So here we are on the Eve of Christmas and EA has decided to bring to us yet ANOTHER character for our game.

For some of us “older” crowd, Christmas consisted of claymated cartoons and possessed looking characters in our kiddie Christmas Specials. Dropped into the mix of Reindeers, Clause, and Snowman was a character out of a book by Dr. Suess. The Grinch.


Now The Simpsons trying to keep their own way of doing things came up with their own take on this grumpy green character. The Grumble. Now he is available for purchase in your game for the price tag of 120 Donuts.


Stay tuned for the Dialog and details coming soon! 🙂


4 responses to “Grrrrrrrumple

  1. The grumble is cool well worth the doughnuts for the dialogue alone.

    Merry Christmas everyone

  2. Agh. It’s Santa Claus not Clause. Santa Clause came from the movie The Santa Clause with Tim Allen, because it was a legal clause.

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