Turbo Tappin’ Christmas 2013: Ebenezer Burns

Just past Christmas Day and EA has released the 3rd Community Prize. It is a skin for Mr. Burns that turns him into…well…I guess you can’t turn him into a Scrooge due to he already is one. Worse than one actually.

Well along with Ebenezer Burns, you will get a questline. So here is the quick tappin verison of that.

charactersets_mrburns_ebenezerburnsA Holiday Hymn Pt. 1
Mr. Burns/Ebenezer starts task

Make Ebenezer Burns Ignore Holiday Warning– 60mins

A Holiday Hymn Pt. 2
Mr. Burns/Ebenezer starts task

Make Ebenezer Burns Count his Money– 4hrs

A Holiday Hymn Pt. 3
Mr. Burns/Ebenezer starts task

Make Everyone Work on Christmas– 12hrs

A Holiday Hymn Pt. 4
Mr. Burns/Ebenezer starts task

Make Ebenezer Burns Work on “The Weapon”– 12hrs

A Holiday Hymn Pt. 5
Mr. Burns/Ebenezer starts task

Make Ebenezer Burns Blast Holiday Spirits– 24hrs

Happy Turbo Tappin’


10 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Christmas 2013: Ebenezer Burns

  1. Did anybody else get the one task random quest with Hank Scorpio (for those who purchased him obvs) to send a Christmas card to Homer?

  2. Oh, and there’s an app for guitar tuning!

    (says the woodwind player)

    • Lol. I know. I like to have an actual tuner in hand for the times I put my phone down. (Shocking…I know…I do occasionally stop playing with my phone. Lol)

  3. Could be???

    All my neighbors are 10,000+ so it’s just sort of a guess who needs more turns at the wheel…

  4. Thanks, Bunny – I hope the Holidays have been good to you (iTunes or Google Play Gift Cards???)

    Question for all on the morn of our 3rd community prize…

    Other than dropping off gifts for neighbors in order to get all 5 community prizes, is there any reason to be collecting gift cards?

    I mean, once all but money and gift cards are left on the wheel – what are you going to actually win? If you have to visit 33 neighbors to get 1000 Gift Cards in order to win $1000 – wouldn’t it be better to try to collect cash from them instead? 45*$33 is $1485!

    And once we have all the community prizes, what would be the point to any of this event?

    At least if they had put a donut win (even one) on the Wheel, then it would be worthwhile!

    • You’re welcome 🙂
      No gift cards. Just my guitar, which I now need to go buy a tuner for. Too rusty to do it by ear anymore. Dang big floppy ears. Lol.

      For me, I am hitting the towns still with neighbors on low counts too. Trying to help those that haven’t hit the mark as of yet. So for me, its more continuing play for them. As far as gift cards, I get what you mean by it starts to lose its pizzazz towards the end. I do miss the overload of donuts from Halloween. I earned close to 100 in one town just from ghost tapping. Overall, EA did a good job with this event. There will always be those of us that get done early and want to move on.

      Maybe they’ll sneak in a level update? Or a New Year’s surprise? 😉

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