Happy New Year from the Addicts!


Hey Howdy Hey New Year’s Party Animals!

Well it’s officially midnight here on the east coast and that means….hello 2014!! Are any of our favorite Tappers still sober?!  Are we?!  😉

As with all major holidays around here we thought it’d be fun to take a look into our personal lives and share with our favorite Addicts our resolutions for 2014!  Hey maybe this will force us to all stick to them!

So here goes…first up Wookiee’s plans for 2014:Hey there New Year’s Party People,

So, Alissa asked me to give you my resolutions for 2014.  Truth is, I hate these things soooooo much.  Every year I watch people make a big deal about what they want to change in their life and seldom see any of them come to fruition.  Don’t believe me, go to a gym on January 2nd and try to find a treadmill then go back 3 weeks later and compare your results.  I’ve never been big on these but before I get cranky like some of my colleagues in this crazy TSTO blogosphere, I looked up the word resolution.  Here’s what I found.
  • A measure of digital audio quality (I guess I could go buy a better TV?)
  • A statement which is debated in policy debate (ooooh… I love debates)
  • A written motion adopted by a deliberative body i.e. US Congress (good luck there!)
  • A rule of inference used for automated theorem proving (they lost me at “A”)
  • The metrical phenomenon in classical poetry of replacing one longum with two brevia (poetry?  let’s see… there once was a man from Nantucket…)
  • In music, the move of a note or chord from dissonance to consonance (My music tends to border on power chords and singing to a G-D-Em-C rhythm so I gotta pass for now until I’m a better musician)
  • New Year’s resolution, a commitment that an individual makes at New Year’s Day (covered this, right?)
  • Chiral resolution, a process in stereochemistry for the separation of racemic compounds into their enantiomers(Sounds like something better suited for Bill Nye or Professor Frink)
Well that didn’t help so I guess I can just share with you my REAL resolution.  If I lose weight, great.  If I smoke less or skip a beer or two… fine.  All of these are choices I can make every day and smart things for all 365 days of 2014.  What I do instead is promise myself on every 31st of December to remember the people I love that love me in return. Family and friends are what life is about and I never go wrong.  Hope y’all have a great 2014 and are surrounded by what really matters in life (and hopefully get some free donuts too lol).
TTFN… Wookiee out!
Way to avoid the assignment Fuzzball!  But that’s ok I still love and adore you anyway!  Now let’s see what Bunny has to say…and we all know she has something to say!
What on earth does the new year have in store for the Bunny? Only time will tell. Let’s delve into that crazy little mind to see just what possibilities lie ahead. What are MY resolutions?
1- I already covered the MAIN thing on the majority of people’s mind, lose weight. This fluff can’t hang around forever. 
2- Love and to be loved completely. We all strive for that right?
3- Befriend EA and become bestest buddies with them for the sake of our readers. That can happen, right? …Maybe it already has. 😉
4- To re-learn to play the amazing guitar I was given. Don’t expect a CD release anytime soon. 😛
5- Ooooh monies. We all need monies. I want MORE monies. More in my hand means more I can give to others. 🙂
6- Most of all…just be HAPPY!!! Enjoy life to its fullest! Be at peace with myself.!! OHM
(FYI- The evil side of Bunny says get drunk, get kissed, get in a fight, get arrested, and just go cray cray. That works too, right?)
Ummm…way to stick to the assignment?  Evil Bunny sounds like fun though….
So I guess it’s my turn huh?
Like Wookiee I hate making resolutions.  Mostly because I never stick to them…but if I make the others do it I’ve gotta do one too right?  So here goes….
-To get better locks for the attic and basement (ones Wookiee and Bunny can’t escape from!)
-To lighten up a bit  (drink more of Bunny’s “Water”)
To share more of my fun/cheesy humor side with our amazing readers!  (I  promise I have one!)
and finally…
-To always remember TSTO is a game and games are supposed to be fun!  (Hopefully we continue to bring that fun out here on Addicts!)
2013 has been amazing and we can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store!  We also can’t wait to share with all of you the great plans we have in store for the coming year!  (SPOILER ALERT: It includes some “sprucing up” around here, Bunny working with our friends at EA,  more contests & much much more!)
We hope you all have a phenomenal New Year & where ever you are tonight get home safe!
Cheers to a great 2014 filled with love, laughter, tapping & FREE DONUTS!!
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9 responses to “Happy New Year from the Addicts!

  1. Gott Nytt År och God Fortsättning!
    My resolution is to travel to the US and play TSTO with Drew holding me in his arms 😀 I just need to cut through all the red-tape so they’ll let me have that visum…

  2. Happy new Years to everyone in the TSTO family. My resolution is to redo my town

  3. Happy New year to everyone in the TSTO family. Heres to a tap tap tapping New Year!!!

  4. Happy New Year guys! Here’s to a great 2014!

  5. 2014!!! Happy new years to everyone in the tapped out world!!!:D hope you guys have a wonderful time with your loved ones!!! [:

  6. Happy New Year to all you wonderful, cray cray, tapping Addicts from NC, USA!!! hmmm my resolution ….. same as 2013…. quit smoking, cut back caffeine, continue to tap till my digits fall off lmao and continually show my family how much i hold them dear and close to my heart! i love my wife and son!

  7. Happy New Year everyone! I don’t make any resolutions because I’m already perfect! 😉 Seriously, I think self improvement should be an everyday thing, not one day a year. Maybe that’s why people almost always immediately break their resolutions, they’re not used to the work it takes to improve yourself. Here’s hoping 2014 is a great year for all us tappers out there!

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