Something Loving This Way Comes!

OOOOOoooooh. Bunny Foo Foo is busy frakkin files…and guess what I see? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I spy with my lil eyes. 😉

You really wanna know don’t yah? I think you’re all gonna be really happy with this one. I know I am. Get your itchy tapping fingers ready cuz Something Loving This Way Comes. WOOHOO!!

Keep your eyes this way as we will keep you up to date as all the goodies arrive.

Hoppy Tappin


54 responses to “Something Loving This Way Comes!

  1. Just to let everyone know, the first quest involves Cletus’s farm and I had 24 days left on corn. It sped it up for me and I still got all cash/xp. So don’t worry about having the farm free. Hope this is useful 🙂

  2. Not on android yet.

  3. It’s here!!!!!!!!

  4. Update is here!

  5. Yay shauna is that a waaaaaaaaaaa

  6. WanderingCaveman

    I’m just a simple caveman, so this post makes me very hoppy… er, happy.

  7. Gee…..wondering if we will be able to “send flowers” after this event….(I really, really hope so!)

  8. Any idea when this will drop?

  9. How do you guys access the “server” and review the “files?” My game didn’t update or anything. Is there a background pre-load that I didn’t know about or something?

    • We access it from the computer end of things not via the game files themselves.

      • Ummmm, the computer end of things? Of course it has to be from the game files. It appears this site only pulls spoiler content from me and none of you know how to extract DLC or any other content out of the server. Anyways…..

        • No we’re pulling it from DLC. If you don’t believe me and would like me to spAnser I can email you exactly how we do it. Mark (one of the Addicts founders) is a computer programmer and pulls all of the images and animations for us (which is why there have been many times where we’ve been the only site to have animations up..Halloween for example). As far as actual file access we do it FROM the computer prior to any updates actually hitting the game physically (and we don’t link the devices to the computer), which is what I was implying there…it’s not rocket science. It never has been.
          I get mildly annoyed when you accuse us of stealing content from you. You’re not the only one who can extract from the files, and usually whenever someone asks me how to do it I send them the info on how to do it. Plus there have been COUNTLESS times when we’ve posted images and content before you have (the Super Bowl and Level 38 just to name a few). We don’t post ANYTHING unless we can verify it for ourselves from the files.

        • Would you like to see my “homework” to prove it. I am in them right now as we speak from my laptop. Reading each and every file with Notepad ++ and many other programs. I find it quite offensive that you believe YOU are the only one that knows how to “frak” the files. Just because I do not advertise with everyone than I automatically am inept? Or is it just that I am a woman and therefore “too dumb to know how?” I do not like to use ANYONE else’s content from other sites as the information can be quite inaccurate. I prefer to locate and verify each and every bit of information myself so I KNOW I am not misleading OUR readers. I guess it DOES help that our group of writers contains grads from M.I.T. We kinda know how to run things on our own. Thanks anyway for the accusations. If you do not like what we write, you do not have to come here.

      • I follow both TSTOAddicts and EA forum and more often than not I get the news of new updates here first on TSTOAddicts! I love this site more than the EA forum as they explained the updates in way more details both before and after the release…

        • We are more than happy to help out with any and all information we possibly can. That is what we are here for. YOU!! 😉

    • Bunny sneaks in through the basement 😉

  10. When is this happening? Should I send Homer on the 24-hour task he’s been assigned?

  11. Any chance you can tell us how much we’ll need to save up?? Very excited!!

    • We’re pulling all of the files from the server to make sure we have all of the complete and total details. We like to be accurate when positing spoilers so we don’t make anyone feel upset about saying something will be there and it ends up not being in the game.

  12. Bunny is so hot! Be my valentine!

  13. Thank you Alissa! I’m giving credit to you too!
    (Psst…thanks bunny…don’t tell Alissa I thanked you…shhh!)

  14. Bring it on! This is a VD I totally want!

  15. How about a spoilery hint or two… like a premium character that rhymes with…. Shawn, uh?

    • We’re making sure we’ve got all of the details accurate and pulling the images etc before we spill any of the candy hearts! 🙂

  16. sooooooooooooo ready for it to start. I have a bad case of the snowcrazies. The only thing that will help is an update

  17. yay! Bunny when?? Wheeennnnn???
    lol snowed in in MA. BORED!

  18. I new it was coming. My random tasks have tripled!

  19. A massacre?

    Please, pretty please, please! Maggie with a machine gun!

  20. WHOOHOO!!! Can’t wait! (Can’t believe how much I love this game! Is there something WRONG WITH ME?)

  21. #TeamBunny thanks for being on top of things!!

    • You’re welcome. Really liking all the new stuff I am seeing along with the return of other items. 😉

    • #iseehowitis 🙁

      • #TeamAlissa too!!! You are a responsible legend here while Bunny is—well, Bunny is Bunny. You can laugh and say it and people understand or say the same thing in fear and people nod their head in agreement.

  22. I knew I could count on you Bun-Bun!

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