It’s the 14th Where’s My Update???? (UPDATED…Again…and Again…last updated 1/15/14 9am EST)


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

So we’ve been seeing quite a few questions in the comments this morning all pertaining to….WHERE’S THE NEW UPDATE?!!  So I figured I’d take a few minutes to give you the skinny on the update/Christmas removal/Married to the Blob Episode Tie-In removal…whew not so skinny huh?

UPDATE 9:00AM EST 1/15/14: For those Tappers needing help with the “NOT MY TOWN” Glitch, Friend Management (iOS Devices) & those who did not update their device out of Christmas in hopes to get the last of the Christmas items…we now have 3 posts dedicated to those three things.  Here’s where you can find them:

-If you’ve logged into TSTO after updating and realized “HEY THIS ISN’T MY TOWN!  WHERE’S MY SPRINGFIELD?!!!!”   Check out this Troubleshooting Post from Bunny (she’s wearing her nerdy glasses in this one!)

-If you’re playing on iOS and are noticing all the changes to adding friends, deleting friends & how Origin looks in TSTO now…check out this post for all the ins, outs and how-tos of managing Origin in iOS now. 

-And finally…if you haven’t yet updated out of Christmas (in hopes to get those last few items) and are looking for friends to help you that also haven’t updated out of Christmas check out this post.   

Hopefully that helps you all with the 3 biggest issues facing Tappers in the last 24 hours!  OH and if you’ve looking for wheel spin advice and tips check out this post from our wonderful readers with methods that have worked for them! 

Here’s hoping for an actual new content update today!

UPDATE 1:30PM EST (although I forgot to hit update post until 2:20pm) : Ok tappers by now we all know the update has hit our devices but (for now) it’s Christmas/Snow removal.  Kind of a let down…I know.  But something is coming…and will be coming soon.  So once it does we’ll have you covered. 

Now for the details of what has changed with the update.  First of all…the snow has been removed (ok I know that’s a ‘duh’ moment but ya know gotta give you all the facts!), now some of the Christmas items that awarded Gift Cards, presents or Coins have been updated to earn cash.  Oh and the Elf house…now earns cash (no dice on the Elves collecting $ for us 🙁 ).  Are the details on that:

Egg Nog Bar: Now earns $70, 7xp every 3 hours
Elf House: Now earns $260, 26xp every 10 hours
Present Depot: Now earns $35, 3xp every hour
Holiday Tree: Now earns $500, 20xp every 12 hours 

Also….your snowmen (including Ice God) have melted.  Here’s a couple of graphics of how they look now:
Marge_Snowman_Melting Maggie_Snowman_Melting Lisa_Snowman_Melting Homer_Snowman_Melting Bart_Snowman_Melting
THEY STILL EARN THE BONUS % RATES…even though they are melted they’ll still earn the same bonus rates on cash and XP as they did before.  BUT you have to keep them in your town in order for that to happen.  Once you put them in inventory they won’t earn any bonus rates for you until they’re back in your town.  

OH and I almost forgot!   Present Depot is no longer the center of your town.  When friends load your Springfield it will go back to the actual center of town….so if your present depot is by Squidport in hopes you’ll get friends to tap your tiles you may want to consider going back to 2D writing.

UPDATE 12pmEST: Ok Tappers the game clock is out.  Update has not yet hit.  HOWEVER,  a new file HAS hit the servers.  It’s called Christmas Removal.  Looks like it’s the removal of the snow & Christmas items.  It will also make your snowmen melt (they’ll still be there just in melted form).  This will be an App Store update.  HOWEVER, as of this typing the update has not hit the App Stores yet.  

I will keep watching the app store and the game server to see if anything more hits.  Right now there is nothing new in the files (as far as spoilers) so they may be planning an in game update for the new level.  Details still not clear….

So here’s what we do know….

Last night around midnight EST the Married to the Blob Episode Tie-In was removed from our games.  This means your options to buy the Swanky Fish, Mr. Sparkle Billboard & get Kumiko for free have disappeared.  When EA says Limited Time…they mean Limited Time.

Sometime today (usually between 9am EST and 2pm EST) EA will release an update to remove Christmas from our games (not sure on the snow yet…last year the snow stayed around until Valentine’s Day).  This will be an APP STORE UPDATE…which means you will have to go into your Google Play Store, Kindle Fire Store or iTunes Store (sorry if I’m missing any other device stores) and update your App.  It may not  update automatically like other apps do.  Sometimes you have to just continuously check to see if the App is ready to update….lots of App Store refreshes going on at the Addicts offices today!

Usually updates like this one will hit Apple devices first.  We’re not sure why…I think it has to do with how fast Apple releases App updates…but usually Apple is firs then Android.  So don’t be paranoid something is wrong if you’re running on an Android phone and the update hasn’t hit you yet.  It will appear anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour later.

Here’s what we don’t know….

Just what the update will contain.  We’re not sure if it will be a Level update, early start to Valentines Day (which we doubt) or something else entirely.

IF it’s a level update we’re also not sure what it will contain.  There are rumors going around about the new update being the Courthouse with the judge and blue haired lawyer.  Please know that these are in fact RUMORS based off of two tiny little icon files in the game files (the same icons that said Tennis Marge was coming).  So anyone telling you…”this will be in the next update” is full of themselves because they in fact haven’t got a clue.  They know no more about what’s going to be in the next update than you do.  Yes these icons are in the files but so is a lot of other data (including more graphic animation and image files for new boats for Squidport and other decorations).  EA has been very sneaky about what will be in new update and this time is no different.  They’re holding their cards very close to their chest…so just remember these are RUMORS not fact.

What time the update will hit exactly.  In previous updates (usually App Store ones) they’ve hit sometime between 9am-2pm EST.  So that’s the time frame we’re sticking with this time as well.

Here’s what we promise….

As soon as something concrete hits the files we will pour through them ourselves to verify the information.  This is our standard practice.  We won’t post any spoiler details unless we can verify them as fact through the files ourselves.  So any update info you see here on Addicts will be verified by our Addicts Nerdy Team as actually being in the files as part of the update.

As soon as the update hits we’ll have you covered….we’ll bring you all of the basic details in one post (which we’ll keep updating until all of the basics are covered) and then follow that up with the Should I Buy, Turbo Tappin’, WDTCF and other posts you’ve come to expect from Addicts with new updates.  We do run Apple and Android devices…so we’ll have you covered.

We’re always here to answer any questions you may have about the update, game itself and just life in general.  So if you have a question just ask us.  You can click on the Your Questions link at the top of the page (or the link right there) or you can leave them in the comment section of a post your question pertains to.  We love hearing from you guys and we love answering your questions!  So feel free to ask away 🙂

And remember…if you’re looking for Neighboreenos check our our Find Friends pages, where you’ll find literally thousands of other Tappers looking for Friends.

Ok Tappers…time to go watch my App Store!

Happy Tapping!

All original art and content © Up All Night, LLC and
All Screen Shots of Game Graphics & Dialogue and Game Graphics from files ™ and © EA, Gracie Films and FOX

167 responses to “It’s the 14th Where’s My Update???? (UPDATED…Again…and Again…last updated 1/15/14 9am EST)

  1. Once upon a time i never thought i would be an Addict. Once upon a time i thought ” i like The Simpsons! I’ll play the game! I will not pay a dime! ” Well, i did install and played it. I loved it from the get go and again, i thought “this is cool but i won’t need any friends! Once upon a time i thought this! I became associated with all the lingo as time passed and came to see that not only was i anonymous but was defined as a Freemium Tapper! Learning more and more as i tapped profusely on! Events came and went but still i thought i can do this without friends until one day! The Valentine event and i persisted i need no friends but when that event passed, i missed out on all kinds of cool stuff! Then the epiphany came and i found myself doing what i said i would not! So commences the accumulation of friends but still i was a freemium tapper, once upon a time! Yes the addiction crept ever so slowly but consistently! Another day comes and i find myself checking out websites to get the latest info for my expanding SF! Now there is this day that i awake to and think “why not! EA has been doing good and i love the game! I want to see it continue! Without anyone investing, there would be no game or improvements!” Once upon a time! Now here i am! Still a Freemium tapper? When i can be but definitely a Premium tapper when i want to get more but now it feels as tho i am becoming/transforming into something more….a Completionist!! What is happening? I am an Addict! Now in addition to all that i have been steadily checking TSTO ADDICTS on a regular basis! I have become what i never thought would happen! I was not an Addict once upon a time!

    • 🙂 I love it! I think this is the story for most Addicts. You NEVER think it’ll turn into the addiction it has. Once upon a time I was a Freemium Tapper with out friends too! Now…I’ve become an Addicted Completest! One who goes crazy when Gil comes to town and buys not 1 but TWO boatloads of donuts! Oh the addition, how sweet it is! 😀


    🙁 It’s all over 🙁

    The Evil Authority (EA – get it), has put a halt to my campaign. This morning at 10:15 am EST, my “welcome” screen cried “Update Available! Want! Want!” and would not let me continue without updating.

    I was at 159,619 when it all came crashing down upon me…

    Last night was not a good one, I tossed and turned and constantly checked to see whether any more presents had dropped.

    I tried counting sheep, but they kept turning into rabbits…

    Scary rabbits…

    Some relief came, after passing the 159,500 mark, when I finally fell asleep. My dreams were soothed by images of a bald little chubby guy with a speech impediment singing Wagner. The scent of my favorite Hasenpfeffer recipe tantalized my olfactory bulb.

    Progress was getting very tough towards the end. Snow covered all but the tallest structures (Claus Co., King Homer’s Skyscraper, and the sun sphere). All that I could see of my characters were snow “contrails”, although I guess in Homer’s case that would be snow “chemtrails” (look it up).

    Well, it looks as if the unholy conspiracy of Bunny and the Evil Authority have won again.

    Matt Groening! Why hast thou forsaken me????

    Oh well, there’s always Valentine’s Day.

    Attica! Attica!

  3. Still have Christmas. Add Goochy358

  4. After numerous emails to EA, they have informed that despite there false claim of new content in the newest update, no new content will be released until after Feb 6th. I guess we all got excited for nothing 🙁 dang!

  5. I’d like to poll the addicts if I may, for those who have gotten the 5 free donuts in the sideshow you, what position was it in?

    • bottom row, 2nd or 3rd balloon, can’t remember exactly

    • I’d have to check my screenshots to see where mine landed.

      • I’d like to see a poll to determine if they’re is a most common location and/or balloon color that would make it easier for those freemium players to aim to pop certain balloons for a higher ratio of receiving free donuts

        • That would be cool if there was. For me, I pop the same 3 balloons over and over. No matter what. Top 3…right side. I have SO many screenshots (over 10,000+), I still haven’t located the one with the donuts. Lol. I know that is WAS one of those 3 though.

  6. I just wanna buy new stuff!!!
    EA give me my update!!
    (*_*) iiiiiiii NEEEEEEEEED *Zombie Voice*


    36 hours, I’m feeling so alone. Down to 16 Neighboreenos — and that’s only if you count “The Other Springfield.”

    Where once I could easily make 4,000 Gift Cards a day, I have strained to make 1,100. Just past 159,000 — slogging through snow that seems to keep growing higher with every Neighboreeno that deserts me.

    Or maybe it’s that darn rabbit…

    (“Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting rabbits.)

    Whoa, I think I am beginning to lose it.

    • Beginning? Can’t lose what you didn’t have to begin with, right? 😉

      How will it end…the readers are on the edge of their seats. Will Cguy hit his goal? Or will the fluffy Bunny prevail yet again?

      Stay tuned kids for the next episode. 😉

  8. So, wait. Will the squidport tile glitch work again?

  9. Yea I don’t seem to see an update on Kindle Fire AppStore yet…

    • We’re hearing from a lot of Tappers it’s an automatic update on Kindle. It’s been sporadically hitting Kindle devices…no rhyme or reason to it!

  10. The Christmas removal update summary for iOS states “the melted snow has revealed several new unsolved murders” … Is it possible that any new contact is gonna have something to do with that?


    Things are looking desperate in CguyField. My neighboreenos are deserting me left and right – and I am down to 21 (including “The Other Springfield”).

    I captured one as he was departing, and he wouldn’t fess up to why he was leaving, but as he turned and exited the playing field, I noticed a bit of white, fluffy fur stuck firmly to the seat of his pants – and he was walking a little gingerly. I can only expect those double hind leg kicks are being spread around. Why, oh Why am I subject to this lepus witch-hunt???

    I just passed 158,500 – but it’s looking quite unlikely that I will hit the mystical 160k. I can only count on 630 cards a day from my neighboreenos, and that’s assuming that Bunny doesn’t get to any of the remaining ones.

    I refuse to purchase Tokens with Donuts in an effort to spin my way to the target. With my luck, I would end up with $10,000 for the low, low price of 50 donuts. (which is a little better than the 80 donuts “The Store” charges – really, has ANYONE ever purchased currency???)

    On the up side, with the help of that little witch, Marge – I am only 7 days away from Corn, Actual Corn – and I hope by then I can still get multiple visitors tapping on it – $45k and 9k exp per visit!

    Well, back into the winter gear – and out into the snow I go….

    Stay tuned!

    • Little Bunny Foo Foo hopping through your Springfield…sweeping up the snow…and plopping it on your head. 😉

      I’m gonna get you Cguy. Just you wait n see. You underestimate my sneakyness. Muhahahahahah.

      **Activate Bunny hedges. Operation: Carrot Cake commence. **

  12. Attempted several times to update with no luck – only progresses to 7% then times out saying error. I have a Note 2 and of course have to update through the Play Store.

    • Hi Sarah,
      Have you tried completely uninstalling the app from your device and reinstalling it? As long as you have an origin account for TSTO and that’s what you use on your game, nothing will be lost as far as your Springfield is concerned. So try uninstalling TSTO, restarting your device and then install it again. It should (in theory) help clear up the issue.
      Hope it helps! 🙂

  13. New to the game and I need neighbors add me please

  14. I Need Neighbors Add Me ayoneka

  15. Does anyone know how to quickly remove lights from houses without having to do each one individually? I might be that guy on the block that still has his lights up in June if I have to do all 150 blue houses…

    • There’s something wrong with having your lights up till June? 😉 I just may have mine up all year (I know Wookiee does!)
      Unfortunately, there is no quick fix on the lights. You’ll have to tap each one individually to take them down. 🙁 The all year theory is looking good right about now huh?

  16. NON-UPDATER UPDATE – Hour 23 (ish)

    Well, CguyField is still in the grip of the Polar Vortex. Why do I put my characters through this? After all, I have had all the prizes on the prize wheel for weeks. Maybe I am doing this just to help my poor unfortunate neighboreenos! Yea, that’s it!


    Bunny just double back leg kicked me and reminded me she is keeping a close eye on me.

    Ok, the real reason is that I am obsessed with hitting 160k GCs. There is no good reason for this, since my characters COULD be earning cash for the next update. But noooooooo.

    Meanwhile, something like 80% of my neighboreenos, have succumbed to EAs Global Warming plot. This makes it a little tough to accumulate massive quantities of GCs.

    I have about 2,000 cards to go. Will I make it before EA strong arms me into updating?

    Stay tuned!

    • Good to know she doesn’t just kick me! Now you know why I keep her locked in the basement! 😉

      • Fortunately for me, I have so far escaped the attention of Wookie.

        Those things scare me, and I am pretty sure they ain’t normal.

        • Wookiees are so normal and I’m always watching, especially when my bunnies are concerned. We rigged ones of those cool can string phones between our prisons that Alissa can’t find. Good luck with your winter mission.

  17. Will there be a monorail and more land expansions

  18. It is 1130 and I play on an IPad…no update yet. Some of my friends towns have updated however and when I try to access them it says the have newer content and I need to update and it gives me an update button but when I press it I just go back to my Xmas town. I have tried logging out and back in to origin and no luck…

  19. It is 11:07pm where I am and no update whatsoever. I am still getting presents. I have tried going to the App store (playing on my Kindle) and I am not given an option to update, only open the app. I have logged into and out of Origin. I have turned on and off my device. Nothing. I can’t access any of my friend’s towns because of it, either. Weird.

    • Hmm we’ve been hearing reports of this on Kindle Devices. For many it’s an automatic update (no App Store required it’ll just do it). Sometimes they’re slow to roll out completely. For example Bunny and I have the exact same phone (an Android one too) and she’s in a different state than me…yet her update hit almost immediately while mine lagged about a hour behind. Just be patient and give it a little bit of time. It will hit your device soon 🙂

      • It is Wednesday morning and still no update. I can’t even force an update in the app store. While I am grateful since I am still getting presents and am only about 300 away from Costington’s, it stinks not being able to hit anyone’s towns!

        I hesitate reinstalling the app since I do not want to lose content since I am finally at a point where I am not struggling to build things and I can build them as the quests appear.

        Funny enough, the Smurf Village app updated while the Kindle was asleep. LOL

        • That is too bad. Sorry. 🙁
          As far as losing content, if you are playing the game using an Origin ID (login using email and password)…then you should not lose any game play content up to the point you are at. It is only when playing the game as an anonymous player that resetting can sometimes wipe out all progress and start it back at Level 1. I personally have uninstalled and reinstalled the app MANY times on all 3 of my devices with no loss of any information at all (iPod, GS4, Galaxy 3 tablet). It is also a method EA suggests to try as part of troubleshooting.

          Otherwise, just keep playing as is and see if something triggers the update for you.

    • I play on my kindle too and I am having the same issues! I have checked every and still nothing.

  20. I stumbled onto this website about a week ago. I wish I would have found it when I started back in march/April of ’12. I feel like I’m home now :’-). I am so glad I did the search and found this site!!!! Yippie!!!!

  21. Didn’t purple houses earn $70/3h before? It’s $75/3h now.

  22. Wow, I found out about this website because I wanted to know what does the new update contain (I woke up and found out that the update hadn’t been released), and I realized: I’m an addict too 😀
    Ps. I want to push my luck not updating because I need 4000 cards to get the last prize (I know it’s a lot but I really want it :/ )
    Pss. Does the Squidport glitch still work? If it works, I want to add friends to do it (but after I win the last prize or after I’m forced to update).

    • Glad you found us too! 😀 Good luck with not updating. We have other tappers who are doing it as well in hopes to secure the last prize. And yes…the squidport glitch does work! (Still does after the update too) You can find tile tapping friends on this post or in our Addicts Forums .
      Happy Tapping and welcome to the madness! 🙂

    • As of a few minutes ago…I am still playing and getting lots of extra tiles from Squidport, so use it while you can.

      I also am still earning a TON of $$$ and XP from the corn glitch. 😉

  23. Quick question about level 38. I just started playing this August or September and was only around level 20-25 when they introduced level 37. But perhaps those of you at level 36 at that time could answer my question.

    I have now completed the level 37 XP bar three bonus times (and have 7 donuts to show for it, hurray!). After each time, it resets back to 0 XP. When they introduce level 38, will I instantly be upgraded to level 38 or do I have to wait until I complete a fourth full XP bar? (Or fifth or sixth bar depending on how long they wait to introduce level 38.)

    Thanks in advance!

  24. On the most recent apple update the “my friends” in origin has disappeared you can only logout now on the orange origin button or add friends but not delete or see who they are? Any ideas anyone? How do we know if we have pending friend requests?

  25. On my iPad on the new update I can only add friends I can’t see “my friends” or add or delete that used to be there any clues anyone?

    • I am not sure of all the changes EA is putting in store. I personally like to use the Origin Desktop Manager for my friend management. I never liked the in app one.

  26. anybody know how to get rid of all the christmas stuff and halloween stuff? I don’t want it in my town or in my inventory. I want it all gone. I can’t sell it either.

    • You can’t sell any of it. Your only option is to store it in your inventory.

    • I hear you Behemath. I got a bunch of Halloween and Christmas stuff sitting in my inventory right now. Wish I could sell it. I don’t like stuff like the Victorian Space Ship or Happy Little Elves Workshop in my town after the events. Likewise with characters like a Puking Zombie, Snow Monster, a Turkey, or Christmas Racoon to name a few.

      Have just over a dozen items in my inventory I wish I could sell.

  27. Yahhh…take away the snow on the third week of winter!!! No complaints here…had one of those “what the hell” moments and tried thr spinner with the first of 16 I had saved and got PlowKing…funny thing was at that point I just wanted money…using the rest gave me another token’s worth of cards…ended with 133,384 cards…consdering each is worth $20…hey, I’ve been ripped off!!!

  28. I forgot how beautiful my town was untill the snow was gone! Finally.

    You know when you’re an addict when your talking about a fictional town on your phone on a website called addicts. 😮

  29. Finally, I got the Snow Monster. Long story involving staying up until 3AM, so check your e-mail for an entire post I wrote about it.

  30. Interesting thing too note. I had not updated my game as I still had presents that I was trying to give to neighbors that hadn’t reached 30k. When I clicked on one neighbor the game locked and crashed. When I opened the game back up my town had received the update. Never went to the app store, never saw the downloading counter on the non-event splash screen. Just boom a green Springfield. No big deal as I had luckily gotten all the prizes. Just wish I could have continued to help those of my friends on the bubble. 🙁

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