Tapped Out Christmas 3rd and 4th Personal Prizes: Hey Elves, Let’s Go to The Mall!

Alissa already brought you some great information on the first two Personal Prizes you can receive as you collect all those gift cards. I am now going to move on to the 3rd and 4th Personal Prizes in the game because I know you are just DYING to get them (if you don’t already have them you crazy fast addicts you).

First up the 3rd Prize, The Springfield Mall.


At 3000 gift cards collected, You will unlock the Springfield Mall and it will be placed into your inventory. Once in your inventory, you will get an alert gift card icon to place the Springfield Mall into your town. Once placed, you will need to wait 24 hours for it to build (or use 12 precious donuts to speed it up). After the build, a quick dialog with Lisa and Homer will appear.

Lisa: Rejoice, oh teenagers and elderly, the Springfield Mall is here. 

Homer: This is going to make buying presents for the entire family at 7:45 PM on December 24th so much easier. 

Goal Complete will earn you the reward of 20 Gift Cards and 10 XP. 

No tasks or quests with it. When you click on it, it makes a noise similar to cash register rings. It will generate $135 and 15 XP every 8 hrs. 

The 4th Prize, Elf Home.


At 6000 gift cards collected, an Elf Home will be placed into your inventory. Yes, you can buy them with your donuts if you want a lot more, but why buy what you can get for free? Lol. I have covered more information on the Elf Home in this post.

So there are your 3rd an 4th FREE Personal Prizes. Enjoy!


5 responses to “Tapped Out Christmas 3rd and 4th Personal Prizes: Hey Elves, Let’s Go to The Mall!

  1. I have actually collected all my personal prizes… Having friends are so important!!! I missed out on lots of goodies on Whacking Day because of lack of friends!!! So please add as many friends as possible!!!

  2. Capital City Goofball

    The cook thing is that it can be used by anyone sent on the shopping for loved ones task if they are close to the mall when you select that task. I also had people go to Squidport stores and the House of Evil!

  3. Bit behind lol I’ve only got 3 prizes left and I’m very close to getting the 3rd last which looks like Santa Flanders

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