Level 38 is Here!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

After 2 months and 9 days of waiting (since Level 37 hit) we FINALLY have Level 38!  Woo hoo new level!!2014-01-16 18.20.02

2014-01-16 18.30.47

Homer kicks off Level 38…so make sure he’s free 🙂

After you send Homer on a short 30 min task Chief Wiggum starts a secondary task….Wiggum’s task is 12hrs.

So…Both Homer AND Wiggum need to be free to start Level 38. 

There are multiple quests going on in the game. Homer has his Devil Wears Blue. It is the beginning to a questline with the Blue Haired Lawyer. To complete the quest past part 1, you MUST purchase the Blue Haired Lawyer. If you do not purchase Blue Haired Lawyer, that will end the quest. Nothing further will appear. As for Chief Wiggum, he has his Scandalous Spending quest line. This is the main questiline and will unlock the courthouse. More quests will follow after Scandalous Spending ends.

More details as we uncover them.  As always I will update THIS post with the details!

UPDATE 2:05pm EST: Quick troubleshoot/tech help on Level 38.  If the update downloads for you BUT when you go into your Springfield Level 38 does not start right away (you’ll see the Level Up Message), hard close out of the App (Tasks, close App) and restart it.  That should Trigger the Level to Start.  This happened to me on all THREE of my devices (GS4 Phone, Galaxy Tab AND the iPad) and that seemed to do the trick. 🙂

UPDATE: Lots of new content….2 new characters, 2 new buildings and LOTS of decorations.  Here are the details:

Judge Snyder/Courthouse– Unlocks through quest only and WITH the  Courthouse.  Courthouse (when unlocked) will cost you $319,500.  Earns $520 & 50xp every 2days,  36 hour build. 

Springfield Courthouse judgesnyder_menu

Springfield Grocery Store- Unlocked as soon as you Level Up!  Will cost you $261,000.  Earns $90 & 10xp every 4hrs. 1 day build.

New Decorations:
Lady Justice Statue- 
(to go with Little Lady Justice..only this one won’t cost you donuts) .  Statue unlocked right away (assuming you’re on Level 38), can be placed anywhere, improves Obedience & will cost you $4,500

Khlav Kalash Stand–  Level 21 is required to unlock this one, Improves Gluttony, can be placed anywhere & will cost you $760.

Greenpeace Boat– (Woo-Hoo Another Boat!  This one has also been in the files for a while, so i’m glad they finally released it) Requires Level 21, Improves tree-hugging, can only be placed in the water, and you can have multiples of them.  This Boat will cost you $1,300.

Onto the Premium Stuff:
Blue Haired Lawyer- (Just what Springfield needs…an Attorney!) He’ll cost you 90 donuts and does come with his own Questline and tasks.

Knight Boat– (Another boat for the water!  And this has also been in the files for a while.  So glad they finally put it in the game!)  This will cost you 40 donuts, Awards a 2% bonus on all Cash and XP, can only be placed in the water, Requires  Level 15, and you can also have multiples.  knightboat_menu

Ok Tappers…that’s all of the Level 38 preview info.  We’ll be back soon, as always, with more detailed posts on breaking down Level 38.

Happy Tapping Friends!  Aren’t you happy there was FINALLY an update?!

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  1. Is there a special reason why the mystery box is marked as new? Or is it just because they added more things that you can get from it?

    • Usually if you hit the daily tasks…on the 5th day you get a mystery box. If you get a mystery box inside that mystery box, it will put it in your inventory and mark it as “NEW”. It does the same if you win anything in the mystery box (I call it the misery box). So if you win a tree, it will put one in your inventory and tag it “NEW”. Hope that makes sense.

      • Yeah I almost ALWAYS get a mystery box inside the mystery box lol. But I never noticed it as “new” in the premium store until the update. (Triple checked my inventory) thought maybe I could be in store for something other than a parking lot on day five. Lol. (I’m pretty sure I haven’t actually paid for any of my parking lots thanks to good ol’ Burns and his mystery box!)

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