Addicts Question Corner: Avatars/Gravatars

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Recently we’ve been seeing more and more questions come across the comments and to our email ( about creating an account here on  So I figured now might be a great time for another Addicts question corner.

The good news….here at no account is needed.  In order to comment on ANY post written here all you need is an email address.  Simply put your name (screen name or real name) in the “name” box and then enter your email address.  Don’t worry we won’t share your email address with anyone and it will not be posted.  And that’s it!  Your comment will be submitted for moderation (sorry this helps us avoid trolls and those lovely spam bots!) and should appear on the post shortly!

Want to take it a step further?  Notice how some of your fellow Addicts have images next to their names?  Want to show yourself off?  Help feel like part of the community here at Addicts?  Well there’s this really cool thing you can do.  Word Press uses Gravatar to help create avatars for members wishing to show themselves off!

To set up an account is pretty simple…just visit and sign up!  Be sure to use the email address that you will use when posting to, follow the sign up instructions and that’s it!  You’ll be good to go and show yourself off here with your fellow Addicts!

Not sure what image to use?  Try turning yourself into a Simpsons Character!  There’s a great Simpsonmaker here that you can use to create your own character and use it as your avatar image here at Addicts!

Looking for another way to join the community at TSTO Addicts?  Want to further connect with other Tapping Addicts with out having to go through comment moderation?  Check out our TSTO Addicts Forums!  There you can connect with other Tappers about all things Tapped Out, Simpsons & life in general!

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  1. I’m just checking to see if my avatar worked.

  2. Woo Hoo! I got my bunny on!

  3. changing my user name

  4. This is a little test to see if my new avatar is working!

  5. This is a little test to see if my new avatar is working.

  6. This would have been good to look at before I “tried” to do mine…. any who… great post

  7. testing to see if the new Gravatar you inspired me to make is working…

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