Tapped Out Christmas 5th and 6th Personal Prizes: Happy Little Elves on Ice!

Hey Howdy Hey Gift Grabbing Tappers!

The Christmas update has been out for 1 week now and if you’re following along with Bunny’s Gift Card Counter Calendar (try saying that 10 times fast!) you should be just past unlocking the 4th Personal Prize and on your way to unlocking the 5th Prize!
Of course we know a lot of you are crazy fast Addicts…us included….and have already zoomed past this stage!  But for those who aren’t let’s take a look at the 5th and 6th Personal Prizes for the Christmas Event!

Psst….you can find info on the first 2 prizes here and the 3rd and 4th prizes here!

First up the 5th Prize, The Springfield Ice Skating Rink.


At 10,000 gift cards collected, You will unlock the Springfield Ice Skating Rink and it will be placed into your inventory. Once in your inventory, you will get an alert gift card icon to place the Springfield Ice Rink into your town, and from there it will take 24 hours to build (or use 12 precious donuts to speed it up). After the build, a quick dialog with Krusty and Milhouse will appear.

Krusty: Hey kids, the Ice Show’s in town!  It’s like ballet, but occasionally someone falls and cracks their head open!

Milhouse: Does it feature characters from my favorite TV shows and movies? 

Krusty: Knock-offs of those, yes.  Like Samba the Tiger King, Snow Lady and the Seven Undersized Gentlemen, and those lovable yellow crack-ups the Munions!

Goal Complete will earn you the reward of 20 Gift Cards and 10 XP. 

No tasks or quests with it. When you click on it, it plays music (similar to what you would hear during an ice show). It will generate $90 and 10 XP every 4 hrs. 

The 6th Prize, Happy Little Elves Ride (for Krustyland).


At 14,000 gift cards collected, the Happy Little Elves Ride will be placed into your inventory.  This is only available in Krustyland (if you haven’t unlocked Krustyland yet, it will be placed in your Inventory and held until you can place it) so you MUST go to Krustyland in order to place it.  Once placed it will take 24 hours to build (or 12 donuts to speed up) and a little disclaimer from Krusty himself will appear:

Krusty: Krustyland is happy to unveil is (s/b it’s) newest attraction, “The Happy Little Elves in Pandaland” ride!  Please do not ride if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, have been pregnant, know someone who is pregnant or may become pregnant or who knows a pregnant person themselves….or are the result of someone getting pregnant at some time in the past.  Otherwise, have fun.  At your own risk.  No promises.  Nice knowing ya. 

No quests with it. When you click on it, it plays carnival music (the really obnoxious kind). It will generate 60 tickets and 20 XP every 12 hrs.

Curious about where the ride comes from?  Check out Wookiee’s post on it here…

So there are your 5th and 6th FREE Personal Prizes.  Now go watch Happy Little Elves on Ice!  Just not if you’re pregnant, know someone who is pregnant or are the result of someone being pregnant at some point in the past 🙂

6 responses to “Tapped Out Christmas 5th and 6th Personal Prizes: Happy Little Elves on Ice!

  1. Where is the coverage on the last few personal prizes? What is after santa flanders?

  2. Capital City Goofball

    I just noticed that both Milhouse and Martin have a 10 hour task to ride the Happy Little Elves. It pays 105 tickets and 90 XP. No quest though when they go into KL after it is built.

  3. I’m actually missing the quest lines that we had with the gifts that we got for Thanksgiving. So far only the Flanders Santa has had quests … Yes it was slightly irritating that you needed Homer for each Thanksgiving item, but to go from full-on quest mode during a holiday event to near none is going from one extreme to the other. Managing the characters/quests was actually quite fun.

    Ah well, guess you can’t have it all.
    Oh, and I don’t call needing to get 10 house decorations from the spinning wheel a quest.

  4. http://www.flickr.com/photos/97823226@N04/11437757296/
    Nelson: Ha Ha! You just got Kerrigan-ed, Simpson.

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