Episode Recap: Steal This Episode

Another Sunday has come and gone. What does that mean? Well, for most Americans…it means Football. (Which to this day I can’t help but to think of two things…Charlie Brown falling flat on his backside in yet another attempt to kick one…Or Marcia Marcia Marcia getting nailed square in the nose by one. Lol.)

But for us Addicts, it means another New Simpsons Episode. WOOHOO!!

This weeks Episode, Steal This Episode. Ooooooh. Well, don’t mind if I do. Since you asked and all. The episode starts out with Lenny & Carl talking (by the water cooler of course) about the new Radioactive Man Sequel…Reboot…or a Deboot. Homer starts a discussion I have MANY of times with people. STOP RUINING IT FOR EVERYONE ELSE! 😛Steal this episode 1

Poor Homer, no matter where he went he couldn’t get away from people talking about the new movie. At Krusty Burger, the kids toys are giving away all the spoilers. At Church, Reverend Lovejoy works the details into his sermon. Homer is set on seeing it before it gets completely ruined for him. (Oooh, date night. Bra change.) He has the option to see it in “IMAX Hobbit Frame Rate Virtual Reality Vision.”

Homer is excited to see the movie. He believes it is about to begin…but it’s only a commercial.

I HATE that. Sheesh…I should just go watch Hulu Plus. 😛 Homer freaks out. He is tired of the texting, sexting, and babies during the movies. So he snaps…his 3D glasses in half. This gets him promptly kicked out of the theater.

Homer is frustrated. Bart explains to him he can STILL see it…all he has to do is…WATCH NASCAR??!! Oooooh. Is that all it takes? So simple. TURN RIGHT!!

Steal this episode 3

Homer goes back to work excited to now be able to talk about the Radioactive Man movie, but Lenny & Carl have moved on to the new James Bond. They tell Homer just go see it in the theater. He then decides to share with them the cool way to watch a movie, with a laptop, and an website based in a country that’s really just an offshore oil rig. They loved watching it this way. Homer decides he wants to make his own movie experience…commercial free…AND…cut to commercial. Lol.

Many neighbors show up to watch the next big movie in the Simpsons back yard. (side note: for those that have never tried this before…it is a BLAST to hang a screen and take the movie projector outside to watch shows. SERIOUSLY! TRY IT! Little fire pit going, food, drinks, and friends. Amazing. Now…back to the episode.) Marge is grateful Homer got permission to show the movie in the yard. He may have forgot to tell her he DIDN’T get permission. Marge is quite upset that he illegally downloaded it and sends a check for what the ticket would have cost to the movie house, so the people that worked hard on it would get paid.

Steal this episode 5

The executive is NOT happy and contacts the FBI, who has placed movie piracy quite the high priority.

Higher than Law Enforcement, Hostage Rescue, Joint Terrorism Task Force, and Drug Enforcement.

They organize an attack on the Simpson home to arrest (and stage the suicide of)  the criminal mastermind behind the illegal movies (Homer?? A Mastermind??!!)

Steal this episode 9

Bart attempts to distract them by playing the illegal movie. But it doesn’t work for long.

Steal this episode 10

Homer attempts to escape, but is unable to climb the fence. He is arrested and put on the bus to be taken to the Springfield Penitentiary. The other inmates on the bus ride there learn just what he is in for and are not happy. They break free and attack Homer.

This causes the bus to swerve out of control, break through the rails, and sent rolling down the hillside. It lands right on the train tracks. Homer fears he is not going to make it. Luckily the train swerved onto the track right next to him and stops. Homer boards the Springfield Express and escapes.

Steal this episode 12

Meanwhile, back at the Simpsons, the kids are trying to figure out who told on their Dad. (They still don’t know it was Marge that accidentally turned him in.) Homer shows up home. Marge tells Homer he has to return. Turn himself back in. Lisa gets the idea for them to go to the Swedish Consulate instead. The Swedish believe all movies should be shared. Marge is still disturbed by this idea.

The FBI shows up to get Homer back, by blasting Death Metal. But the Swedes love it. It reminds them of …Death.

So it becomes a standoff. Simpsons inside. The FBI outside. (Why do I have a sudden jonesing for some Swedish Hot Cocoa, Swedish Fish, and some Swedish Meatballs…Mmmmmmm. I may have to make a trip to Ikea after finishing this story. Maybe pick  up some plates while I am at it. Could always use extras.)

Marge is sitting at the window, agonizing over the situation. Homer tells her just how happy and proud his is of her standing by his side this entire time. That she is the greatest wife in the world. She can’t take the guilt and snaps. Shouting it was HER that turned him in. Homer is shocked (so much so that he drops his **gulp** food). Homer reminds her of their vows…”To love and to cherish…to aid and abet…”

Homer gives up as he feels he has nothing now. Even the Swedish Meatballs are crying.

Steal this episode 15

So Homer surrenders. (Awwww I love this too much.)

Back at court, Judd Apatow is giving a statement of just how badly Homer has effected the Hollywood community by stealing.

Steal this episode 17

So many people depend on them. Like spin class instructors, the personal Rabbis, and Seth Rogen.

Homer is found guilty of illegal reproduction and distribution of copyrighted material. Before he is sentenced, Homer speaks out. Gives his side of why he did what he did. The Big Shots actually see him now as a classic underdog, not a crook. He is a Downloading David vs a Greedy Goliath.

Now instead of wanting him to go to jail, all the Big Shots want to buy the rights to make a movie about his story. Even Will Smith’s family wants to play his family. Hollywood drops all charges against Homer.

Homer agrees to sign with whoever convinces Channing Tatum to gain the most weight and play him.

In the end, the towns folk show up to watch Homers movie…that they pirated…just like he taught them all. Now that Homer is making money off of it (Pro-fit par-ti-ci-pa-tion), he changes his tune and tells them all to get lost… and go see his movie in the theater…and buy the stuff in the commercials before it…ASK BODY SPRAY – DON’T ASK – DO SMELL!!

Moral of the story…everyone is just trying to steal as much money as they can. So EVERYONE is a pirate. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHH!!! The worst one of all is…NASCAR AGAIN??!! Who keeps changing my channels??!! ALISSA!!!!

Steal this episode 4

So what did YOU think of the episode? Did you have a favorite part? Sound off in the comments below.

Til next time…


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11 responses to “Episode Recap: Steal This Episode

  1. So do they actually refer to Judas Priest as Death Metal? It’s just that they’re not…

  2. Love the recap but you must surrender your geek card for not mentioning the movie they were watching when the FBI descended on them… Cosmic Wars VII!!! So cool and the SImpsony Yoda fighting multiple versions of Boba Fett had me smiling big big. Also thought the applause at the opening screen when it said “Episode I, II an II Never Happened” was funny. Back to the Attic I go.

  3. Tapper for life

    My favorite part of the episode was when the FBI was in homer’s yard an homer tried to climb the fence but couldn’t, and when the FBI started blasting death metal and the swede started rocking out to it.

  4. i thought it was funny when they blocked the explanation of how to pirate movies and Bart’s explanation of how he knows how to do it “cause i’m under 30” haha. as if anyone doesn’t know all you have to do is ########################################################## and you can watch all the movies you want

    • It only takes Nascar. The secret is…TURN RIGHT!! Who’d a thought? Lol

      • it’s funny is the software for illegally downloading movies is legal but the actual action of downloading said movie is illegal, but as i like to say it’s only illegal if you get caught

  5. Thanks Bunny!!! I missed that one and you did a great job on the recap!!!

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