Woo hoo! We did it! Community Prize #5!!!

Hello hello hello! So excited right now to announce that we have finally reached one billion, 200 million gift bags and unlocked the fifth Community Prize, the Candy Cane Cooling Towers!

Wow, what an event. 10 personal prizes, 5 extra prizes for the group and whatever we all were lucky enough to win on the wheel. Not too bad a haul in my opinion.

I’m still kind of in shock that that many bags have been given by the worldwide community. I know there are folks out there who will say the counter is all just an algorithm and not indicative of real gift giving, but to that I say Bah Humbug. Every community prize was a gift, right?  The Holidays are about togetherness and a little bit of magic so I’m sticking to all of us as a group dropping those bags like it was hot. Just for fun, I have kept track of how many bags I’ve given during the update and I’m currently at 1387. If you multiply that by 1 million tappers (a small amount of the real total), you can see it is completely possible.

Anywho… all that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme, right? What matters is we got a new skin for the cooling towers of our Nuclear Power Plant (It’s pronounced nu-cular lol). Provided you’re at Level 11 and have built them, you can now make them all festive.

Tapped_Out_Candy_Cane_Power_PlantI know I’m probably not alone in wishing these had come a little earlier in the game but thankfully I am not someone who cares whether my Springfield is holiday appropriate. I plan on having this skin on my towers for quite awhile. I’m actually thinking it might be time to design a Burns’ sponsored holiday area powered by nu-cular energy of course. After the 2012 Holiday event, I was one of those tappers guilty of leaving my decorations up all year. As it formed a friendship between Alissa and me, I’m so happy I did.

Springfield NPP Skin

This new skin comes to us from The Fight Before Christmas (S22:E8). The first segment of this 3-parter shows the towers in all their holiday glory. I’ve wanted them since I first saw them and dished on them in a previous WAWW (proven by a reader to have been 37.5% accurate in its predictions btw). I would have loved for Otto and his Polar Express train to also have been a part of this update. Instead, I will picture it flying over the towers (for as long as they’re decorated) even if the image is all in my head.

Springfield NPP Skin 2

Of course, for all you savvy tappers who are able to watch current episodes of the Best. Show. Ever., you may have noticed the towers in the most recent episode’s (White Christmas Blues, S25E8) couch gag sequence.

Springfield NPP Skin 3

Anyone besides me wish that the festive Duff and Town Hall decorations had been included in this update? Because I love this sequence so much, I figured it couldn’t hurt to show you the whole thing again as we prepare to wrap up this event on 14 January.  (12 days to earn everything including today!)

Well, that’s all for now folks. 2014 has just started and this guy is mega excited for all the future content 2014 is sure to bring us. TTFN… Wookiee out!

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15 responses to “Woo hoo! We did it! Community Prize #5!!!

  1. Really???…turn our cooling towers into a barbershop sign??? Some of you must find watching grass grow entertaining…by the way…GET OFF MY LAWN !!!!!!

    • I never thought of it as that. Lol. Now all we need is the stage outside of the Towers and Homer’s barbershop quartet singing. Lol.

      By the way…your lawn is covered in snow, so technically I am not “on your lawn”. 😉

    • Ive hit the bigtime now…you are my first stalker…and with all the tiresome complaining I’ve been up to, I completely forgot to tell everyone something that will really make you hate me…I won the $200k dog race this week…twice.

  2. I only generate 40 giftbagsba daybmaximum, I havent got any tokens other than from the eggnogemporium. I’m not a lucky person I guess but am confident that EA will deliver all the prizes.

    One of the best parts of the game is the social side, some tappers have told me they got tokens from my gift bags and a few even have clausco…I want that so bad but love the fact others have got it already. Keep tapping and keep giving those gift bags.:-D

  3. Not sure how many gifts I have given or received but tthankful anyway.
    The extra gifts from EA make my town feel abit more like a natural cluttered town that would make you think “Why did the council spend THAT much again on some junk ?” well that is what I tend to think about the town I live in anyway 😛

    It would be nice if we got new Simpson episodes here – get 1 out of 7-8 episodes on foxtel that have been new. Forget free to air tv here though.
    Any other Aussies have this ???

  4. I am just crazy happy with the number of gifts I got from this Christmas extravaganza. I just started in November, so I didn’t have any of anything. Adding them together, as a new player, I got 43 free gifts when you add in the whole holiday wheel. Plus, some very nice tappers got my squidport tile count to 138 and counting. I’m pretty hooked, and buying donuts buy barney to use the plow king prize is looking tempting.

    So don’t moan, just keep playing – I freaked on the last wheel prize, but you will get it if you play!

  5. idk about some others but personally i’ve given an average of 100 gb’s a day (didn’t keep track but by guessing i’d say i dropped at least 2000 gb’s to date) wondering if i should keep dropping i know there’s no point other then the glorious feeling of generously helping those whom might not have reached the final personal prize.

    • Doing it to help others is the best reason 🙂

      • only reason i’m still doing it, although it seems a little strange that some are so far behind and i still have some neighbors that don’t even play, the only buildings i am clicking is the spray paint buildings because that gives them GC’s

    • I keep doing it to help others. Especially those trying to get those wheel prizes. 😉

    • 100 a day? Phew, I am lucky to hit 100 to give out in 4 days. And it’s not like I am not playing a lot (or too much) as I am at 120k GCs!

      • I splurged and i have 17 elf houses, they give an average of 10 gb’s every time i send them forth (more if i have a lot of presents) plus i’m a little too addicted to the game and go into it about every four hours, i’m currently doing a shot for shot screen shot in order to make a full town picture

  6. I guarantee I must’ve been the very first person to decorate my tower I saw it soon as it hit 1,200,000,000 I was like hell yeah!!! Hopefully they have more land expansion and more characters this year than last

    It’s time for me to redo my whole city add me my screen name is Oddiseus happy new year fellow tapped out brethren

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