Update is Here For All

1:00pm (est): Update has hit the Android Market.  Check your Google Play store for the update.  If it doesn’t show right away be patient, it will.  And again this is not a Level/new content update.  This is just an update to remove Christmas/snow from the game.  So you do not have to update right away.

12:50pm (est): This update has just removed Christmas my fellow tappers.  Not sure if EA has an in game update planned for later today (just to keep us on our toes) or later this week.  BUT (as CGuy reminded me) if you are close to the 30,000 gift card level DO NOT Update.  You will not be forced to update and you can still achieve the last prize.  There’s nothing new in the update (except no snow and melted snowmen) so if you’re close to hitting 30,000 don’t update the game my friends!  

12:40pm (est): It you’re playing on an Apple device the update is here! Check your iTunes store for the App Update!  It’s installing as we speak on mine!

Android users…my phone is standing by waiting the update!  I’ll let you know as soon as it’s here…

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34 responses to “Update is Here For All

  1. Just logged on. Forced to update to continue, I dont know if this has happened to anyone else, just giving the heads up that EA is onto the last minute gift card grab. Jen

  2. Yeah I can’t seem to get it either maybe it will be released tomorrow

  3. I have tried everything I know to try and after update loaded game crashes and won’t open. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled. Noticeon EA sITE that others are having this problem too.

  4. Is anybody having trouble with the game crashing after you tap to continue? It does this on Apple device and android device.

  5. Kindle store hasn’t put out update yet. Anybody else with this problem?

  6. I got my snowhindu on my last spin! I got the abominable snow monster the other day. So I now have all the wheel prizes! Yay! I can’t believe I got it on my last spin!!!

  7. There is something new! You’ll notice when logging in and visiting your friends, the menu’s changed. It”s black and looks prette good actually. One problem so far: I want to delete friends, but I don’t know why, I can only see friend requests. Can anyone figure this out?:)

    • I think this is a Apple update only. My Android still looks the same. BUT to delete friends just follow the guidelines in this post here 🙂

    • I’m having the same issue… Vacant figure out how to access my list of friends and delete… The orange origin logo is just for logging out… Maybe it’s a glitch and they will fix it when another update comes through (hopefully that means the update will be coming quick, so no need to fix the small glitch now… ::fingers crossed::)

      Otherwise, it does look pretty cool…

  8. Thanks for keeping us up to date, Alissa! 🙂

  9. i have updated tsto today and the town ive logged into is not mine!! i been playing a year my donuts are gone, my cash is gone yet i still have all my friends!! is there a way to fix this? plz help im gutted

    • This happens sometimes. The most important thing to do it to not panic. If the town is not yours log out of it immediately. Then log back in as you normally would. This should fix it 🙂

  10. The google play store update says something about sewers clogged with dumped xmas trees and mysterious murders. Sounds pretty intriguing…

  11. Are the spins gone too?

  12. So there’s no option to buy prizes not won on the Wheel of all the F’s?

    • FRAK. Never mind. I can see there’s no way for me to get Clausco: on Kindle, it is an automatic update. I couldn’t choose to wait (though it likely wouldn’t have mattered for a token glitch victim). It was a fun event, with lots of free stuff that I love, but I am sad that the spot I created between Costington’s and King Homer’s skyscraper is going to be empty. WhywhyWHY couldn’t they have offered the wheel prizes for the 10 donuts they gave us for Christmas? or the bazillions of dollars we landed upon ad nauseum?

      • on a more positive note, I am happy to report that the Present Depot, the Holiday Tree, and even Santa’s Workshop *all* fit behind King Homer’s. So now that non-earning decoration is actually earning quite a bit… (Elf House would have fit behind it, too, but I made a home for it in my hedge maze of storybook strangeness.)

  13. They also changed how you add your friends.

  14. The snow’s gone 🙁

  15. Seeing as we dont have to update just yet, would you guys mind helping me reach 30K gift cards? 😀 Would be immensely appreciated <3
    username: beny071

  16. FYI: If for some reason you want to delay this update (for example, you are close to 30k Gift Cards, or something like that), you do NOT immediately have to update.

    You likely have anywhere from 1/2 day to 2 days before you will be forced to update (from past experience).

  17. The update details are… Interesting…


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