Addicts How To: Take A Clean Image/Picture

Hey there Hoppy Tappers. Bunny jumping on by with another few quick tips in taking a good/clean picture to add to your collection, show off, download to Flickr, make a giant stitched image, etc.

We get many submissions daily to all of our outlet resources. Some I REALLY like, but they can be a little hard to see everything that is cool going on in the pictures at times with all the extra stuff going on in forefront (ie: the menu items). To make a clean image, it is just a matter of waiting a few more seconds BEFORE you take that screenshot to allow for the information and menu items to disappear from the screen (if you are in your movement screen, the information won’t disappear). This makes it easier also if you want to use any images for stitching apps or just to stitch in general. (As far as taking a screenshot, you can click the link HERE for more info.)

Pic with menu items…


After waiting approx 30 seconds for menu items to disappear…


I understand that for some devices this may be difficult due to the button you press may make the menu items reappear or the volume icon to show.

So there you go, a simple thing to do to make your images all nice and pretty so everyone can see all the cool stuff going on.


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4 responses to “Addicts How To: Take A Clean Image/Picture

  1. Great tips. Doh I cant believe im so impatient. Haha. I havent been waitingbthe few sec for the menu to close. Much better thanks? Now im lookingbfor a stitch app so I can see my WHOLE town. Any suggestions?

  2. Is there a level 39 my game when back to 38 againtook me forever toget to level up and still 38 please pleaee help me please

    • Nope no level 39 just yet. When you’re at the max level (which currently is Level 38) and you’ve filled out the bar you’ll be awarded with the Bonus Level Up game (and free donuts). You can check out the details of that post here:

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