Old Gil’s Christmas Donut Deal

Our good ol’ friend Gil is back in our towns this morning and has brought with him “free donuts” in a sense.



By now you all should have received the update to your device that brings with it Gil’s Christmas Donut Deal.



You should see Ol’ Gil in your town with a donut in his speech bubble begging you to pay attention to him. Once you click on him, his dialog will begin.


You now have less than 7 days to decide just which one of his “deals” you would like to take advantage of. Now, there are no worries in trying to trigger Gil again once you go through all the dialog. It is just a quick tap on your donut menu and all the offers will be there waiting.


So for all you that have been saving up… or for those of you that will be opening iTunes/Google Play cards on Christmas…looks like your stockings have just been stuffed with some extra “free donuts”.




82 responses to “Old Gil’s Christmas Donut Deal

  1. I did it, I paid $40 for amazon coins and got the $49.99 store full of donuts (900) with the Gil bonus (200). 😉

  2. Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

    This is my current review of the game:

    “I am seriously addicted to this game! It’s AWESOME!!! I absolutely love the Christmas 2013 update! Thanks for making this amazing game, I just wish the price of donuts was more affordable. Suggestions: Everyone who has purchased (past/ present/future) a boatload of donuts should recieve an actual full size boat, those who
    bought a store full of donuts should get a store and those who bought the truckload of donuts should get the truck. In addition, all three should produce a continuous amount of donuts.”

    Other suggestions of mine include: having Lard Lad Donuts produces donuts, that would make sense, considering it is a donut shop. Also, reducing the price of donuts to 99 donuts for 0.99 cents!!!

    I think if more people suggest these things EA might grant our wishes!

    • Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

      I am going on a donut strike!!! Until the price of donuts is reduced to 1 cent each (99 donuts for $0.99) I will NOT be spending any more money within the Tapped Out game.

      Currently, the average cost of 1 premium building is 150 donuts for $9.99. This is outrageous!!! If the donuts were $0.01 each, the same building would only cost $1.50 which is a much more reasonable price.

      Now, who’s with me?!?!?

      Spread the word and let’s finally let EA know how we feel, once and for all!!!

      • I understand your dilemma in wanting the cost to change. Many seek out inexpensive.

        This is a different view on it…

        I see it from a different angle. The game itself is a free one. Working in the tech industry, I know the countless hours, days, weeks, and months that can go into creating characters and software for games. It is a life consuming job. I wouldn’t want to work for free. There has to be some way to be able to compensate these brilliant minds for the time and effort they put into giving us such a colorful and amazing game. I’ve played the game freemium for months and was happy. Now, I don’t mind investing into the game. I want it to keep going. Without some cash flow back to the creators, the game will stop.

        That’s just my take on it. 😉

  3. Anyone else having problems after buying donuts and the not able to start game? I’m on android with an HTC One.

  4. When this showed up the kwick-e-mart scratch card, that gave you donuts, disappeared. Why? Is that permanent?

  5. I thought about taking advantage of the Gil offer (boatload). There is just one thing that bothers me. As a European I obviously have to pay 23% more than in the US. A boatload is 90€ which equals 123$. So, the ‘Gil deal’ is equalised by the extra charge for Europeans. Now I feel a little bit ‘tricked’. It’s not that I have endless money. Actually quite the contrary…
    Does anyone know why they charge us extra?
    Or even better: Do you guys know how I can pay in $$ ?

    Non-denominational greetings from Germany 🙂

    • EA is based in the U.S. Not sure how they worked out the pay scales outside of U.S. I know for us here at Addicts, there’s a lot of red tape trying to include our neighbors across borders and seas. Maybe they ran into the same? Maybe just ask them? The costs per donuts haven’t changed since I’ve started, so it’s been set at those prices for a long time. I just know regardless the amount, the extra % was well worth it to me.

      • One question that crossed my mind:
        I know that when you buy stuff in an US store, the price label is excluding VAT very often. In Germany this is different. All prices include VAT. So, here is my question: When you buy a boatload for 99.99$, do you have to pay VAT in addition to that? That would partly explain the price difference.

    • Sorry, I thought VAT was a common phrase for ‘value added taxes’ in the US. And: Thanks for the answer! I guess that basically explains the difference. The 89,99€ that I have to pay here in Germany includes all the taxes.
      I see a boatload beeing delivered to my account in the next days… 😀

    • @bunny:
      Thank you for the quick response!
      I feel a lot less ‘tricked’ now, and I guess I will give Gil a chance.
      God knows the man needs some customers… 😀

    • on a sidenote:
      1. YES, I recently purchased a boatload! 🙂
      2. I read about the homer buddha chances and I told myself to never buy it.
      3. Oh well, I was weak and tried it anyways…
      4. I started with some buddhas… three white fences and two orange trees… not so overwhelming.
      5. Then I told myself: OK, I’m rich right now donutwise. So I can limit myself to 10 homer buddhas maximum without any regrets.
      6. At number nine I got FRINK’s LAB!!!!
      7. Whoooohooohooo!
      8. Now I made some “profit” with the homer buddha!
      9. I hope I will never ever again try the homer buddha, since I know in the end I will lose out donut-wise.
      10. I was so unlucky with the wheel of fortune. And I really didn’t want to take any further chances on the buddha. Now I’m glad I did… 😀 😀

    • Sorry for posting AGAIN… 😉
      But I’m just so thrilled about my recent luck… 😀
      Here is what I got from my 10 homer buddhas (150 donuts worth):
      I paid 150 donuts for that, and that is exatly the price for Frink and his lab!
      Therefore, all the other stuff is a bonus on top of that (especially since I wanted to purchase Frink anyways!)

      I got these items as well:
      1 Tire Swing (20 donuts)
      2 orange trees (30 donuts)
      3×10 white fences (30 donuts)
      3 benches (18 donuts)

      That sums up to a total of 98 DONUTS that I got over the straight purchase of Frink’s Lab…!!!
      Yeah – I’m so excited…
      AND I’m never going to play the homer buddha chance again…;)

      Dear Addicts:.
      I just want to warn you: I went EXTREMELY lucky on this! Frinks Lab was at a 1% chance. I got it – YOU MAY NOT (very likely!). You will be getting a lot of fences, benches, trees, dumpsters and what not. The donuts are better placed on a building or a character. What do you want with all these fences, etc?

      I am aware that people tend to report their luck, leaving the dozens alone, that sit at home and regret that they took the chanes and failed… So, just be aware of the odds, and have in mind that I totally lucked out! (I didn’t at the wheel of fortune… trust me on that one…).

      However. Keep the spirit and have fun with the game. It’s THE SIMPSONS after all… 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • WOOHOO!!! I love stuff like this. For me, a 2D artist…I LOVE FENCES! They make a lot of great art. Lol. Otherwise, just another decoration. 😉

        Feel free to shout out your excitement. I get a kick out of this stuff. Makes me happy 🙂

    • @bunny:
      Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE all of this ‘additional’ stuff!
      I’m a fairly new tapper (started at the end of october) and I apprecate any kind of item that gives me % on $/XP.
      Furthermore I really cherish all the 2D/3D stuff I’ve seen here. It’s just “too early” for me, since I’m still trying to get all the $-buildings/characters and land expansions. Once this is accomplished I will certainly go for some creative town building as well, and I am happy for any kind of input I can get from your and the community’s creativity! 🙂

      I just wanted to state, that the buddha homer is not the “way to go” if you want to get some premium buildings. But yeah, some white fences might come in handy for some extra % AND for creative town building.

      EXCELLENT *folding hands* ^^

      Consider yourself hugged 🙂


      • I do agree though…I used to just buy up anything and everything in the beginning. My town was so sad. Now, I like to sit back and determine what I truly want in my town and what will add to what I have in mind for overall design. Limited items always come first as…well…they are limited. Lol. Those that will hang around I continue to put on a “back burner” until I figure out if they are worth it to ME. It all comes down to what YOU want in your town. What pleases YOUR eye. Extra kicks to your Conform-O-Meter/multiplier are always an added benefit (especially for someone like me that can drop 100,000$ in game cash easily on one piece of art, faster I earn money…the more I can buy.)

  6. A little help here, if you don’t mind. I sprung for the boatload, as 720 free donuts is just way, way too hard to pass up. Also helped that I had $80 in my iTunes already.

    I just went on a major shopping spree, and as such, have about 630 donuts left. I bought…
    Duff Brewery, Otto’s School Bus, Frink’s Lab, Krustylu Studios, Try-N-Save, Sprawl Mart, Springfield Pet Shop, Barney’s Bowl-O-Rama, Sleep Eazy Motel, Stu’s Disco, The Aztec Theatre, The Community Center, The Cracker Factory, Basketball Game for Squidport, Channel 6 News Van, and a bunch of characters: Arnie Pye, Bumble Bee Man, Rich Texan, Hans Moleman, Squeaky Voiced Teen, and Kearney.

    The only two stand-alone characters I need, with tasks, are Jimbo and Sherri and Terri.

    Do I want Asia de Cuba or the Museum of Natural History? I’m leaniing towards purchasing them.

    Assuming I have no other premium items, what else do YOU, the experts, think I should get? It can be for Krustyland, too. I just need some help in deciding!

    • Hmmmm tough decision. Lemme think on it and get back to you. I like the look of Asia and Museum both.

      • ((anxiously awaits a bunny’s reply…))

        • I know. I know. Lol. 😉

          Sorry. I just…these two are tough ones. Limited interaction if any at all. They honestly are there more for their looks in my opinion. Honestly, I know its hard, but I would say wait and save your donuts for whats coming up. I expect a new level update to hit in the not so distant future, and with it new content and items. February isn’t far off either and that will bring the new Valentine’s Day items.

          Here was Alissa’s take on Asia de Cuba

          and on the Museum

          They mirror my thoughts. Nice to look at. Item to get when nothing else is left. I just like spending my donuts on event items, the limited items, and leaving ones like these for later use. They’ll always be there. I just have a feeling EA is gonna drop something new on us soon, and its hard to tell just what yet or how many donuts it will cost. This is why I liked these kinda of discount donut sales, stock up now to spend throughout many months. A boatload can go really far. 😉

    • Hmmm well they both look awesome but Asia will be used with Legs and Louie where the museum won’t be touched. It’ll just look pretty but that’s it.
      As far as the other stand alone characters go…Sherri and Terri will earn you double cash and XP vs any other premium character (so $2000 on 24hr tasks instead on $1000). 🙂

      • *Just a tapper & not a professional*

        Cost break downs on each along with one more I didn’t see mentioned. 😉

        Sherri & Terri cost 150 donuts and bring in 200% more money and xp. Sherri & Terri would bring in $2000 on 24hr task VS $1000 on 24 hr task with the premium character squeaky-voice teen or $600 on 24 hr task with a regular non-premium character. Best bang for your buck or this case donuts. 🙂

        Museum cost is 100 donuts, payout is $500 & 45 xp every 24 hours. As Alissa said above can not be used for task(s). Looks cool had 24 hr cool down which tapping neighbors enjoy. (if they are good neighbors that is)

        Asia de Cuba cost is 100 donuts, pays $260 & 26 xp every 10 hours. As Alissa said above can be used with legs & Louie characters for task(s). Better bang for your buck! 🙂

        Now if you don’t already have the Springfield Coliseum it comes with a premium character ($1000 on 24 hr task) along with a building ($200 & 22 xp every 8 hours) for 190 donuts. One of his tasks he walks a tiger which looks cool. I missed out on whacking day to win this prize along with some others. I was still new to tapping then.

        Remember they might have a special promo deal coming soon in game like they have done in the past a bundle pack donut deal that you might want you never know until it appears usually what it will be…. Might be good to save a few donuts for that, the next event or even a rainy day one might say.

        Happy Tappin, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all.

  7. Ok some are not getting Gil deal I tried old kindle fire (not HD but is andriod) no gil/no deal even are acquiring the Gil deal it still won’t work on kindle fire (not HD but is andriod).. Now kindle fire HD I receive and can use/get Gil’s donut deal.

    Remember amazon coins sale $50 worth of coins for $40 would get you 1,100 donuts in game & cost $0.04 each donut where the $25.00 worth of coins for $21.00 will cost you $0.06 each donut… I really want Barney thus I’m looking at 250 donut spend. I am leaning towards the $40 amazon coin/$0.04 donut purchase which my husband thinks its not very smart….

    Le sigh my game is on both being wonky (buggy) when I go to purchase donuts too..

    • 🙁 Sorry you are having issues. Maybe hold off and try again tomorrow?

      • Oh it’s not your fault bunny, no worries but Thank you. I merly wanted to give some input from my experience I had yesterday.

        The server went down after I commented might have been why I was having bugs popping up. We may never know it may have been the Grumple for all we know. 😉

        I’ll try again later today. I’m still debating the purchase as hubs thinks unwise…

        Thank you for replying and the amazing blog, feedback & help. You all rock!

        Happy Tappin, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays either way.

    • My Fire doesn’t update at the same time as my other device. To start the Christmas event, I had to uninstsll the app and redownload it from the Kindle store. This time, I got Gil on my phone and a few hours later the Kindle caught up.

  8. So I’ve been playing all day, and just tried to go back in the game and it crashes constantly. I’ve tried a different device, uninstalling and reloading the app, and I get the same results. Any thoughts? Anyone else having this problem?

  9. I still have not seen Gil yet today and do not have the special donut prices. Is there anyone that can help me figure out what is going on?

  10. Well I made the purchase, a boatload of donuts Christmas morning… and the game crashed during the process. Card charged au$110+ and no donuts credited to my account. Ticket lodged with EA #11056175, but have to wait at least 2 days to hear from them. Merry bloody christmas. 🙁

  11. So glad I got some iTunes gift cards the other day from my aunt! Too bad I can’t take advantage of the sweet boatload deal, but at least I can grab 1100 from the store, which should keep me busy for a bit.

  12. When I try to buy donuts, I get an error message saying that authentication is required and I must sign into google. How do you sign into google from the game? I am signed in on my browser but I still get the message. Please help

    • If its what I’m used to seeing…you need to sign into your account during the purchase process as an extra security step to authorize charges/changes to your personal account.

      • Hey bunny, finally figured it out once I recived a notification on the phone. Somehow my phone got turned off. I am wanting to buy a boatload but I only have 75 on my google play. I see I can add even denominations from my debit card for the remaining but is it possible to only add 30.49 so I don’t have extra money sitting there? If not I guess I will add 35 and have enough for the tapped out book. Thanls for the help. As a first time donut buyer I am getting excited.

  13. No more golden scratcher?

  14. I still haven’t received this update. I have logged in and out several times, my wife got hers first thing this morning. But I do not have the Christmas prices and I have not seen Gil yet.

  15. *grrrr* I’d have preferred a 30% price reduce because then i’d definetly taken the boatload. but now…well, at least 6 days to think about the offer.

    • Well, the Boatload deal gives you 720 free, which IS 30% free and almost the same as a 30% Price reduction.

      It’s true that a 30% price reduction would give you about 10% more donuts for the dollar.

      • Yeah its just that i dont really want to spent 90€ on a game (i’ve noticed just now the price difference between US and Euroland). :/ the ~65€ u r paying on the western side of the globe are the limit to me. and the store full of donuts just seems not to be worth it. :-/

  16. So, last year’s Christmas event had Ole’ Gil Gunderson appearing twice. Once with a donut deal, and once with a premium purchase deal (Buy Santa’s Village and he would throw in a Christmas Tree for free – 75 donut savings).

    Any chance of that happening again this year?

    • Nothing we’ve seen in the files but EA is sneaky. I would not be surprised to see some sort of deal towards the end of the event. I truly believe the Holiday Wheel items will be offered as premiums for all the folks still waiting to hit that LAST item.

      • Speaking of last items, I was finally able to clear my wheel with free coins YAY! It’s so nice to see the Snow Monster roaming my town. Now off to spend donuts on the Grumple. We’re a matched set. 🙂

  17. Are these donuts good for ever or just through the holiday season – these being “holiday donuts” I’d be buying?

    • Donuts are good all year round. These are just “special” because of the Holiday Gil Deal they are linked to. You can buy now and use them whenever. That’s why I like these kinds of sales. 😉

    • Once you have the donuts, they are yours forever to use when you like. They’re just decorated different for the deal but will look pink once you get them. Unlike the real article, these donuts never go stale lol.

  18. I bought the truckload but didn’t get the bonus. What the heck???

    • You should have received 345 donuts total from the purchase (45 as the extra).

      If it appears you are missing any, contact EA right away so they can correct the issue.

      (They may have you do basic troubleshooting first to see if it resolves the issue. Jump into your Krustyland and back to your Springfield to see if it helps refresh the count.)

  19. I bought a boatload and the Grumple. How could I resist? Happy Xmas to me (and everyone else)

  20. I think I’m finally going to spring for a boatload. Please tell me I’m not crazy! I’m looking for enablers here…

  21. You really gon buy a boatload bunny!?
    If you have to much money ( in real life ) plz send me a check :p

    • I spend my money on you already. That’s how I can speed through tasks and get you updates fast 😛

      It would be nice to have “extra” $$$…I’d take care of my friends. 😉

  22. He’s not in my town?

  23. Im still not sure if im gonna buy donuts. But if i do ill choose the 300 truckload with 45 extra. Just because i can buy the cracker factory then + the milhouses are complete + i get the fleet a pita. Sounds like a good deal right? So who else are thinkin of buying donuts and how many will u buy?

    • Here at Addicts, we love to invest in donuts to better help YOU with content. So deals like this, you bet we are going to take advantage. BOATLOADS AWAY!!! 😉

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