1-8-14- Minor In-Game Update: NEW CONTENT, Episode Tie-In

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How are you all this fine chilly morning?  It’s about 8 degrees (Fahrenheit) here on the East Coast of the US…that’s COLD!  But EA has given us something to warm up to this morning…NEW CONTENT!

Looks like EA heard our cries of being bored and decided to give us a little bit of content to hold us over until the next big update….an Episode Tie-In…with a FREE Character!

The details….

The Free Stuff:
Kumiko is a FREE Limited-Time Character that will be included in this week’s episode.  You’ll need to have Lisa free to unlock her.  Once you open TSTO Lisa will kick off a little dialogue between her and Homer.  Once you’ve gone through the dialogue Kumiko will unlock (part of the more Oddballs Collection).  She does come with her own questline and a set of tasks.

The Premium Stuff:
The Swanky Fish is BACK!  This was once a Limited-Time item for an episode tie-in to What Animated Woman Want back in the spring of 2013 and it’s been released once again for this week’s episode! (woo hoo!)  If you’d like to add Swanky Fish to your Springfield it’ll set you back 90 donuts (good thing Gil was here a couple of weeks ago!) and will earn you $200 & 22xp every 8hrs.swankyfishflipped_transimageIn addition to the Swanky Fish…a premium Mr. Sparkle Billboard has also been released!  The Mr. Sparkle Billboard will cost you 30 donuts and earn you 0.75% bonus on all cash and xp…or about 0.025% per donut spent.mrsparklebillboard_menu

Lisa needs to be free.  After you tap her ! the following dialogue between her and Homer kicks off.  This is the dialogue that will unlock Kumiko:

Lisa: Dad, great news!  There’s a new episode of The Simpsons airing this weekend!
Homer: We’re still on the air?  I thought that ended years ago.  Aren’t we just a game now?
Lisa: No, we’re still on.  And we’re one of the most popular shows on broadcast network television.
Homer: Broadcast network television?  I thought that ended years ago too.
Lisa: Dad!  Stop it!  Can’t you just be happy for our show’s continued success?
Homer: Why should I?Screenshot_2014-01-08-07-42-59Homer: A free character?  Woo-hoo!  Go, continued success, go!Screenshot_2014-01-08-07-43-15 Screenshot_2014-01-08-07-43-47

This this point Kumiko’s questline will start.  Click here for the Turbo Tap Kumiko Walkthrough.

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81 responses to “1-8-14- Minor In-Game Update: NEW CONTENT, Episode Tie-In

  1. I finally got the snowman £@%£@@£=@£’¥% ¥¥_’$/£/. Had to get that out my system after spinning that *=@£@=@£% wheel more then 50-80 times! If it wasn’t for the extended update i wouldn’t have got it. Now i need to get the hindi statue and i’m done. Can you read this EA? stop messin with tha weel!!!

  2. I downloaded all 3 on my ipad and this morning mr sparkle sign and the new charecter were gone on my iphone! Go back on the ipad there they are, iphons, still not there. Any idea what the deal is with this??????

  3. I haven’t seen any of this. I log in every day and I saw it downloading content, in theory, but nothing new showed up. 🙁

  4. Sorry for nitpicking, but after I have seen this post for the umpteenth time now I just have to say it: the temperature scale is called Fahrenheit (not Ferenheit). Couldn’t keep it in any longer…

    • Don’t be sorry! I’m sorry for screwing it up. That the trouble with writing a post from your cellphone and using the Swype Keyboard on Android. I never would have noticed it if you didn’t point it out…so thank you! 🙂

      • Thanks – I’m afraid I am a bit OC about that… I am driving all my friends and colleagues nuts with my constant nagging about spelling and grammar. Usually I can reign myself in if it is not my native language, even though the things you find online can be downright hair-raising…
        The quality of your blog is way above average, though, thanks for that 🙂

    • Haha… Typical Lisa…

  5. Have you guys heard the rumour that level 38 is coming out next week after Christmas event and features the Courthouse, Judge Snyder and Blue Haired Lawyer?

    • Yeah. All based on a two small images in the files. EA is sneaky and has a way of teasing one way and going in a totally different direction. If we get something concrete, it’ll be on the site.

  6. i got the new character, and started her on her first mission of painting springfield but now she’s gone and i can’t find her or her task anywhere! what should i do? 🙁

  7. Since sending Kumiko on her first mission, I was no longer able to access the game as it kept telling me to retry. I tried that for a day but to no avail so I uninstalled and downloaded the game again. Now when I start the game there are 139 updates needed but it will only load 2 at a time before telling me to retry, which at that Tate would take me hours to do with no guarantee that I’d have access in the end. This is really annoying especially with less than a week left of the Christmas special left and some coveted items on the wheel still left!

    • Hmmmm…sounds like a possible memory storage issue or connection issue to Internet. The game file is HUGE. Then add to that any and all extras you’ve put into…a lot going on for a device. I always suggest have double amount of space required available. I also suggest moving the game to an external storage area. Most devices use the internal for everything under the sun, filling it up quickly and in some cases causing conflict with other apps. (I have a 32gb external mini SD card in both my cell and tablet for this. Any size will do depending on your needed space.)

      If storage is fine, connection is another big issue. Cell phones seem to fare better as they can use WiFi and data networks. Where as most tablets have only WiFi as an option. Try different signal areas. Different times of day (off peak hours).

      Does any of this help?

      • I have had connection issues before (Nexus4) but they never lasted as long as this time. Storage shouldn’t be an issue so I’ll have to wait and try WiFi elsewhere and see if that resolves it. Do you think it’s worth contacting EA if the problem persists, and do is there a link you could provide me with to do so?

        Your help is appreciated,


        • You are most welcome. I try to help all I can with technical matters. I am not sure what other methods EA can offer. Never hurts to ask. The basic troubleshooting I suggest and the link to some methods of contacting them are in the post below. Feel free to utilize it.


          I only say storage due to I thought my GS4 had more than enough space. Kept having issues of loading the game over n over. So I bought the SD cards. It runs a lot smoother for me now, so figured I would suggest in case it helps.

      • Thanks for your quick reply BTW… I should add that in the comment section of the Tapped Out app in Google’s play store there are a few others who seem to be having similar issues.

      • I will look into storage…I’m sure I have several dormant apps I can uninstall since Tapped Out took over my life heheh. Thanks again.

      • Problem seems to have resolved itself, now off to collect gift cards!

  8. I have Lisa, download the update, have got the swanky fish and the billboard but no Kumiko! My girlfriend and my buddy got her but not me. WHY?

    • Lisa triggers the dialog that brings her into the game. Make sure she’s done with her tasks.

      • got her! thx for help:) But i read in a forum that you will get her when lisa is on a mission. Well i guess thats not true. Now my Springfield got one citizen more 🙂

  9. If The Swanky Fish is a “return” item… why can’t it be bought with money instead of donuts? Or is it just too greedy of me…?

  10. I purchased both the Swanky Fish and the Mr Sparkle billboard, and now my billboard and Kumiko have dissapeared! No amount of restarting or reinstalling are bringing them back! Who do I contact?

  11. how long is the premium content available?

  12. Lisa is doing a 24 hour job so i can’t get her today. Will I still be able to get her tommorow?

  13. shouldn’t that be 1-8-14?

  14. Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

    Wow! This is awesome!! I had to turn my tablet off then on again but I did get the update, even with my Lisa currently busy in Krustyland. I thought she had to be free but I guess it didn’t matter because I got the dialoge and free character anyways!!! 🙂

  15. tribal chief appears today 😀

  16. I received yet an other small update just now…

    • It’s kind of silly, my cell didn’t get the initial update, but the content. While my tablet got the update, but no content. Lol. I think they are just playing catch up. 😉

  17. Add mattd3645 and kitycutie

  18. Awww my tsto did recieve an update but nothing yet 🙁 Lisa has been free since i saw the post on Facebook and here. The new character and items do not appear on any of their respective tabs. I’ll try to uninstall and reinstall to see what happens. … kinda disappointed right now :'(

    • Give it a bit. My Tablet took a lil to actually show the update. I restarted my device a few times. Went in n out of neighbors and my Krustyland. It finally triggered it.

  19. Ohhhh I love mr sparkle O_O
    Did not get any dialogue this morning though and sent lisa on a 12 hour quest. Oh well! Maybe tonight.

    • Wouldn’t it be great if EA would give us a heads up the night before? “Hey make sure ______ is free tomorrow morning around _____ for a new update!” Wishful thinking right? 🙂

      • That would spoil the fun.Just in from work casually tapping and hey new free character. Most excellent end to a dire day.

      • So I had Lisa on a 12 hour task, it finished, still didn’t get any dialogue, but in the meantime I had totally forgotten about this update…. and put her on a 24 hour task (I’m on vacation so I’m checking my game less!) Well, maybe tomorrow night 😉
        My game did get 3 small updates today but none of them seemed to trigger the dialogue. I haven’t tried restarting my phone so might do that.

    • You can always cancel her task. 🙂

  20. was wondering if the price of the Swanky Fish is the same as it was when previously offered and can anyone tell me if Mr Sparkle is an actual character? Thanks

  21. I didn’t have lisa free (she be chilling in krustyland) but still got the dialogue and the character! (h) nothing better then free buildings and characters!!

    • 🙂 I agree! Love the free character aspect..since it’s such a rare thing with EA! And yes..I always forget that little tidbit. If a character to start en Event Quest (like Episode Tie-Ins, Holidays etc) is in Krustyland the dialogue will usually auto-start for you. 🙂

  22. Can you do a breakdown about the Swanky Fish? Is it worth buying? Is it character utilized?

  23. I love the dialogue with Homer saying he thought they were just a game now!

  24. So addicted that I Woke up and dropped 120 donuts on the swanky fish and the billboard. /;

  25. Just purchased the swanky fish and billboard, but did not have a new character unlock? Is it tied to another character that I might have currently tied up in a task. Any info would be appreciated!

    • Whoops, just saw in the comments, Lisa needs to be free, and that new character is not related to unlocking the building. thanks for the replies

      • Yup. Sorry about the wrong character info on my part (it’s been corrected now). Since I already own Swanky on my A game I assumed (and you know what happens when you assume) it was part of the Swanky purchase.

  26. I didn’t get the character???

  27. I didn’t have to buy swanky fish to get the character. Lisa needs to be open to unlock her. 🙂

  28. you get her even if you don’t buy the swanky fish

  29. I have a new character too… No doubt you now know this yourself!

    • I know it is warmer than yesterday and happy it is not below zero and it may feel like spring by the end of the day(double digit temps.), but it sure feels colder this morning. I am ecstatic we have a new unexpected character and a billboard! I love the billboard decorations!

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