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In life, there are wins and losses.  For me, I try to concentrate on all the wins.  Did any of you read a little post I wrote last week?  I may have mentioned a certain grocery store in it.  Sure it was in reference to a Valentine’s Day wish list, but looky here, looky here… BAZINGA… the Springfield Grocery Store!


I know my cosmic importance is pretty low in the grand scheme of things but every time I see something new I mentioned previously, I do a little happy dance.  Especially because I actually mentioned this building waaaaaaay back in August when I wrote a WAWW on Maggie Simpson.  Seems good things come to those that wait.

Anywho… I’m rambling as usual.  The Grocery Store becomes available with Level 38 and is a freemium building. It costs 261,000 game dollars, need a 10 x 8 area to be placed and generates 10 XP and 90 bucks every 4 hours.  Like most freemium buildings from the  latter levels, it has a 24 hour build time.

So where does the Springfield Grocery Store (SGS) come from?  This seems sort of like a no-brainer considering we get to see the inside of the store during every opening sequence of the Best. Show. Ever.

Mr Sparkle 13

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of the updated HD intro.  They took all the great things I loved and made them even better including finally letting us see clearly how much Maggie costs.  Prior to the HD version, she rang up for $847.63 (rumored to be the monthly cost of raising a baby in 1989).  You had to be really crafty with your pausing to catch this.  In the newer intros (Season 20, Episode 10 and later), she rings up for $486.52.  As a true Simpsons nerd though, I have to point out the register already said $243.26 before she was scanned, so her price is actually $243.26.  I preferred it when she cost more although Maggie will always be priceless to me.

maggie hates teeny

Uber nerd note: In Season 7, Episode 10: The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular, Maggie rings up as “NRA4EVER”.

Maggie's Cost

The actual very first appearance of the SGS was before the show even existed on Fox.  A lot of tappers my age probably remember The Tracey Ullman Show and may have, like me, gotten hooked on the Simpsons before they even had their own show.  The SGS was actually the setting for one of the shorts in the show entitiled “Shoplifting”.  To give credit where it’s due, I found this info on the Simpsons Wiki but I actually remember this short when it aired.  A 9-year-old Wookiee may or may not have also been caught shoplifting and this clip may have had a little resonance in his tiny soul.  RIP crudely drawn Simpsons… be at peace with my childhood.

Tracey Ullman Simpsons

Speaking of stealing…. In the actual show, the Grocery Store made its first full frontal appearance in Season 2, Episode 13: Lisa vs. the 8th Amendment, an episode all about stealing.  Is EA trying to tell us something?

Springfield Grocery Store

Rather than list out all the appearances, I thought I’d just show a different look for the grocery store.  I’m so happy EA’s programmers picked the old school yellow version.  This is how the SGS looks in Season 22, Episode X: The Blue and the Gray.

VD - Springfield Grocery Store

Anyone who watches The Simpsons, knows that they have a lot of conversations around the dinner table.  I’m so happy that now in TSTO, Marge can finally buy proper groceries instead of frequenting her previous choices.  Hopefully tonight is meatloaf night!

Well, y’all stay classy!  TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. hey 🙂 this might be the wrong place to ask this but ever since the new update I cant figure out how to delete friends? the plus sign that showed all my friends seems to be gone

  2. Running out of room soon… (I’m lookin’ at you EA)
    Added the kiddie ride at the store’s entrance — simple, but fun.

  3. Ah yes, the Tracey Ullman show, and before that a little cartoon called “life in hell” Groening has come a very long way….

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