Its on the tab where you buy the Christmas stuff it says its a decoration but if you don’t have a a volcano lair its gives you a free volcano lair! Fruit!

  10. I’ve spun so many times now and only get cash and gift cards I know the wheel is fixed. I should have a 1 in 10 chance of Mr Plow, ClausCo or Snowman and it never happens. This is just another example of underhand money grabbing by EA. I’m really disappointed in EA and TSTO.

  11. I’ve gotten nothing but cash lately! The last 8 or 10 coins have landed on the money so I know the wheel must be rigged and it’s no longer fun to play! I had 2 coins last night and both landed on the money and the same goes for today. I’m not happy with the holiday wheel and if EA brings it back next year, I hope that they make it better!

    • It’s just like Vegas, some win big…some just get by. I haven’t had much luck in my A game as I have in my B game. Lol. I’m still having fun. Free stuff is always good.

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