3D 101: The Mega Prison

What’s up Addicterinos?  How’s Level 38 treating you?  Feeling burdened by all the “legal” stuff that came with it?  Yeah… me neither.

Love them or hate them, every country has its very own Legal/Justice system and it really should be no surprise that our very own Springfield is no exception. Sure there may be only 3 cops, one lawyer and one judge right now, but there are no fewer than 6 characters that can spend time in jail or prison.  With that ratio, I’d could see the potential for Springfield’s Justice System to become overburdened and I thought I’d take action.  You’ve probably seen this before, but here’s my Springfield Mega Prison….


This image comes from my first shot at the design.  I was inspired by a tapper named Phillip who had made a pretty sweet Krusty Brand HQ Skyscraper. Another awesome creator named Meldesigner is also well known for amazing skyscrapers.  I love designs that inspire and these were no exceptions.  I thought to myself, “Self.  What if you made a bold and dynamic 3D design using brown fences that pays homage to previous designs but is your own thing?”  Well, the answer was this design (which had changed some from this image) and yes I sometimes talk to myself.

I’ve shown off this 3D about as much as one should without getting some help for Narcissism.  Without fail, every time I show the image, someone wants to know how I did it so I thought it might be nice to return to 3D Thursday and show my favorite readers how they could create a Mega Prison of their very own.

Without further rambling, let’s get started.  Here are some of the decorations and buildings you can use for the design.

Prison 1

For the following design, you will need these decorations:
47 Barbed Wire Fences ($175 ea.)
36 Cobblestone Walls ($220 ea.)
9 Iron Fences ($220 ea.)
7 Training Walls ($270 ea.)
At least 150 brown fences (sorry, I lost count while designing after 103 fences, $135 ea.)
One Lady Justice Statue ($4500)
Springfield Penitentiary and Police Station
Approximate cost minus building costs = $44765
Time needed = at least one hour

First thing to do is to lay down a 4×3 section of pavement.  Once you have this down, place your prison on top of the pavement.

Prison 2

Facing barbed wire fences towards the prison, line the outside of your pavement.  If you look at the bottom image of these 3, you can see you don’t have to complete the rear fence line.  You can also see I moved the prison because I liked the perspective better with it slightly to the left.  This required me to lay one more square of pavement.

Prison 3

Next, using the cobblestone walls, line the bottom portion of the barbed wire fences.  If you put the top edge of the wall directly in line with the bottom of the barbed wire fence, you start getting your first 3D effect.  Once again, you can leave out walls on the back of the prison.

Prison 4

Draw a visual line in the bottom corner of the cobblestone walls and place training walls.  This will leave a gap between them but it’s no big deal because you can easily fill the gap with one more wall.  If you look at the bottom left image, you can see the training wall extends out past my walls.  I took care of this by adding one more line of walls.

Prison 5

Once this was done, I extended my pavement under the training walls at started outlining it with brown fences.  Face the walls away from the Penitentiary.  I started to outline the back portion of the concrete but didn’t like the way it looked.  This was fixed by adding more cobblestone walls to the top line.

Prison 6

If you follow that red line, you can see the additional cobblestone walls I placed.  This made it really easy to complete the brown fencing.  I had to face the two fences opposite each other so they could overlap.

Prison 7

Ugh… an ugly green gap that makes my head hurt.  Thankfully I was easily able to get rid of it by plopping Lady Justice right down on top of it.

Prison 8

To continue one with the 3D effect, I placed the Police Station below my brown fencing to force the perspective.  The it’s as easy as putting the fencing in (face them towards the prison) from right to left and then left to right until the brown fences lined up with the Police Station or were just behind it.  Six total rows looked nice.  See the center image to see where I left fences out.

Prison 9

To complete the other side of the building, keep creating rows with brown fences facing the prison.  The only difference is your last fence will face away so you can create an edge.

Prison 10

Now to put in some barred windows to make it look more prisony.  That’s as simple as picking a spot and removing two fences on top of each other.  Once your windows are set, outline the prison with more concrete, and then blace iron fences over the holes you made (facing inwards).

Prison 11

Almost done.  Just to add more security, I placed barbed wire fence inside the bottom walls of brown fences.  For the top left, the fences had to face outwards, but the long lines of fences are done with them facing inwards.

Prison 12

End the fences the same way we did the brown ones earlier.  I liked the idea that the Lady Justice Statue would be blocked from the prisoners.  Below you can see that the top left fences are a little out of place with the rest of the fencing.

Prison 13

To fix that I just put one fence facing inwards and then an iron fence.  I think this looked much nicer.

Prison 14

And Voila!  Your finished prison.

Prison Final


Shocked Springfielders

The extra touches are all up to you.  Add cop cars or the swat van.  Place benches or greenery within the design.  Put Lard Lad’s close by.  Create an exercise yard.  Deviate from the square design.  The possibilities are staggering to me.  This entire design took me less than an hour to make and looks a little different than the one in Wookieetown but I still love it..  The biggest thing is just making sure you have the money for all the decorations and the patience to do it.  Some trial and error is definitely involved.

Well… happy tapping folks.  Hopefully this all made sense.  I had my sister read through it just in case so I guess you can blame any incomprehensibility on her lol.  I’d really love to see some of your attempts at making a Mega Prison.  If you like, share in the comments.

Y’all stay classy.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. What a creative design. I was stunned when I saw it for the first time. I am so not talented and this is definitely a piece of art to me. Now I finally found the creator. I hope you don’t mind that I copied it in my Springfield. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Thank you guys. Implemented successfully.

  3. Hey wookie love the design, I’m not sure how to put up a picture :/ but I made a mega prison and I’m extremely proud of how it came out! I put in some on my own touches 😉 but if you get the chance check out my town! I’m mikemor7545, and thank you so much!

  4. You need way more than 36 cobblestones.

  5. I just finished mine, been wanting to make a badass prision! Now I need to adjust my town a bit, due to the need to expand my christmas village is near the prision and that just feels wrong. I will post pics when I am happy with it! 😀

  6. wow so that’s how you do it
    always wondered how you managed to create such impressive
    2D/3D superstructures.

  7. I love seeing it in your town, but I’m having problems with crashing every time I go into it….I think you must have a lot of decorations! 🙂
    It is a masterpiece, though.

  8. Thanks Wookie!

  9. Awesome “laugh it up fuzz ball”

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