New Simpsons TV Episode- White Christmas Blues

So I am sitting here giggling as I am watching the new Simpsons episode and seeing all the lil items that we have in our towns or will be getting with the Holiday Event.

Let’s start out with the opening gag.

Barney is apparently channeling Santa with Santa’s Little Helper leading the team of reindeer as they pull the sleigh. No Dwarfs, Orcs, or Leprechauns are allowed in Santa’s Villiage. Krusty’s Kristmas Karol comes complete with Sideshow Bob Hatchet. It’s probably not nice to call your teachers Prancer and Vixen. Looks like Comic Book Guy has his Festivus pole ready to go. I did enjoy the sleigh ride scene. Marge n Maggie, Burns channeling the White Witch of Narnia, and the Crazy Cat lady with cats pulling the sleigh.

Now for commercials. Anyone else notice the plugs for TSTO? I was giggling.

The show begins with an Itchy and Scratchy episode “It’s a Wonderful Knife”. Poor Krusty was a bit freaked out at all the violence and blood bath as he had never watched an episode sober. He hurried to get it off his show.

Funny thing that made me giggle is Homer is refusing to take down the Halloween decorations (“BOO HUMBUG”), he instead christmasfies them (yes it is a word…I made up). Lol. I giggled at the Santa skeleton. Just take a look in YOUR Springfield, Homer went all out decorating Halloween for Christmas.

The news announces due to Global Warming, no one in America will have snow this Christmas. Not even the Eskimos. Even with all this, Springfield somehow magically gets snow. (Radioactive plant fumes and tire fire.) The town is eating it up. They know that now Springfield will be swarmed by tourists begging for snow, and they will gouge every last penny from their pockets…and they do. ($20 to sit on Santa’s lap? Or $200 to have Santa sit on your lap. Lol)

Marge is out trying to shop for Christmas and realizes she just can’t afford it this year. Everything is being taken by the tourists. Too expensive. Just as she is about to give up, opportunity presents itself in the form of tourists needing a place to stay. They offer her quite a lot of money. $300 a night. Wanting to make sure her family has a Christmas, she accepts the new borders into “The Simpson Bed and Breakfast”. (“Sometimes there’s a rec room off the kitchen, sometimes not…our house is very odd that way.)

WWBJD? Apparently start his own B&B. Lol. Homer is in with the idea 100%, unless table 3 needs bread…then he is on a break.

I am curious though, in Bart’s game “Frosty the Hitman”, what made frosty so ticked off he is channeling Wolverine? Poor Scrooge, poor King Herad, poor Grumble, poor endless Christmas Specials…NOT. Lol

Some of the Specials…
The Shark Week Before Christmas
Here Comes Snooki Claus (Do you watch that Alissa?)
The Girl with the Santa Tattoo
A Kardashian Kristmas with Kwanzaa by Kanye **shudder**
Jingle Bell Spock
Claus Encounters of the Third Kind
No Country for Fat Old men
Christmas with The Simpsons
The Dreidel Will Rock
A Cowardly Noel with Noel Coward
I Saw Mommy Frenching Santa Claus
Manger Danger
(and just for me) An Easter Bunny Christmas

Poor Reverend Lovejoy is trying to make an awesome sermon to wow all the out of town visitors. “I’m just a small town minister, we don’t have Mormon Money.” He takes his sermon to a whole new level. Inspiring people for the NOW. Do for others NOW. They are really impressed. He pulled out all the stops. Doves too.

p.s. When a woman talks…she just wants to be heard **wink wink nudge nudge**

Marge is starting to get frustrated by the boarders. She didn’t realize just how much work it all would be. All the demands. A cat and dog pulled radio flyer wagon aren’t the same as a horse drawn carriage? Who would have thought? Lol

I was kinda amused to see Flander’s Leftorium Express up n running in a kiosk. A shared kiosk. While all of Springfield is still caught up in the greed, Lisa is determined to give small and thoughtful gifts.

Christmas day came and the gift giving began. Bart spent a lot of his “earned” money to purchase Lisa a gift she has been DYING to have. Angelica Button Wizard Robe and Professor Digglesby’s wand. Then for Lisa’s gifts. Homer’s gift looks like weed. (Bags of veggie seeds for the garden. Lol.) Bart opens his gift to see she ONLY got him a book. Bart ends up burning the book. He points out she only got him the gift to feel better herself.

Lisa ends up selling the amazing gift from Bart for a tablet. That has books and apps (I wonder if she loaded TSTO for him.)

In the end, it seems everyone was happy and had a Merry Christmas…until they sung a second verse to the song. That creeps out Marge.

What were YOUR thoughts on the episode? Favorite moments?


16 responses to “New Simpsons TV Episode- White Christmas Blues

  1. I saw this episode. It was very poor. Not funny at all.

  2. I just watched a freeze-frame replay of the intro (as I usually do with these extended couch gags) and here’s some of the stuff I noticed:
    -Tire Fire now has Hannukah menorahs
    -While panning to the billboard you can see Flanders, Rod, and Todd in elf suits walking
    -School now reads “Springfield Elfamentary”
    -When Homer paints the candy canes there’s two pots of paint next to him: “Red” and “White”
    -In the band scene the students play “Good King Wencelas” while Ralph acts weird in a…Middle Eastern costume?
    -As Bart skateboards past Apu his octuplets hang in stockings on a statue of an eight-handed Hindu god
    -Milhouse is Linus from Peanuts outside Moe’s
    -During the Marge and Maggie car (sleigh) scene Crazy Cat Lady’s sleigh is just a shopping cart pulled by her cats
    -Don Payne and Edna Krabappel are angels in the pan across Springfield
    -Behind them God gives a present to the Devil
    Such detail goes into making good couch gags like these.

  3. I guess there was no hidden treat for us? Like the halloween one where there was a gift in the attic.

  4. Awwwwwww! So cute! Going to have a Simpsons Holiday marathon later today!

  5. The bags of radish seeds that looked like weed reminded me of the episode where Homer becomes a stoner after birds hurt his eyes (season 13 I think)

    • Weekend at Burnsie’s, Season 13, excellent reference PG. I loved that the book Lisa gave Bart was the same one he was supposed to read in Bart Gets an F from Season 2.

  6. My favs were Ms K as an angel and the homage to classic Christmas specials… Milhouse as Linus, Patty and Selma as the Heat Miser and Snow Miser, and the Dinner scene from A Christmas Story. And yippee, even Festivus for the rest of us! 🙂

  7. In the opening if you go though it slowly there are two angels. One is Mrs Crabapple (the late great Marcia Wallace). Do you know who the other was?

  8. Did anyone notice that snow came 2 weeks late just like the game as homer walked out and boom that beautiful white power uhh I uh mean snow

  9. TSTO players are the house guests of the B&B. We are all demanding, ungrateful and generally a pain in the ass to all the residents of Springfield not just the Simpsons.

  10. The parallels between Springfielders gouging out of towners and EA gouging us hits a little too close to home! Actually, while I enjoyed a lot of the jokes in the episode it never felt cohesive or like the story really flowed. Minor complaint though, I still found a lot to like and the opening was great.

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