Where did THOSE come from – Duff Party Bus, Duff Racer (and Duff-Barney Blimp)

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Who has two furry thumbs and an excuse to ramble about more decorations?  The Wookiee, that’s who.  This time I decided to tackle a few of the limited time items you may have coveted a time or two in a neighborino’s town.

 Tapped_Out_Duff_Party_Busduffbeercar_menuDuff Barney BlimpBarney feels left out from the Super Bowl

Once upon a time, TSTO was young and small and less-glitchy. In September 2012, EA gave us our very first free decoration with the episode tie-in for the Season 24 premiere… the Duff Racer.

Immediately after Whacking Day in 2013, EA offered tappers a Yard Sale including items from Season 24.  Among the nine decorations offered were the Duff-Barney Blimp and the Duff Party Bus.  Both were premium items. The Blimp set tappers back a whopping 70 donuts and the bus was available for 50 donuts.

How exciting is it that two of these decorations (party bus and racer) came back with a tie-in for the Super Bowl?  The bus is premium and cost 50 donuts just like its first offering and the racer, while not free, can be obtained for $250,000.

Here’s the skinny on where these came from….

The Duff-Barney Blimp and the Duff Party Bus come from Season 24, Episode 6: A Tree Grows in Springfield.  This episode begins with Homer daydreaming.  I love every glimpse into the mind of Homer but even I think this dream is pretty strange.

Duff Stuff

Homer is at bat with commentary by the food announcers.  No… not announcers talking about food… literally a hot dog and pretzel.  I find it hilarious that the Spanish language commentators are a taco and enchilada.  Mr. Hot Dog’s family photo of his pork chop wife and drumstick children had me giggling as well.

Duff Stuff 2

Over the top of Duff Stadium, the Duff-Barney Blimp appears quickly and just as fast belches its way backwards off screen (the TSTO decoration also belches if you tap it).

Duff Stuff 3

Steroid Santa pitches a fastball to homer which Homer hits out of the park, breaking a hole in the sky and dumping the ocean into the Stadium.

Duff Stuff 4

“Simpson just broke this dream’s reality wide open.”

The ocean is Homer’s subconscious letting him now it has started raining and his mouth is open.  Nearly drowning, his bad day has only begun.  Seeking solace at Moe’s, he tells his bartender buddy about his woes and Moe decides to call professional help.

Duff Stuff 5

Enter Duffman and crew who arrived on the Duff Party Bus (another super quick shot in this episode).

The Duff Racer comes from the Season 24, Episode 1: Moonshine River. It is just one of the race cars in the Springfield Grand Prix.  Other corporate sponsors  of the race include Squishee, Krusty Burger, Buzz Cola and Laramie Cigarettes.

Duff Racer

The racer can be seen throughout this portion of the episode zooming by but gets featured when one of Crazy Cat Lady’s cats causes it to careen out of control into the Yarn Barn.  

Duff Racer 2

This decoration came from a quick portion in the beginning of the episode.  Also a decoration I never had (until now) because I started playing a little more than a week after it was offered.

Well, that’s really about it.  Three limited time decorations with quick glimpses from the episodes they were in.  I’m so glad that the Duff Party Bus and Racer were offered again and can only hope the same thing will happen with the Duff-Barney Blimp some day.  No need to have Blimp Envy though.  If you play on Sunday… a different blimp will be all yours.


Continuing to keep it tight… Wookiee out!

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