Oh Those Origin Servers Are At it Again….Open Thread

serverdowngraphic-800x450“They’re up
They’re down,
They’re down and up and down
down, down, down
up, up, up,
The EA Distraction Show!”
(Thanks CGuy for the awesome modification to my server’s down jingle!)

Update 7pm EST:  We’re seeing reports from Tappers (And we’re getting it first hand on our own accounts) that the servers are back up!  So we’re free to Tap Tap Tap Away.  So get back to breaking hearts tappers!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Are you seeing this message when you try to login to TSTO:
2014-01-29 21.25.47
Or this one?

Yea?  Me too.  But...DO NOT PANIC!  While it sucks, yes, this is something that we’re seeing many many MANY Tappers experiencing right now.

Usually right after a big update hits the games (like Valentine’s Day) the servers go down.  It’s because so many Tappers are logging into their games at the same time (and we find that it’s usually between 2pm-5pm EST).  Don’t worry though they’ll be back up soon.  If you’re getting extremely frustrated by this, if possible, try tapping at a different time during the day.  I know when I go on in the morning or in the evening I don’t usually have an issue getting into the game (unless they’re doing something to the Server).

So be patient…relax…and keep trying.  Eventually they’ll come back up and we can all get to Tap Tap Tappin again!

In the mean time…do you need some ideas of what to do?  Check out this post for the do’s and don’t’s of the Servers being down.

You can also add your Caption to our latest Caption This!work on your entry for our Valentine’s Day Contest, participate in our Addicts Want To Know Poll (we’ll be sharing the results next week) OR talk amogst yourselves as we make this post a special Thursday Open Thread!  So chat it up with each other about anything and everything TSTO related or not as we ALL wait for the servers to come back up 🙂

Can’t wait to chat with my favorite Addicts!

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113 responses to “Oh Those Origin Servers Are At it Again….Open Thread

  1. The wife Sussed out a way to get round the server problem,access the game via 3G then switch to Wi-Fi using your control centre,flick up from bottom of screen make sure it’s enabled and bobs your uncle.,saves eating away at your monthly data.

  2. Quick question, since EA hits us with so many updates – do WAB (Wookie, Alissa, Bunny – my own TLA – three letter acronym!) think it might be a good idea to occasionally delete and re-download the game? I can’t image that EA does a perfect job of wiping out old data, and so this process might both make the game more stable, and reduce the overall size.

    Thoughts? Would BAW be better than WAB?

    • Lol BAW makes me think Baaaaaahhhhh and WAB reminds me of “kill da wabbit”. Heheheheh

      I uninstall and reinstall myself occasionally as if I don’t it tends to think I’m full.

      • Exactly how do you “uninstall and reinstall” yourself? And is this something that should be discussed in a forum where young eyes might spy it? And what is this “it” that tends to think you are full? Are you speaking of yourself in the 3rd person again? At least you are not using the Royal “We”, although with your comment, you COULD be using the Royal “Wee”.

        • Uninstall/reinstall is quite technical. Requires a lot of rigs and equipment. I’d tell you…but I’d have to wipe your memory. So…maybe you already know. 😉

          “It” is …it. Duh. 😛

      • Uhmmmm…. Geek Girl with Glasses (see, it can go both ways) 😛

      • Sorry, spelled that wrong – it was supposed to be more like what Homer says about donuts – maybe Mmmmmmm – Geek Girl with Glasses.

        Sorry to have accidentally dissed you!

      • W/e???? But, Bunny – I adore your Geeky Girlyness!

  3. LOL Bunny, I think if we had a basement, I’d be locked up in it occasionally. I do so love this game, & can’t wait til all the bugs are worked out for everyone.

    I’ve found a few things to help with some of the problems, and hope this helps others:
    If a neighbor has no valentines to tap on, move on & come back later.
    Collect your valentines as often as possible so your neighbors have enough to tap on in your city. If they aren’t collected often enough, you will miss out on some of your neighbors visiting & finding nothing to tap on, and they will be frustrated.
    Go back to enjoying the game, that’s why we play (right?) 😉

  4. GranmamaDar, I’m so glad you’re able to play again! As I was writing my entry for the poetry contest, I was thinking about how addictive this game is…when I couldn’t get on and I thought something serious was wrong with my game, my heart actually felt broken! I mean, it’s healthier than crack, but if I was working right now I wouldn’t be able to play so much and I probably wouldn’t be so dependent. It helps me pass the time right now. I hope you enjoy playing, and I’m glad you’re my neighboreeno!

    • Thank you Candie, I thought my game was totally messed up too. I tap every spare second I can get, so not being able to connect for half a day almost killed me LOL. I’m happy you are glad to be my neighboreeno, because you are stuck with me 😉

  5. Love you guys! But having an issue with the game and posting about it on your site. Here is what I posted to EA:

    My wife and i love this game (The Simpsons Tapped Out), but we can’t do much anymore. She is level 31 and I am level 38. We were considering buying into the game, but not anymore. the Valentine’s update is preventing us from doing very much at all. Constant server issues, most neighbors have nothing to get, the wheel sucks. Fine, decorations this time, but we keep getting the same items! (You have percentages on decorations?!)

    But my main problem is that I (and my wife) cannot get the Valentines cards because they are not available to us, and we got new neighbors! we only get maybe access to a third of the neighbors and that is all. fix it or we are out.

    • We are a bit curious ourselves as to all the glitches this go round. It is definitely more than usual. I am looking into it. Seeing if there is something else going on. Waiting for word back.

      Thanks for keeping us informed. We do love our readers! 😉

  6. trying to visit my towns tonite, and can only get through 2 or 3 before game freezes . Anyone else having this problem ? This is the worst update by far. It’s going beyond a glitch.

  7. Aaaaarrrrrggggggg!!!!! Why cannot I get in and finish my Madame’ and my 3rd rose bush. Messing with flow~~~~~~~~~

    • 🙁 sometimes the servers just like the pick on a few Tappers. They’re not down completely and it’s just a few isolated spots. Hopefully they’ll be back for you soon.

  8. Hello im wondering if this is happening to a lot of people or just me. I was playing the game like normal and never had a problem with the server, then the game crashed and I reopened it. This happed three times and when I tryed to get in the last time the app didnt crash but the server connection didnt work and would not connect for anything. So I reinstalled and the game had in game updates and it worked for like thirty seconds and started doing the cant find server thing again. I even tried on my phone and same exact thing happened, so is my account messed up, I can still log in and access the account just not the game. How does EA fix this? Please help this has been happening for over a day and I play daily, im having withdrawals!

    • I am not sure what is going on with the servers. I had the issues when the new update launched and again yesterday. Today, I am up and running with no problems what so ever. I would suggest to contact EA to see if they can offer any other solution or at least log you are having problems in case they are able to compensate you.

      • Bunny, this prob seems more widespread than I first thought…it’s not just MY game then? I’m thinking others are having similar probs…can you start a thread and see if there are a lot of people having this problem? I reinstalled my game and was able to buy all the premium stuff I’ve wanted before checking friends to make sure it saved, but I’m experiencing the same probs…maybe more ppl are dealing with this?

  9. Hey, you’re one of my friends!
    I’m having the same problem…I feel your pain. Open a ticket with EA so they can see how widespread this issue is. I was able to get in for like a min and I bought as many premium items as I could so that I could have them no matter what if I miss out on this event.

    • Sorry, this was meant for granmamaDar.

      • Hello neighboreeeeno Candie! I uninstalled & reinstalled the game 4x, deleted a bunch of videos from my phone, & made myself nutso trying to play. I finally gave up & went to bed at 2am LOL. I have been happily tapping for the last 12 hours, but this has taught me a valuable lesson: don’t judge a neighbor by their absence. It was a hard lesson to learn, I almost didn’t make it, but I’m ok now 😉

  10. Hi I’m a frequent player and wondering if it’s possible to go into a neighbor’s town and find no valentines. Does this mean they’re not playing anymore, and I should drop them, or that other neighbors got to them first?. I didn’t want to get rid of people for nothing. Btw, I’m consuela13.

    • Could be a mix of all the above. The best way to tell if someone is playing the event is to watch for items from it (like the rosebushes…they HAVE to be harvested and also 3 of them placed for the quests). This could help visually along with the wheel prizes and new characters to see if they are progressing. Hope that helps. 😉

  11. I give up 🙁
    Haven’t been able to connect for over 5 hours now. I want a refund for the donuts I just bought, any suggestions as to how I do this?

    • Awwww 🙁

      Sorry you have had such a difficult experience. I would suggest to contact EA for info on reimbursement. Or you can also go through your app market I believe. (Kind of like disputing a credit card charge.)

      Makes me sad to lose an Addict, but I understand. Wish there was more we could do to help. 🙁

      • Hello, my name is granmamaDar, and I am an Addict 😉
        You’re so sweet Bunny, but I don’t think you will lose me anytime soon. Thank you for the words of encouragement!
        I should have known when I started tapping over 6 months ago this would happen. I’m even doing it in the restroom at work. I don’t think I’ve gone more than 6 hours since I began… hello my name is granmamaDar, and I feel right at home (just keep a safe distance when I can’t get my fix LOL)

    • Hey, you’re one of my friends!
      I’m having the same problem…I feel your pain. Open a ticket with EA so they can see how widespread this issue is. I was able to get in for like a min and I bought as many premium items as I could so that I could have them no matter what if I miss out on this event.

    • I’m so glad your prob solved itself…I had the same prob and it drove me nuts! I’m weary now of removing my friends too, because they could be experiencing probs too. After this last uninstall/reinstall, my game has been ok. It made me realize how much I am addicted to this game…but at least it’s better for you than crack! 😉

      • It is madness this Addiction. Drove me nuts when I couldn’t get in myself. I was HOPPING mad! Lol. 😉

        Glad to see though that our reader’s issues are slowly fading and correcting themselves. I hate when I can’t help.

      • Candie! GMTA I was thinking when I posted about my addiction that TSTO is the new crack! (without the sores, of course LOL). I’ve been off & on all day with no problem…crossing my fingers. I feel bad for everyone who can’t connect, I feel ya neighboreeenos, I feel ya.

      • LOL@ hopping mad, can’t picture a cute fuzzy bunny hopping mad 😉

        • Lol…it is a site to be seen. That’s why I get locked in the basement all the time. 😉

          So glad that you are back up and running though. This game is such a blast!

  12. Haven’t been able to connect for over 4 hours! Every time I buy donuts, within 6 hours this happens >:(
    If I see “Can’t connect to server” one more time, I’m going to scream! Origin servers are up, so why isn’t my connection working? My device is working fine for everything else.
    I’ve got neighboreeeeenos to visit and hearts to harvest!

  13. I planted roses and my farm stared glitching and it gave me the rose bush to see out but not the credit for picking them anyone else have this problem?

    • I’m having that problem too. I’m wondering if the count will reset when the last rosé bush is placed (I have 4 hours left)

      • Hmmmm, I have not experienced this issue. I will keep an eye out. Let me know if you continue to experience it. There may be another glitch to report to EA.

      • Ok, I have now placed 3 rose bushes but I still have to harvest another bush …… This will mean I have had to harvest 4 bushes to end the quest!?!?

        • Well the first one is harvested as part one of the main quest, so it doesn’t count in the 3 on the Rose Bush quest. But you will end up with 4 Rose Bushes after you’ve completed the main questline 🙂

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