It’s the 14th Where’s My Update???? (UPDATED…Again…and Again…last updated 1/15/14 9am EST)


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

So we’ve been seeing quite a few questions in the comments this morning all pertaining to….WHERE’S THE NEW UPDATE?!!  So I figured I’d take a few minutes to give you the skinny on the update/Christmas removal/Married to the Blob Episode Tie-In removal…whew not so skinny huh?

UPDATE 9:00AM EST 1/15/14: For those Tappers needing help with the “NOT MY TOWN” Glitch, Friend Management (iOS Devices) & those who did not update their device out of Christmas in hopes to get the last of the Christmas items…we now have 3 posts dedicated to those three things.  Here’s where you can find them:

-If you’ve logged into TSTO after updating and realized “HEY THIS ISN’T MY TOWN!  WHERE’S MY SPRINGFIELD?!!!!”   Check out this Troubleshooting Post from Bunny (she’s wearing her nerdy glasses in this one!)

-If you’re playing on iOS and are noticing all the changes to adding friends, deleting friends & how Origin looks in TSTO now…check out this post for all the ins, outs and how-tos of managing Origin in iOS now. 

-And finally…if you haven’t yet updated out of Christmas (in hopes to get those last few items) and are looking for friends to help you that also haven’t updated out of Christmas check out this post.   

Hopefully that helps you all with the 3 biggest issues facing Tappers in the last 24 hours!  OH and if you’ve looking for wheel spin advice and tips check out this post from our wonderful readers with methods that have worked for them! 

Here’s hoping for an actual new content update today!

UPDATE 1:30PM EST (although I forgot to hit update post until 2:20pm) : Ok tappers by now we all know the update has hit our devices but (for now) it’s Christmas/Snow removal.  Kind of a let down…I know.  But something is coming…and will be coming soon.  So once it does we’ll have you covered. 

Now for the details of what has changed with the update.  First of all…the snow has been removed (ok I know that’s a ‘duh’ moment but ya know gotta give you all the facts!), now some of the Christmas items that awarded Gift Cards, presents or Coins have been updated to earn cash.  Oh and the Elf house…now earns cash (no dice on the Elves collecting $ for us 🙁 ).  Are the details on that:

Egg Nog Bar: Now earns $70, 7xp every 3 hours
Elf House: Now earns $260, 26xp every 10 hours
Present Depot: Now earns $35, 3xp every hour
Holiday Tree: Now earns $500, 20xp every 12 hours 

Also….your snowmen (including Ice God) have melted.  Here’s a couple of graphics of how they look now:
Marge_Snowman_Melting Maggie_Snowman_Melting Lisa_Snowman_Melting Homer_Snowman_Melting Bart_Snowman_Melting
THEY STILL EARN THE BONUS % RATES…even though they are melted they’ll still earn the same bonus rates on cash and XP as they did before.  BUT you have to keep them in your town in order for that to happen.  Once you put them in inventory they won’t earn any bonus rates for you until they’re back in your town.  

OH and I almost forgot!   Present Depot is no longer the center of your town.  When friends load your Springfield it will go back to the actual center of town….so if your present depot is by Squidport in hopes you’ll get friends to tap your tiles you may want to consider going back to 2D writing.

UPDATE 12pmEST: Ok Tappers the game clock is out.  Update has not yet hit.  HOWEVER,  a new file HAS hit the servers.  It’s called Christmas Removal.  Looks like it’s the removal of the snow & Christmas items.  It will also make your snowmen melt (they’ll still be there just in melted form).  This will be an App Store update.  HOWEVER, as of this typing the update has not hit the App Stores yet.  

I will keep watching the app store and the game server to see if anything more hits.  Right now there is nothing new in the files (as far as spoilers) so they may be planning an in game update for the new level.  Details still not clear….

So here’s what we do know….

Last night around midnight EST the Married to the Blob Episode Tie-In was removed from our games.  This means your options to buy the Swanky Fish, Mr. Sparkle Billboard & get Kumiko for free have disappeared.  When EA says Limited Time…they mean Limited Time.

Sometime today (usually between 9am EST and 2pm EST) EA will release an update to remove Christmas from our games (not sure on the snow yet…last year the snow stayed around until Valentine’s Day).  This will be an APP STORE UPDATE…which means you will have to go into your Google Play Store, Kindle Fire Store or iTunes Store (sorry if I’m missing any other device stores) and update your App.  It may not  update automatically like other apps do.  Sometimes you have to just continuously check to see if the App is ready to update….lots of App Store refreshes going on at the Addicts offices today!

Usually updates like this one will hit Apple devices first.  We’re not sure why…I think it has to do with how fast Apple releases App updates…but usually Apple is firs then Android.  So don’t be paranoid something is wrong if you’re running on an Android phone and the update hasn’t hit you yet.  It will appear anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour later.

Here’s what we don’t know….

Just what the update will contain.  We’re not sure if it will be a Level update, early start to Valentines Day (which we doubt) or something else entirely.

IF it’s a level update we’re also not sure what it will contain.  There are rumors going around about the new update being the Courthouse with the judge and blue haired lawyer.  Please know that these are in fact RUMORS based off of two tiny little icon files in the game files (the same icons that said Tennis Marge was coming).  So anyone telling you…”this will be in the next update” is full of themselves because they in fact haven’t got a clue.  They know no more about what’s going to be in the next update than you do.  Yes these icons are in the files but so is a lot of other data (including more graphic animation and image files for new boats for Squidport and other decorations).  EA has been very sneaky about what will be in new update and this time is no different.  They’re holding their cards very close to their chest…so just remember these are RUMORS not fact.

What time the update will hit exactly.  In previous updates (usually App Store ones) they’ve hit sometime between 9am-2pm EST.  So that’s the time frame we’re sticking with this time as well.

Here’s what we promise….

As soon as something concrete hits the files we will pour through them ourselves to verify the information.  This is our standard practice.  We won’t post any spoiler details unless we can verify them as fact through the files ourselves.  So any update info you see here on Addicts will be verified by our Addicts Nerdy Team as actually being in the files as part of the update.

As soon as the update hits we’ll have you covered….we’ll bring you all of the basic details in one post (which we’ll keep updating until all of the basics are covered) and then follow that up with the Should I Buy, Turbo Tappin’, WDTCF and other posts you’ve come to expect from Addicts with new updates.  We do run Apple and Android devices…so we’ll have you covered.

We’re always here to answer any questions you may have about the update, game itself and just life in general.  So if you have a question just ask us.  You can click on the Your Questions link at the top of the page (or the link right there) or you can leave them in the comment section of a post your question pertains to.  We love hearing from you guys and we love answering your questions!  So feel free to ask away 🙂

And remember…if you’re looking for Neighboreenos check our our Find Friends pages, where you’ll find literally thousands of other Tappers looking for Friends.

Ok Tappers…time to go watch my App Store!

Happy Tapping!

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  1. Hello im freaking out I went thru contact ea but its so different from what im used to I don’t even know if they recieved my problem. Im locked out of my game it says “Other device didnt save my progress” and it has started me over ive literally spent hundreds on this game im level 43 and ive just received the hot air balloon prize. This is the main game I play. I play every two hours every day. Please tell me my neighborhood is still there somewhere im losing it. Ive already tried uninstalling and reinstalling no help there

  2. Anyone else missing an update for the Kindle Fire HD?

    Or is it just me? 🙁

    And I’m also missing donuts that were purchased. . .they’re not showing up at all which -really- sucks.

  3. Bunny,
    If those 3 slots are still open, I would be honored to fill one of them! Still trying to fill up my friend quota! And thank you for the constant updates! They have truly helped me (ok… ok… More like enabled my addiction….).

    ace1735 is my origin ID…

  4. Level 38 just arrived here; at least on iOS devices, at least here in Europe. New buildings, boats, blue-haired lawyer (if I correctly translate), overall theme is “Justice”

  5. Just went into my game a few min ago and there was an in game update… But all of my people are on a task (22min left……). Unless one if them unlocks something, I don’t see anything different as of yet… Maybe they are just fixing glitches with it… Only time will tell, I guess… (funny how much longer 22min seems when you’re waiting for something…).

    • If you store the police station…Wiggum starts the task. So storing and replacing will kick him out of his task and start the new level stuff. 😉

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