What the….Update?!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers,

Did you see this when you logged into TSTO this morning?2014-01-22 14.35.50Wondering what the deal with the update is?  Well, as always, the Addicts team has you covered!  I’ve taken a gander at the files and it appears today’s update is a Glitch Fix.  Most likely in an effort to repair some of the rollbacks many Tappers have been experiencing since Level 38 hit.  If you’re one of those Tappers feeling the Glitches of Level 38 let us know in the comments below if your game is back and restored correctly now.  

In the meantime…I’ll keep looking through the files to see if anything new is appearing.

Update: Hey there Tappers!  I’ve finally had a chance to finish looking through the files and it appears that some of the dialogue for Judge Snyder has been changed with this update.  So that would be what the “hot fix” is in the files.

Happy Tapping Friends!

27 responses to “What the….Update?!

  1. What’s ea’s link for help now missing Homer is serious super bowl.

  2. I haven’t been able to play in almost two weeks now–since the day I hit level 38. Ever since, I get the message that I’m not logged out of another device, but I only use my phone. The update didn’t help, I still get notified when friends visit but can’t get into the game. The error just pops up every time I hit the button to play anyway. I’ve tried a bunch of suggestions, but none of it’s working.

  3. Did this update also give us the new row of land expansions or did I miss when they came out? I can’t find anything about this new row on any TSTO site known to me.

  4. I wonder when is the valentines day special comes out? I missed last year and I need to play this year lol

  5. Can anyone offer any info as to how I can help my squidport glitch? I am stuck on pt.14. Really stoked I found this site. Thanks 🙂

    • We’re really stoked you found us too! 🙂
      So are you stuck at the 25 boardwalk section part? And looking for help with the tile tapping glitch? If that’s the case the best thing to do is check out this post all about how to use the Tile Tapping Glitch & it will even help you find friends to tap your tiles. Hope that helps! 🙂

    • I am also stuck in the Squidport quest. I’m at pt.9. I put down my tiles and built Just Rainsticks. The icon is still in my list, and it says Done for both tiles/Rainsticks, but it never advanced the quest. That was a long time ago. I’ve reinstalled the game, I’ve kept all characters free. Nothing changes. I just ignored it and worked on other things. (Level 38 now). It sounds like others got stuck too. Any solutions?

  6. The port tile is still working when you tap on a friends port, go out and back in and you get lots of xp. Go in three times and 3x the xp. Also if you get the tile, don’t clear it out, just let your friends keep tapping on it, then you keep getting them over and over again.. The weather station and the stage still give you lots of money as long as you don’t clear it. I leave two handshakes on it, just in case I hit it by mistake. Waiting for my corn. Glad they did not fix those three issues.

  7. I cannot connect to my game… Crashes before it starts but I can log in anonymously and start at zero.. Day 3 wtf

  8. Just got an odd message and cannot connect to origin.

  9. My game is down for maintenance 🙁

  10. Before today’s “hot fix” update, it cost $5,000 and took 24 hours to build a tile for the squidport. Now it once again costs $10,000 and takes 2 days. What gives?

  11. Ahh i was hoping for neeeeeew items.

  12. Still not fixed

  13. So far on my iphone I am still back at 37 and can’t build the courthouse the quest wants me to build

    • I had the same thing when they roll out level 38. Anyway I just continued playing and finally hit level 38 again. The xp corrected itself. Viola another 2 donuts for the trouble of replaying level 37.

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