Q&A- The Addicts Team Top 10

Top Ten at 10? Don’t mind if I do. 🙂

An Addicts reader, Erika F., posed this question to us…

I would like to see a “Top 10″ list of your favorite premium items! I think it’d be really helpful for those (including me) having a hard time deciding which items to get, since there are just so many to pick from. Thanks so much addicts! Hope to hear back soon.

Well Erika, you asked…and now here are our answers. Everyone likes a Countdown, right?

Bunny’s Top Ten:

1- Duff Brewery. OH YAHHHHH! I like that it comes with Duff Man himself, along with permanent tasks for him. He is the ONLY one that can also activate the animation (have a task) for the Duff Stadium. Drove me nuts after Whacking Day that it just sat there. 

2- Barney’s Bowlarama. BUUURRRRP! Barney comes with it. Barney as a character just cracks me up. Him wandering around drunk. Passed out drunk. About to hurl. It just amuses me for some reason. Not to mention now he has the Plow King skin. It just adds more fun to the premium building and character. 

3- Frink’s Lab. GOOD GLAVEN!!! It comes with Professor Frink. I guess it is just the nerd in me that likes this goofy character. His tasks crack me up too. 

4- School Bus. DUUUUUDE! It comes with Otto. I like the look of the Bus itself just as a decoration piece. It’s fun to find cool new placements for it. Now as for Otto, I love his gnarley character and that he has permanent tasks around town and at the bus. 

5- Bumblebee Man. NO ES BUENO! This lil guy…funny as heck. His “attempts” to fly on one of his tasks, makes me giggle every flipping time. It’s so sad and pathetic. He also adds ability to have more tasks at your Channel 6. 

6- Kamp Krusty. FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! It comes with the “skin” for Bart. I like the look of the camp itself. Especially when decorated with extra fire pits and a wooded area. It really adds to the town. Then there are the many fun tasks. BURN KRUSTY!

7- Cracker Factory. MMMM SALTY! It comes with Luann and 3 separate mini tasks, one including unlocking the Fleet-A-Pita’s for both Springfield and Krustyland. It does add another interesting building into the town and her permanent tasks are awesome. That roller ball! 

8- Mayflower. IT’S A BIG FRAKKIN SHIP!!! Seriously, that is mainly why I like it. No tasks, no characters, no interactions with it as of yet…but it looks sooooooooooo cool sitting in the Squidport Harbor.  

9- Stu’s Disco. DISCO STU DON’T SELL OUT! It comes with Disco Stu. I just like the look of the night club-esque building. Not to mention you get Stu and his permanent tasks. 

10- The last…hmmmm…this gets tough. There are several individual characters I like with no buildings. Also, lots of fun cars to choose from. I guess if I had to pick…it is a toss up between the old folks. Jasper w/the Community Center and Hans Moleman. Both frakkin hilarious on their tasks. 

(The other ones that were on my fav list were Limited Time items, so since they’re not available outside the events…I didn’t include them in my run down.) And yes, I went from 1 to 10…just to mess with your heads. 😛

Wookiee’s Top Ten

Hey there Addicts… had to pick green for my color because I’m totally green with envy that the long-eared carrot muncher got to give her Top 10 before me. She’s so in my head with her picks.  I have always been a big fan of Top 10 lists from when I was a tiny Wookiee so without further ado…. My “Top” 10.  

At the risk of folks stringing me up, I think it is only fair to say that my all-time favorite buildings are Abe Lincoln’s Cabin with Abraham Lincoln (limited-time) and the Museum of Natural History (100 Donuts).  It’s the history lover in me and I am who I am.  I kept them off the list because I know they aren’t for everyone.  In addition, I also left all the limited time stuff off the list but if you’re going for anything for this holiday event, I completely endorse the Grumple.

For this list I went through all the premium items from the viewpoint of what has brought me though most joy for the least amount of donuts.  I listed them by expense and how I feel they line up in value.

#10 at 200 Donuts – Volcano Lair with Hank Scorpio.  Initially, I had this building much higher on the list but as it is pricey, I moved it to the bottom.  I love the look of this building and the animation for it is so cool.  I love the James Bont episodes in the show and even if this item only comes from one episode, Hank’s 8 hour flamethrower task is so much fun.  If you want to plunk down a large amount of donuts, this is the one I’d suggest.

#9 at 190 Donuts – Duffman and Duff Brewery.  The misadventures of Homer and his barfly buddies are all definitely courtesy of Moe’s but without a place to keep the bar stocked, the game would be a lot more sober.  I love to see Duffman party down outside all the different buildings brings me joy and if you have the Duff Stadium, he has a sweet animation with a jet pack.  Another building/ character combo I highly suggest.

#8 at 140 Donuts – Krustylu Studios with Sideshow Mel.  I think this building is the natural twin for the Channel 6 Studios and is much cheaper than the previous two.  Granted Mel’s best outdoor task requires you to plunk down another 20 donuts for the cannon but even at 160, it’s a better deal.

#7 – This one was a toughie for me.  I really want to suggest Jimbo at 120 Donuts because I feel every town is incomplete without his 12 hour task of frog hackey-sack.  Knowing this is a tad expensive, if I had to replace him, I’d easily go with Dr. Nick for 90 donuts.  His sayings are funny and I prefer Nick to Hibbert any day of the week.

#6 at 85 donuts – The Rich Texan or Arnie Pye.  The Texan has some hilarious outdoor tasks riding a mechanical bull or classicly firing his pistols in the air. He’s my favorite character in TSTO just for his expressions when tapped.  For anyone who hates the AMerican stereotype, Arnie Pye is a good price too and comes with 3 helicopter tasks.  He also has 2 other outdoor tasks but I warn you that the helicopter bit has worn thin for a lot of tappers.  I still love it but the Texan still wins this match-up for me.

#5 at 80 donuts – Aztec Theater.  This is the only item on my list that doesn’t include a character or bonus multiplier.  I had to list it just because it truly is one of my favorite buildings.  Buying this adds task for Comic Book Guy and Bart as well as Squeaky Voice Teen if you have him.  With all the vacant and abandoned buildings in the game, this one is a gem among them.

#4 at 60 donuts – Kearney.  Of all the bullies, this guy is my favorite.  He only has one outdoor task to dance a gig but it’s so funny to me I couldn’t imagine my town without him.  60 donuts is the second cheapest price tag for a stand alone character.  In the game, characters are where the real money is at and add that special something to your town.  He also has Krustyland tasks which is a bonus.  (If he’s not your cup of teas, the other two at 60 are Moleman and Bumblebee Man who are also hilarious.)

#3 at 40 donuts – Robby the Automaton or the Tire Fire.  Both of these decorations are unique and add a 2% bonus multiplier to your town.  Both make me so happy when I see them during my journeys in Wookieetown.  If I had to pick between the two though, it’s have to be the tire fire for it’s sheer Springfieldness.  The fire is a landmark of the town.  It centers in so many episodes and is just classic.  Honestly one of my first ever purchases because I had to have it blazing away.  NOTE: 2% is the same as a cop car and these are a bit cooler to me.

#2 at 30 donuts – Squeaky Voice Teen.  The best value oremium character.  Completely voiced with Krustyland tasks to boot.  He may only have one outdoor task but I feel like I honor my awkward adolescent days every time I tap this guy.  Hands down one of the best deals in the game.

First Place IMHO @ 120 Donuts – Absolutely without a doubt Otto and his school bus.  Not only does it give the biggest bang for your donut buck, it’s frakkin Otto!  The bus looks so sweet added to any of your parking lots (or car parks as my Brit friends call them).  He has a lot of cool outdoor tasks and is my favorite.

As you can see, I recommend characters the most.  They are the life blood of any town and can easily help brighten your day while also making you that precious in-game currency.  At the end of the day, it’s your money, so do what makes you happy.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

Alissa’s Top Ten

10- Toss up between Southern Cracker Factory & Miniature Nuclear Warhead- Why the Cracker Factory?  Simply because it unlocks Luann and also unlocks the Fleet-A-Pita trucks for Springfield AND Krustyland.  Why the Warhead?  A strange thing right?  Well I like it because it’s 45 donuts AND offers a 2.25% bonus.  One of the best donut for bonus % return in the game.  Plus it looks cool!

9- Channel 6 News Van- Another decoration…another bonus percentage!  At 2% for 40 donuts it’s another great donut for bonus % return.  It also unlocks a 4 hour task for your Channel 6 building (Live News Report).  AND every town needs a news truck right?

8- Duff Stadium- Ok this one is purely selfish.  Being a massive baseball fan I couldn’t resist NOT having this Stadium in my town.  At only 90 donuts it offers one of the best cash and xp returns for donuts invested in the game.  Also, it unlocks a special 2 hour task for Duffman (so it will get used).

7- Otto & his Bus- Both Bunny and Wookiee agree that this is a must have.  It comes with Otto & looks awesome in Springfield.

6- Krustylu Studios & Sideshow Mel- I just love having this addition in my town.  It looks great next to Channel 6 and really completes the “studio” look in Springfield.

5- Volcano Lair & Hank Scorpio- Ok this is purely because of the BEST ANIMATION IN TSTO….Hank Scorpio testing the flame thrower.  Every time I see it it cracks me up.  That alone is worth the donuts.

4- Frink’s Lab & Frink– This is another one with a great outdoor task (test flying machine).  Plus I don’t think I could picture a Springfield without Frink and his crazy inventions!

3- Kamp Krusty & Kamp Bart- I love this for a few reasons. I love that it’s another woodsy type building to complete that area of my town.  Most of all I love Bart’s tasks associated with this.  Burning Krusty, roasting marshmallows & going on a rampage are tasks I love sending Bart on because they crack me up!

2- Arnie Pye– Arnie Pye in the sky!  I love this for 1 reason and 1 reason only…the helicopter!  I absolutely love having Arnie flying high over Springfield giving the traffic report of….cars that aren’t allowed on the road!

1- Duff Brewery & Duffman- Hands down the BEST donut purchase in TSTO.  Bunny, Wookiee & I all agree Duffman and the Duff Brewery is a must get for your town.  Just Duffman himself makes this a great purchase…”Duffman is here to refill your beer!”

Well Tappers that’s my Top 10 Donut purchases in TSTO….of course some of my absolute favorites are limited time and therefore haven’t made this list.  But these are my favorites that are permanent additions to Tapped Out and if you’re looking for ideas on where to spend those discounted donuts from Gil those are my top picks.

So there you have it. Our Top Ten donut purchases from the Addicts Team. Your thoughts on it? What is YOUR favorites to date? Sound off in the comments below.

Here’s to the start of a GREAT new year here at Addicts!


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39 responses to “Q&A- The Addicts Team Top 10

  1. Has Kamp Kusty been discontinued,, can’t find it anywhere..

    • Kamp Krusty is now part of the vault. Check your vault every Tuesday. You’ll eventually get offered a 50 donut rebate and have the opportunity to buy it for a net of 150 donuts. Click here for the post about the vault.

  2. Alissa, how can you not have Barney? He’s just too crucial of a character for me.

  3. There is so much new content now, would you guys keep your lists the same? Or has anything new caught your fancy? I’d love to see a top 3 limited time release items as well (“honorable mentions” of the list? )

  4. Hi all! How do you feel about the Film Set w/ McBain? Am I crazy for not immediately purchasing it during this sale? My hesitation is that it’s used by only one character and probably animated only during one task… Any opinion from anyone that has it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  5. The post 1 1/2 years old. With all the new buldiings and characters do you have a new top 10 ????

    • Not really. Unless you wanna add characters that are no longer available.

      • I do wanna add characters that are no longer available. I’ve been considering buying donuts so I’d be ready when/if Furious D and Radioactive Man come back to town. (And to get Uriah now.)

  6. My next purchase will be Duffman and building my % multiplers!!

  7. I bought a boat load of donuts, I still have a few left but here’s what I think about what I bought, including what I bought with free sprinklies I’d won:

    Dr Nick – Best. Buy. Ever. His quotes are the best.
    Prof Frink. – Love his outdoor tasks and his mutterings
    Barney – Good tasks and good quotes
    Plopper aka SpiderPig – Gotta love those noises
    Bumblebee man – Fun. Just fun. Always gives a giggle or two
    Disco Stu – Good sayings and a couple of good outdoor tasks
    Duffman – Oh Yeah
    Moleman – Maybe it’s just me, but I love that little fella
    Jasper – worth it just for the paddling
    Otto – Was hoping for a bit more, but it’s Otto and his bus. Always gonna be a ‘Yes’
    Tire Fire – A Springfield landmark with a good bonus %age for the buck. First thing I bought and haven’t regretted it for a minute

    SVT – I like him but in hindsight I’d have waited to get him in a mystery box
    Bartman skin – too early to say, just bought him today
    Brandine – man it takes a long time to get those kids
    Lampwick – He’s got a fun quest and I like the car.
    Luann – Has a fun quest but apart from that….
    Manjula – same as Luann
    Sideshow Mel – Has one or two fun tasks but a bit underwhelming, tbh

    Akira – Those bonsais would be good if they gave a bonus %age, but they don’t
    Lurleen – I wouldn’t bother to be honest
    Buddha Homer gambles – haven’t won anything decent from about 6 so won’t be doing that again.

    It would make such a difference if those female characters were voiced. But they’re not.

    Just my thoughts, but if they help you with your decisions, great.

  8. LOL – “I absolutely love having Arnie flying high over Springfield giving the traffic report of….cars that aren’t allowed on the road!” BEST line I’ve read all week – thanks for the laugh, Alissa!! 😄😄

  9. Just a breakdown:

    Only 2 items were picked by all 3
    Otto & The School Bus
    Duff Brewery & Duffman

    6 items were picked by 2 of the 3
    Frink & His Lab
    Kamp Krusty & Bart skin
    Cracker Factory & Luanne
    Volcano Lair & Hank Scorpio
    Krustylu Studios & Sideshow Mel
    Arnie Pye

    The rest each garnered one “vote.”

    Bowlarama & Barney
    Bumblebee Man
    The Mayflower
    Stu’s Disco & Disco Stu
    Community Center & Jasper
    Hans Moleman
    Dr Nick
    Rich Texan
    Aztec Theatre
    Tire Fire
    Squeaky Voiced Teen

  10. I was going for otto and then crazy cat lady cane out so now im unsure. I wpuld also likw to wventually get duffman, barney, BBM and Dr nick. If I remwmber correctly squeeky teen and one of the old dudes can come in mystery boxes/ buddah and hoping to get lucky. Kinda like disco stew as well. In buildings i’l like the aztek/duff stadium/ observatory and the news van and I forget what to unlock the events. So many decsisions to make. I’m also wondering if gil will pop up soon with a good deal. Might help with the decision making :p

  11. Hi Gurus of TSTO Addicts,

    With all the new premium content that has come out since January, are your top ten lists still the same? Would love to see an update as I have donuts begging to be spent!


    • hmmmm I think we may have to update the list a bit. Although I don’t know if mine will change all that much. Duffman is STILL my favorite 🙂

  12. i’m lvl 39, having never spent a dime on this game i dropped $50. for 900 donuts. I bought, Kearney, S&T, Aztec, Observatory, Channel 6 Van, Cracker Factory, Duff Brewery, Otto, and BBM.
    Thought these where the best value. still hoping to win a few things from mystery boxes i guess. (moleman, tire fire, etc.) I have squeaky kid.

    jasper lacks tasks, arnie’s copter is said to bother some, try-n-save has no tasks, sprawl mart- well wal-mart is anoying enough. on that note: wish i could sell wiggums kid, hate that kid.

    I did want frink/ dr. nick but went with luann/ BBM for value, wanted lugash to complete set but too spendy and don’t know anything about him.

    • Sounds like some good purchases. Love Kearney’s Jig task, Duffman is awesome and Otto is my #1. Enjoy.

    • Wait what do S&T and BBM stand for? Sorry I’m new at this…

      • Sherri and Terri, Bumblebee Man… no worries at all… just for future reference: P&S = Patty & Selma, CBG = Comic Book Guy, SLH = Santa’s Little Helper, SSB = Sideshow Bob… I’m sure there’s more I can’t think of… you know us nerds and our cool acronyms lol.

  13. add me>>>>. Mizzbrown1999 daily player

    I have a question I see a lot of people talk about not wanting others to graffiti them I just wanted to see why lol I guess I thought it was all the same weather or not they we’re graffitied or just one of the buildings with money on them. Can someone tell me the difference please thank u!!!!! PS: I’m a multiple times a day player ADD ME> mizzbrown1999 and my second town Angelbaby1828 And my husband as well >. Silence131

  14. If you haven’t already…… (I’m new & haven’t read every post yet, though in couple weeks I’ve read at least 50 of them. Slightly addicted.)

    Anyway, you should consider a Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid. That’s what I was hoping this post was. I am convinced I am making some rookie mistake still. So maybe it should be … Top 10 things newbies need to know.

    Either way, thank you all for this blog!

    • Well first off welcome to the madness! Just let the Addiction take over…it’s much easier that way! 😉
      Oo that’s a good idea. I like it! We are in process of doing a Top 10 donut mistakes but I like the idea of mistakes to avoid about TSTO in general. Look for that to come soon! 🙂
      And you’re most certainly welcome, thank you for checking us out! And if you have any questions we’re ALWAYS here to help (and we love doing it!) 🙂

  15. Oh and re: the observatory, it’s from one of my very favorite episodes, Bart’s Comet. I’d like to request a big butt skinner weather balloon at some point 😀

  16. ooooh this is making me want premium items 😉 I’m saving up for the pet shop (almost there!) because animals are great and who wouldn’t want jub jub? I also want the natural history museum and the observatory, no real reason other than if I were living in this town I would want to go to those 🙂 oh and the movie theater! It’ll take me awhile to get enough donuts for all those, but patience is a virtue!

  17. Great post got me thinking about my top ten, I would include the Co!osieum Tatum walking the tiger and it looks good next to a car park and outdoor stage looks good, very flexible and lots ofcharacters interact with it. It is also a good income generator in the earlier levels.

  18. I’ve got 290 donuts to spend and this is really gonna help out! Thanks guys and gals.

  19. Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

    Thanks so much Addicts!!! I appreciate your quick response to my question and I hope this helps others as much as it has helped me. Keep up the amazing work on your blog, I enjoy reading the posts, and look forward to what’s to come in the New Year!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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