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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ok so one BIG thing we’re noticing with today’s update greatly impacts those Tappers playing on an iOS Device, and that’s changes to Origin from inside TSTO.  Now Origin on iOS looks exactly like it does on Android.  What does that mean for you?  Let’s take a closer look….

Before iOS devices had their own version of the Origin Desktop Manger inside TSTO.  It. Was. AWESOME.  But now…not so much.  The biggest question/complaint we’re seeing is…”Now how the heck do I delete neighbors?!”  Well previously you could just go into your Neighbors list, tap the Origin Logo, find the friend to delete & poof press delete and they were gone!  Now…not so simple.
Now to delete friends in iOS you’ll have to follow the same steps you do with Android.  And that’s mainly to download the Origin Desktop Manger.  Here are the steps to delete friends via the Origin Desktop Manager:
To download the program visit www.origin.com.  From there you’ll want to click Download Origin in the top right corner:
Once you’ve clicked on the Download link it will take you to another page where you can choose to download for a PC or a Mac:
Once you’ve downloaded the program and launched it from your desktop the login screen will appear:
After you’ve typed in your username and password the program will launch and you’ll be able to completely manage your origin account:
To Add/Delete Friends from Tapped-Out via the Origin Program you simple click on Friends in the top left, and then  select show friends list from the drop down menu:
From there your friends list will appear (usually to the right) in a long list.
To Add friends simply click on the Add Friend button on the bottom of the list and a box will appear to search friends.  Follow the on screen instructions to add friends:
To delete friends, simply find the friend you’re looking to delete in the list, click on their name, and select unfriend from the drop down list.  Follow the on screen instructions to finish deleting the friend:

Alternatively, you can also delete friends from your iOS device itself.  However, it does require another App & that App is Scrabble.  Yes…I said Scrabble!  We have a full post about using Scrabble to delete Origin friends that you can find here.  And while that post does said Droid…I have confirmed it works for iOS devices too!

Additionally, the way iOS users will Add Friends looks different now too.  In the past you would click on the Origin Logo and add friends that way.  Now it’s the same concept but a little different way to do it.  Here are the steps to add friends:

On the bottom right you’ll see another Milhouse and Bart icon, but this time it will have a + on it:

Tap the icon and it will bring up a “Add Friends” box on your screen:

Just type in the Origin ID you wish to add and follow the on screen instructions. And invitation will be sent to your friend and if/when they accept it they’ll be added to your Neighbor-eeno screen.

Now the next new feature is…. if you’ve been sent friends requests, the number will appear as a little orange number in the friends icon in the lower right corner.  Here’s how it looks in Bunny’s town:

Geez Bunny do you think you have enough pending friend requests?!

Ok Tappers, those are the BIG changes to the game for iOS Users.  Android players…don’t worry.  Origin will work exactly the same for you today as it did yesterday.

Hope this helps clear up some of the confusion out there!

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  1. I don’t know if you have a post about this that’s more recent, but it turns out that you can delete friends from with in the app now! Click on the friend’s name in the friend list, and there is an Unfried from Origin button.

  2. How do I download the origin app? What is it called? I dont have a computser to download it the main way. Help please

  3. I have recently added friends both accepting friend request and sent out requests of my own, however i have not received any doughnuts. I was under the impression that I am supposed to get a doughnut for each new friend.

    • That is only during certain quests that are triggered at specific points in the game. Like when you very FIRST sign up to Origin and I believe add 3 or 5 (?) friends. After that, you only earn donuts by hitting each XP Level (1-38) and those vary from one to two donuts. Outside of that, it is up to EA where they drop the next “free” donuts at. You could find 1 or 2 laying around in the garbage in your town when you clean it up. Possibly in a mystery box (these are VERY few and far between). You can also win some by playing Sideshow Me in Krustyland. On the 300th pop of the balloons, you might get at least 5 donuts. Lastly, once you max out your XP points at the top level (currently 38) you are put in a bonus XP round and if you earn enough XP to fill the XP bar again before a brand new level comes (39), you get a chance of winning up to 3 donuts.

  4. Getting SO frustrated. Stupid origin ALWAYS hates my password and makes me reset it. Then the next time, I need to reset it again. What the heck? Now it won’t take my new password, even thought it JUST confirmed my reset was good.

    • Awwww not sure what is going on with that one. If you are experiencing that many issues with it, it might be worth it to contact them and see if they can offer some further suggestions and help on it.

  5. i guess its fair and square now

  6. Here are my thoughts for EA. An open letter to be shared with my fellow tappers:

    Dear EA, The iOS system wasn’t perfect before, but why dump it? I’m shocked to learn that android users have been enduring such a frustratingly unsophisticated method of managing neighbours. EA has decided to share this inefficiency with everyone. Is EA’s motto: if it ain’t broke…. break it?

    Here’s an idea EA: give android users something like what iOS had, and then improve it for all. I thought the old iOS way was decent, but needed a few adjustments to make it more user-friendly. Like putting neighbours in alphabetical order. My wish: a slider bar to navigate more quickly through those 34 pages. Or how about putting neighbours in a list format? Can you say carpal tunnel? I think you can’t say “user-friendly”!

    Having to use my computer to manage my game is burdensome. So please, give us all a break and make your loyal Tappers’ lives more simple.

  7. FYI…my pending friend requests are actually 387 now. Lol.

    Now if I can figure out a way to accept them all. 😉

  8. i absolutely loved Whacking Day! That was the day i realized having neighbors was so critical! Up to that event i had played alone! No more of that!! Lol

  9. I just want to know if there is a way to ORGANIZE the order of my neighboreenos? It seems rather… random.

  10. 🙁 try downloading the scrabble app. That’ll help you manage friends.

  11. i run an IPHONE 4 and i, thank God, can say i have had no prob with update. I will say Thank You to All for the valuable deleting friends info. i like Scrabble but i will not play it for my game is TSTO. i do not particularly like the idea of having to use up more usage for just deleting friends so i do hope after the chaos that EA will change that. I am sorry that so many tappers are having some pretty serious issues and i do pray they get resolved quickly.

  12. Yea this is a drag… I have some lazy neighbors. Now I have to use my laptop to get this job done.

    And just food for thought – why spray paint a building when you can click on channel 6 or squid port. It helps your neighbor out quite a bit.

    • I agree on the spray paint! And try downloading the Scrabble app. I know it stinks to download another app just for friend management, but it will help eliminate the need for the computer. 🙂

      • I had to download the app. I updated my laptop and now I can’t get it to run. I’m going to look for some trouble shooting guides for it today. I’m in a talkative mood today, sorry.

        • lol don’t be sorry for being talkative. We LOVE the interaction with everyone on the site! Plus it beats talking to Bunny all day…shh don’t tell her I said that!
          As far as the Desktop Application I know sometimes it can be a pain to get to load. I’ll see what I can find as well as far as PC Troubleshooting steps. If you find something be sure to let me know! 🙂

  13. Thanks for the information!

  14. Okay here’s what angers me greatly. First we waited over a month for a nothing update. Then I now see dozens of posts on the very Origin post I created for Android users MONTHS ago because iOS users have been “downgraded” to the only reality that Android has ever known. If iOS had it that good all along than us Android users have been screwed from the beginning. EA has made millions yet their updates are frequently worse than the one before. How do you make more money yet perform more poorly consistently yet still have a job? Today just may have been my breaking point for anything I’ve ever done positive for Tapped Out.

    • Yah. This is essentially a revamped post of an original we did here on Addicts AGES ago. Been plugging it since (mainly me cuz I love Origin Desktop Manager. Lol) So figured time to tidy it up and re post it with a bit more up to date stuff now apple users are in same boat as I’ve been.

      I’ll still keep writing. It’s what I love. Enjoy helping people all I can, so I’ll keep putting on my nerd glasses and getting techy. 😉

      I wouldn’t trade my android for anything.

      • Sorry about the tone of my comment. I wasn’t centering my frustration on you, the site or your awesome post. It’s very much needed for the users now with what happened to their games so it’s very relevant. This game, no, the developers of this game make me so angry sometimes. You’d think with the length of time that the game has been around and the huge profits that have been made that things would greatly improve with each update. Yet things are getting worse with each update, with huge issues, largest gaps between updates again, etc. I love helping people and that’s why I’m in this whole thing but they do not make it easy do they? I feel so helpless getting a hundred comments in a matter of minutes for issues that I can’t fix or definitively fix anyway. Just a bad day(yet again) for EA and a very disappointing day for myself because above all else I too am a player (tapper) and thankfully I have no issues but still just disappointed at the whole thing. But in no way did I mean to sound like I was directing anything at you guys or your awesome site.

        • Thanks Mike 🙂
          I understand your frustration and appreciate you explaining. I think all of us that have been at this as long as we have feel the strain of wanting to do so much more but feeling helpless. I’m working on it. Hopefully I’ll have a solution soon to open more communication. 😉

    • …as far as an update…still keeping fingers crossed something will “Surprise” us here in the next few days. EA has been very sneaky with stuff lately. Keep your head up…just think…Whacking Day isn’t too far away and we all know how much we “LOVE” to whack snakes. 😉

      • Sometimes I think I’m the only one who enjoyed the first Whacking Day event. I only had about 10 friends back then and all but one had small towns, so I’m sure it will be tougher this time. Especially if they put a cap on the eggs you can leave (or whatever we will be dropping off this time).

        • You’re not the only one Chris! I actually enjoyed Whacking Day, it’s what got me back into playing the game! That and I enjoyed taking out some aggression on those darn snakes!

        • I enjoyed it! It was during the event I was opened up to the Tapped Out Community when looking for help. This is something i don’t regret and quite pleased to be able to keep up with my friend lists. I also enjoy bouncing ideas off one another and being opened up to 2D and 3D. Only downside I had was sometimes I would have nightmares of snakes crawling all over me. LOL.

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