Tapped Out Christmas 7th and 8th Personal Prizes: Raccoon in a Sweater & Flanders As Santa??!!

Hey Howdy Hey Gift Grabbing Tappers!

How are you doing on your Personal Prize Collecting?  Are you staying on track with Bunny’s Counter?  Or are you speeding right along?  (like good little TSTO Addicts! :D)

Anywho, time to take another look at the Personal Prize Collection and the new two prizes (7 & 8), the Christmas Raccoon & Santa Flanders.  Let’s take a look at how these two strange characters enter our world of TSTO…..

Psst….you can find info on the first 2 prizes here, the 3rd and 4th prizes here & the 5th & 6th prices here!

First up the 7th Prize, the Christmas Raccoon:

ico_xmas_christmasraccoon_mdAt 18,000 Gift Cards collected we unlock the first Personal Prize Character, the Christmas Raccoon!  Looks like he’s trying to crash an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!  

That’s right my Gift Grabbing Friends for 18,000 Gift Cards this furry little guy can be yours! Unfortunately, there are no tasks or quests assigned to the Raccoon so he’ll roam around your town, just like the Turkey, causing mayhem when he can.  But hey at least he has a festive sweater on right?!

The 8th Prize, Santa Flanders:

Santa FlandersAt 22,000 Gift Cards collected everyone’s favorite Neighbor-eeno gets unlocked as an over achieving Santa!  Of course would we expect anything less for Ned?  Personal I think Homer makes a much better Santa…at least he’s got the belly for it!  

Anyway…the Santa costume is a skin for Ned and should automatically appear on Ned, once he’s free of any tasks.  If you’re having trouble getting the skin to appear try tapping on Ned and toggle over to the Santa skin.  And unlike the Christmas Raccoon, Santa Flanders comes with a quest-line (we’ll have a Turbo Tappin’ version of it up soon!) AND a complete set of tasks (that award Gift Cards, as of now).  The quest-line SHOULD auto-start once Ned is free and dressed as Santa.  

Here’s the complete list of tasks for Santa Flanders:

Task Time Payout
Serve the Poor 1hr 7GC, 17xp
Deliver Presents 4hrs 17GC, 45xp
Educate Kids on the Meaning of Christmas 8hrs 27GC, 70XP
Go-A-Carollin’ 12hrs 42GC, 100xp
Celebrate the Holidays 24hrs 60GC, 150xp

So there are your 7th and 8th personal prize break downs!  What do you think of the two character additions?  What are your thoughts on Ned playing Santa?  Let us know in the comments below!  

11 responses to “Tapped Out Christmas 7th and 8th Personal Prizes: Raccoon in a Sweater & Flanders As Santa??!!

  1. Just found the Christmas Raccoon in an Episode. S17 Ep 9. Abe jumps into a dumpster to spend Christmas with the Raccoons. Am rewatching and it just happened to be our next one up!

  2. i don’t get the raccoon. it’s just something you’re forced to keep because you can’t sell it and your storage is limited. so therefore i have zombies, a turkey, vomiting frog and and a dolphin running around my town that server no porpoise… er i mean purpose. ea.. give us stuff that adds value to our town or at least let us discard everything we don’t want!

    • I wouldn’t worry about the size of your storage. I have over 2000 items stored which doesn’t effect my game at all. If you don’t like the NPC’s, just make them serve time in your storage jail lol.

      • that’s odd because a couple time’s i’ve been told i have to many things in my storage even when i didn’t have that many separate items in it. don’t know why it’s picking on me 🙁 lol makes rearranging my town super fun at times.

  3. Great article as always! I was just wondering what if any of Santa Flanders tasks are outdoor tasks?

  4. Just landed Costingtons. The only thing I am missing now is Clausco. Just can’t win it for some reason.

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