WDTCF- Khlav Kalash Stand

Level 38 popped into our games FINALLY! WOOHOO!! With it some new and interesting items to put around your Springfield. Like the Khlav Kalash Stand. You can purchase it for $760 and get as many as you want.


This is quite an interesting looking stand. So where on earth did it come from and why is it now in our game. Let’s go to the TV and see what we can find.

Season 9, Episode 1: The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson.
The usual drinking gang is gathered at Moe’s for a night of liquor. Moe announces that the 6 of them are the cause of most the accidents in Springfield and therefore have to designate a  driver. Poor Barney drew the black egg and is NOT able to drink . He starts to lose it. Especially when the Duff Partymobile, Duff Man, and Duff Cheerleaders show up with free liquor and goodies for Barney. Including a GIANT bottomless mug of Duff Beer. Barney states he can’t, he is the DD. He drops off Homer and disappears…for two weeks…with Homer’s car. He shows up in the trunk of a Limo with no recollection of the cars location. Homer later gets a letter from NYC asking him to retrieve his illegally parked car. He keeps saying he doesn’t want to go to NYC (psssh, I am right by there right now). The family ends up going. His car is at 1 World Trade Center, covered in tickets, and a boot on the tire.

Khlava Kalash 3

He has to wait between 9-5 for an officer to come remove the boot. He starts to get hungry after only a short while. Guess who shows up with some food?

Khlava Kalash 6

Homer asks the vendor to go across the street and get him some Pizza. “No pizza, only Khlav Kalash. ”

Khlava Kalash 1

Homer asks for one bowl, but it only comes on a stick. Hmmmm wonder how it tastes? Mmmmm, looks “tasty”.

Khlava Kalash 2

His only options to wash the taste down with is Mtn Dew or Crab Juice. He doesn’t want that nasty drink, so he opts for the crab juice. Many many many crab juices.

Khlava Kalash 4

Season 9, Episode 24: Lost Our Lisa.
Lisa desperately wanted to see the Egyptian Exhibit at the Museum. Bart, as usual, ruined her plans by gluing joke products to his face with industrial glue from Homer. Marge had to take Bart to the doctor now to remove them and no longer could take Lisa to the Museum. Lisa called Homer and asked him to send a limo, knowing he wouldn’t. He told her sorry, she’ll have to take the bus instead (her plan all along). Lisa wasn’t aware the bus changes routes on certain days and ends up being dropped off in the middle of nowhere. On her journey back home, she runs into Springfield’s Little Russia District. There, as she is lost and frightened, we catch a glimpse of Khlav Kalash.

Khlava Kalash 7

Season 24, Episode 1: Moonshine River.
Bart realizes that none of his relationships have really worked out, so he seeks out his old girlfriends to see if there is anyone of them that still cares. Mostly he just gets doors slammed in his face, but there is one last chance. Mary Spuckler. She isn’t at the farm due to she ran away. Her brother gives her an address in NYC where she is, so the family heads back to NYC to seek her out. There in Times Square, Homer hears that familiar voice of that stupid lil push cart guy “Khlav Kalash” and cringes. What he doesn’t realizes is just how popular Khlav Kalash has gotten.

Khlav Kalash

REALLY popular. 50,000 square feet of it. Used to be book store.

Khlav Kalash 1

So there you have it. An interesting little food cart that launched an empire. I am curious as to why they didn’t put the owner in too along with it. Would have made another off the wall interesting character.

Time for me to go hopping through NYC. Who knows who I will run into. Khlav Kalash, the Naked Cowboy, or maybe even a Nerd with a Degree. Lol


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  1. I wish there will be MORE ATTRACTIVE DECORATIONS for the Harbor which is DIFFICULT TO BUILD because of space and restrictions. Sure, such a new item is great – but I want a BIG HARBOR!

    Another missing point: WHY NOT MAKING POSSIBLE TO GIVE OWN NAMES to to items like “Khlav Kalash Stand”. Why can’t I call it “Chippyfan Stand”?

  2. I like the Khlav Kalash stand and have them all over my town. Also have room for the former book store, now huge Khlav Kalash shop! Hint, hint, EA…

    • Erika Fournier (BraveElfgirl1994)

      Same here. I really want the giant Khlav Kalash building and the owner/character as well. It would be a great addition alongside King Homer’s Skyscraper and Claus Co!!! 🙂

  3. Mmmmmm…. Crab juice.

  4. Anyone having problems logging on through IOS? My whole family is only able to get into their town through Bluestacks on the PC…what’s going on? Several devices not able to at once! Have you heard anything?

  5. My tapped out will not load help please help

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