Weekend Update: January 5th-January 11th

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

I know Bunny’s been covering these Weekend Updates for the last few months but as I mentioned in our Happy New Year post one of my resolutions for 2014 was to get better locks for the basement and attic.  Well….the new locks have been installed in the basement so Bunny has been contained…for now anyway.

Anywho…what a week it’s been a week here at Addicts!  Just in case this last week was a busy one for you, let’s take a look and see what you might have missed around here….

SUNDAY: Bunny  kicked the week off with the launch of a brand new column here at Addicts, the Real Housewives of Springfield.  Her in depth coverage of Edna Krabappel truly paid homage to a wonderful character and actor, whom we’ll all miss. 

Bunny hopped back in late at night to bring you the complete recap of the latest episode of the Simpsons, Steal this Episode….just don’t steal our posts!

MONDAY:  Bright and early we posted the latest “Caption This” that had everyone all giggling over Abe squared.  Got a silly pic that needs a caption?   Feel free to submit us yours to TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com

Bunny then hopped in all bright eyed and bushy tailed to tell you about her late night TSTO obsession with the Bont of Friendship questline.  What exactly happened at 4:00:00 GMT on Jan 6th?  Check out Bunny’s post to find out!

Wookiee then opened the pages of his diary to bring you a recap of his trip to Universal Studios in Hollywood & he dished on the Simpsons Ride…he may even have included a photo of himself at the end of the post!  You’ll have to check out the Diary of a Wookiee to find out!

We ended Monday with a post from Alissa (hey that’s me) about preventing yourself from getting Tapped Out on Christmas…and getting inspired with some 2D designs!  Check out the post for some quick how-tos and design inspiration!

TUESDAY: Tuesday kicked off with a little love from the Wookiee.  And since he’s always Wooking for Love in Alderran Places he decided to give you a recap of the Valentine’s 2013 event

Wookiee then popped in with his latest 2D creation.  Inspired from Dr. Who and Addicts reader TinyPaperAirplanes…check out Wookiee’s latest 2D here…just Don’t Blink!

Alissa once again ended the night with a post on avoiding the Tapped Out Blues…and trying your hand at some 3D creations!  Check out the post for How-Tos and design inspiration to help prevent yourself from getting Tapped Out on Christmas!

WEDNESDAY: The Hump Day Party got started with Wookiee’s Eye on Springfield report…and some news about Judd Apatow and the Simpsons.  Want to know more?  Check out Wookiee’s report here

Then before you knew it…BAM!  Episode tie-in update hits our games!  Right away Alissa brought you all of the details about the new FREE character in the game…as well as the two new premium items.  All are Limited-Time so check out this post for all of the details!

Of course a new character means… a new Turbo Tappin’ guide!  Alissa was quick to bring you the complete Kumiko questline…in Turbo Tap style of course!

Bunny followed up the Turbo Tappin’ with a special WDTCF of Mr. Sparkle…Just who or what is Mr. Sparkle?  Check out Bunny’s post to find out!

We closed Hump Day with the launch of another new column here at Addicts… From the Mouths of Addicts!  This special post… straight from the Addicts readers mouths… discussed Holiday Wheel Tips and Tricks that worked for our readers!  Have you managed to get all of the prizes?  Have a post idea you’d like featured on Addicts?  Want to be the next From the Mouths of Addicts columnist?  Send us your post to TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com.  You never know if you may be next!

THURSDAY: Wookiee gave us a WDTCF all about the Swanky Fish…even included a little Springfield falls info as well!

Wookiee was back again with a special Thursday WAWW…all about Valentine’s Day!  This was a two parter… so Tappers were giving part 1 on Thursday.  Check it out to see if Wookiee’s demands will come true… again.

Alissa then dropped in to give us a Pros and Cons about the Swanky Fish.  Check out the post to see if it’s worth your donuts!


Friday kicked off with a short post about how the new episode tie-in items will impact your Conform-O-Meter.  So if you’re a conformist you’ll want to check out all of the details on the 2 new premium items!

Alissa then dropped in with another Pros and Cons…this time all about the Mr. Sparkle billboard.  Is it worth your donuts?  Check out the post to find out!

Wookiee then brought us Part Deux of WAWW Valentine’s!  Just what is he “demanding” from EA?  Check out part 2 to find out!

A small game update then hit our devices.  Wookiee was all over it, with Pie Charts & everything!  Check out his post and find out if the Wheel Odds are now in your favor.  Maybe, just maybe, you can now complete the wheel before the event ends (January 14th)!

And then we ended the work week with a little TSTO humor…and the latest You Might Be An Addict….check it out to see if any of them ring true to you!

SATURDAY: Weekend’s finally here!  Time to party down!

Thus closes another fun week here at Addicts. Can’t wait to see what’s next? Tell us what items YOU want to see in our future in the comments below.

Until next time Tappers!

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