Episode Recap: Specs and the City

Here I sit, ready to KRAM your ear holes with another new TV Episode for the Simpsons. I find it amusing that I am here in the east, not too far away from where the actual Superbowl will take place (but can’t stay in the hotel I want due to they jacked up the prices cuz there is a football game RIGHT next door…pssssh. Stupid people wanting to get rich.)


Specs and the City

Specs and the City 1

Ooooooh it looks like the Simpsons are even here in the city with me. Is anyone NOT here? Well the Simpsons and the usual cast of blah blah blah yadda yadda sportscasters (yah yah yah…YOU know their names) are just plugging the heck out of the Superbowl and FOX.

Wait a minute…that cheesey robot football thingy is named Cletus too? Well Cletus, meet Cletus. I wonder who has the most loose screws.

Specs and the City 3

Just in case you were wondering, make sure you drink and bet responsibly.

Has the episode actually started yet or is this another lead in? Nope, it’s started. So Homer is sitting on the couch watching some sporty type game with a ball or something where some guys in tighty whities toss round an oblong object thingy and people paint their faces and pay millions of dollars to sit in a rock hard seat for hours to yell and scream at the guys in tighty whities while they stuff their faces with $40 hot dogs and drink $18 drinks.

Bart has managed to steal Homer’s six pack of Duff and toss it outside over the powerlines. Homer of course tries to get to it and gets quite a shock. Again and again and again and again. He just won’t ever learn will he?

Specs and the City 5

As Homer is electrocuted himself and draining all the power of the city into his body, the game has come down to one final play. Of course he knocks out the power to the entire city just as the play is about to be broadcast. (Will you freak out if someone knocks out YOUR feed seconds before the final game deciding play?)

WHOA…why didn’t we get Cooling Towers with a wreath skin? That would have been cool. Looks like we are going to go back to the Holiday Event for this story. Don’t worry, I PROMISE I won’t make you all spin Holiday wheel…again…for now.

Specs and the City 7

Homer, Carl, and Lenny are discussing the gifts from last years Christmas. A fantastic calendar. A stress ball with Mr. Burns face on it that Lenny tries to get rid of, but it bounces back at him and down his throat causing him to start choking. Carl tries to give him the Heimlich, promptly shooting it out of Lenny’s mouth and into some poor other workers.

Mr. Burns shows up to distribute the gifts. Oogle Goggles. The guys put them on immediately to see what information they can find out about what goes on around them. Lenny has 15 DUI’s. Carl’s IQ is …WOW…214??!! Not if he keeps working at the plant it won’t be. Homer’s Nuclear Consule LEX was apparently new in 1963…and is now obsolete. Mr. Burns…has a pulse of 3…Body Temperature 60.2 degrees…and apparently he died in 1998. Homer apparently DOES excercise…by pulling the candy machine handle.

Specs and the City 9

Smithers is worried by Mr. Burns sudden generosity. The doctor told Smithers to bring him in if he ever showed any signs of warmth or kindness. Burns explains his ulterior motives to the Oogle Goggles. He now has a video camera attached to all his employees and can monitor their every move. He can now spy on them at all times.

Specs and the City 10

Fast forward now to the future. Two days before Valentine’s Day to be exact. (Still Singles Awareness Day to me.) The kids are making Valentine cards for all the kids in their classes. Bart refuses to give Nelson one.

Specs and the City 11

So Marge shows him a documentary on what happens to kids that don’t get Valentines. Poor Danny nearly died after an overdose of lil candy hearts.

Specs and the City 12

Bart gives in and gets a Valentines for Nelson…one of the OLD ones…NOT for loved ones.

Homer STILL has his goggles on in bed. He is watching idiots do stupid things while wearing the goggles. (As he takes a bite out of his alarm clock.)

Specs and the City 13

Homer and the family go for a Sunday drive, he wants to see what hidden wonders the goggles will reveal about their town. The kids are getting hungry so they stop at the nicest place they could possibly afford. Krusty Burger it is. I wonder just exactly what a Krusty Burger consists of. OH…so THAT’s what is inside of it. EWWWWWWWWW! Not even Homer wants to eat it after seeing that…meh…it IS Homer…so he eventually eats it.

Specs and the City 14

Later that evening, Homer and Marge are …ummm …snuggling in bed… Homer STILL has the glasses on. Marge is not too happy. She gets upset and leaves the room.

Ooooooh there is a Lego Movie coming out?? SWEET! I really think it would be cool to see them make a Simpson Lego movie. Huh? Oh, don’t mind me…just watching the commercials. You wanted me to get on with the episode? Sheesh. DEMANDING! Fine…whatever…just know you ARE missing out on some great deals and offers to save you at least 20% off…

…and we are back. Homer realizes just how upset Marge is with him when she only makes him five pancakes. That is one upset woman. So Homer decides to give up the glasses…to whoever decides to take them. Marge takes them. At school, kids are lining up to present their Valentines cards to Nelson for approval. Those not pleasing him are hauled away by Dolph and Jimbo. It is Bart’s turn. Bart decides to stand up to Nelson and NOT give him one. Nelson threatens him the he has only one week to provide him with the perfect card.

Homer is struggling at work to fit in without the glasses, while Marge is enjoying using them at home. Way to go Maggie!

Specs and the City 15

Homer is still looking around the plant for another pair of the goggles. He stumbles into Mr. Burns office to request another pair and sees his CCTV wall. He sits down to watch everyone in action and notices Maggie and the Marge back at home. He finds out she is hiding ice cream from him.

Bart and Milhouse are working on some themes for Nelsons card. There are some real “genius” ideas.

Homer is still in Mr. Burns office trying to watch everything that Marge is up to during the day. Seeing her drive, park in a compact car stall, and go to…uh oh… a therapist. Homer sits and listens as she spills her guts about all the wrongs he does. (Probably not the best idea for him to be sitting there and listening to all this.)

He freaks out…and goes to Moe’s for a beer. Moe tells him to go home and just act natural. Wait till her next appointment and “accidentally” run into her.

Back at the schoolyard, Bart presents his card to Nelson. It was the perfect card for him. Nelson makes Bart hug himself.

Specs and the City 18

Homer shows up to “run into” Marge at her appointment. Just as he is about to, he hears her exclaim at just how much the sessions help her out.  Her Wednesday sessions. He starts to think back and remembers all the really good things that seemed to happen to him on Wednesdays. All the nice things Marge did for him. All the goodies she made for him. All the REALLY good things she did for him on Wednesdays. He just can’t go through with it. Marge needs it.

Specs and the City 19


Homer goes home to a happy Marge. They start to snuggle again…while Mr. Burns is watching. “OH DEAR GOD!”

Time for Ralph to get ready for St. Patrick’s Day.

Specs and the City 20

Well that was quite an interesting episode. What was YOUR favorite part? Do YOU want a pair of Oogle Goggles now too? Or do you just want to go sit in my office and spy on all the readers like I do? (I just KNOW Cguy is up to no good again, alunited has just lost their mind, and Jansen… well… I’m watchin you.)

Time to get a jump on Spring and go water some seeds. It’s what I do.


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  1. Do you think Wed is when we’ll get the update? I’m thinking maybe it was a hint? I’m always looking at the episodes for clues on the next event…

    • It’s possible. We’re thinking anytime between Tuesday-Thursday. This should be an App store update and usually those hit on a Tuesday….Christmas and Halloween as examples. But you just never know with EA…

  2. Alias Fakename. Laughed my butt off.

  3. I missed this episode but will soon add it to my ps3…really wish they’d catch up on releasing dvd/bluray box sets I have 1-16 and 20 but had to download the rest bc 17 seasons isn’t enough simpsons in my life lol

    Soon to have all 554 episodes plus the Tracy ullman shorts on my ps3 so I can do nothing but tap away and watch haha might be a simpsons addict

  4. You gotta love Maggie and her dark secrets, lol

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