Addicts Question Corner: YOUR Valentine’s Day Questions Answered

Hey Howdy Hey Heart Breakers!

I’ve been noticing a few questions popping up in the comments of some posts and, while we try to answer each one individually, I thought everyone could benefit from the answers to these questions.  So it’s time for another addition of Addicts Question Corner….


I’m Growing Corn, Will I Lose it When I start the Event?
Good news…NO!  IF you’re growing Corn on Cletus’s Farm you don’t have to cancel it in order to start the Valentine’s Day quests.  All you have to do is click Do It on the first Rose task and then watch as your corn looks like it’s on a combination of steroids and speed and starts to go crazy.  Because the farm is required to start the Valentine’s Day Event (and access the items) EA has rewarded anyone growing corn with the corn speeding up. You still earn all of the cash and XP for it, it’s just so you don’t miss out on the Event or miss out on the corn.  Sweet little reward from EA huh? It’s so you can proceed with the Valentine’s Day Event (because the farm is required to access the items) and not lose out on the corn progress. EA’s way of avoiding lots of angry letters over Tappers who are growing corn 😉

When Do I Unlock the Wheel?
 The Wheel of Friendship will unlock for you after you’ve completed the first part of the Cards are Read Marge’s Hair is Blue quest.  You can check out this post for more details on the Wheel.

How Do I Send Valentine’s to My Neighbors?  
In order to send Valentine’s you’ll have to complete the first 2 tasks of the main quest.  So not only will you have to grow and harvest roses from Cletus’s farm (will take 24 hrs, and once THIS step is complete you’ll unlock the ability to purchase the new Valentine’s items) AND you’ll have to complete part 2 and spin the Wheel of Friendship.  After you’ve spun the Wheel a quest will pop up with Homer saying he wants more hearts.  Once you run through that dialogue a quest will appear saying send 3 Valentine’s at THAT point you’ll unlock the ability to send Valentine’s to your neighbors.

How Many Hearts Do I Earn When a Neighbor Sends Me A Valentine?  Does that number decrease like theirs?  
You earn 2 Hearts per Valentine sent by your neighbors (meaning Be Mine Cards floating in YOUR town).  And no that number does not decrease or increase.  No matter how many hearts your neighbor earns for leaving it you’ll still earn 2 hearts per Valentine left in your town.  You can check out this post for a full rundown on all of the details to sending and receiving Hearts.

There’s Nothing to Tap in My Neighbor’s Town, What Do I Do?  How Long Does It Take for Hearts to “Regenerate” in My Neighbor’s Town?
If there are no characters to Tap in your neighbor’s town you’ll have to try back later (or if there’s only 1 or 2 characters and you can’t get the full 3).  You have any time within 24hrs to tap on 3 Be Mine cards in their town.  Most likely if nothing is showing it means that they haven’t cleared their town of Valentine’s sent from other neighbor’s yet.  (similar to gifts at Christmas…if a neighbor had too many in their town you couldn’t drop more until they were cleared) New “Be Mine” cards will “regenerate” once your neighbor has cleared them from their town…i.e. tapped on their Valentine’s sent by other neighbors.

What Happened to the Squidport (Cletus’s Farm/Channel 6/Open Air Stage) Glitch?  Why Can’t I Tap on Buildings When I Visit Neighbors?
The Squidport glitch has not disappeared.  It’s temporarily been suspended for Valentine’s Day…as have all Buildings when visiting a neighbor.  During the Valentine’s Event you can only tap on your neighbor’s characters, no buildings.  This way everyone can share the love and earn more hearts!

Can Character’s Earn Hearts?  Which Characters Have Tasks to Earn More Hearts? 
This is a question we’re seeing a lot in the comments.  Here’s the run down on new task that earn hearts:
Flander’s: Will Sing You A Valentine’s Ditty for 6 hrs and earn you 10 hearts
Will Follow and Stare at Lisa for 16hrs and earn you 30 hearts (note: this will require Lisa)
Cletus’s Farm: Will Grow Roses for 24hrs and earn you 50 hearts (and you get to keep the Rosebush)
Homer: Will Go on a Valentine’s Day with Marge for 8hrs and earn you 20 hearts (note: this will require Marge and does not unlock until part 10 of the main quest)
Marge: Will go on a Romantic Stroll with Homer for 5hrs and earn you 10 hearts (note: this will require Homer)

What Else Has Changed With the Update?  Do Any Characters Have New Tasks?
The Valentine’s Day tasks listed above (that earn hearts) are all temporary tasks, BUT several characters do get new tasks in the game.  Here’s the break down on that:
Cletus: 8hr task has been changed from Birth another Spuckler to Self Medicate, earns the same as before.
Skinner, Willy, Bumblebee Man, Duffman, Comic Book Guy & Squeaky Voiced Teen: New 10hr task to eat at the Up Up and Buffet (of course it’s a premium item so you’ll have to spend the donuts to unlock it).
Premium characters earn $530, 135xp, non-premium earn $350, 90xp.

My Springfield Rolled Back to the Start of Level 38 (or a lower level) Once I Downloaded the Update What Do I Do?  Should I Keep Playing?
Unfortunately this is something we’ve been seeing with each update since Level 37 hit back in November.  There really is no easy fix for this, nor is there a perfect solution.  Our best advice is to try some of the basic troubleshooting methods.  Also, if you have access to an alternate platform for your device (like iOS if you’re using Android or vice versa) try logging into your town via the alternate platform.  If you see the “You’re Other Device Didn’t Save” message just Tap Play Now.  This solved the issue for me that was happening when my iPad Rolled me back to Level 38, but when I logged into my Android device my town was restored.  If those methods don’t help to solve the problem your next best bet is to contact EA.  If you choose to continue to play your game after a rollback hits just keep in mind you’re playing at your own risk.

Origin in the Game Looks All Different, What Did They Do?
We’re working on a full post of the ins and outs of the changes to Origin but for now the basic changes can be found on this post.

Where Can I Add More Friends For Valentine’s Day?
We’ve got a post all setup here to add friends for Valentine’s Day.  We’ve got such an awesome Community of Addicted Tappers here that will be more than happy to send you Valentine’s!
Note: Do not post your friend requests anywhere else but that page.  The comment will be deleted if it’s anywhere but on one of the specific Add Me pages.  I hate to do this but it’s just so the rest of the comments are clean and not full of Add Me requests when other tappers are looking for help with something.  However, if you post a comment relevant to the post and happen to include your ID that won’t get deleted.  

Where Can I Find ALL Of Your Posts Related to Valentine’s Day?
On our handy dandy Valentine’s Day Event Page.  You can access it from the side bar by clicking on Homer and the finger image, OR from the menu bar.  OR right here: Valentine’s Day Event.
Everything we post in relation to Valentine’s Day will be linked right on that page for easy access for your Tap Tap Tappin fingers 🙂

Where Are All of the Valentine’s Posts from Bunny?
I’ve locked Bunny up in the basement and forced her to answer all of your comments (well with Wookiee and I helping of course…there HAVE been thousands of them over the last 3 days…not that we’re complaining we LOVE hearing from you), finish frakkin the files & watch countless episodes of The Simpsons (oh and I’ve put her in charge of making her own Bunny “water” for now…I’ll get back to making it soon).  She’s got a ton of posts in the “hopper” (see what I did there?) and they’ll be rolling out soon…the first one being Springfield Showoff tonight.
Until tonight you can find Bunny’s Cray Cray in the comments.  🙂

Ok Tappers, that’s it for this Question Corner.  Do you have another question for us?  Are you having problems with one of the questions answered above?  Do you have a solution to a Valentine’s Day Event problem?  Sound off in the comments below and let us know, we LOVE hearing from you!

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  1. I can’t get the cart…have tried the 3/4 off thing. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong….so frustrating!

  2. Excuse me if I missed the answer to this but can you tell me what the 5 <3 for your next 12 actions below the heart count refers to while visiting neighbors? I notice it changes and really have no idea what it means. 🙂

  3. I keep landing on the same 3 items every time I spin the wheel… is there a trick ?

    • This may or may not work…give it a try.

      Place pointer in the center of the prize 4 spaces away from one you want then spin wheel very gently counterclockwise. If doesn’t hit…try 3.

      Lemme know if it works for you like it did for others. 😉

  4. Once I’ve cleared my wheel and collected the Tunnel of Love, is there any reason to keep collecting hearts (aside from getting oodles of decorations and just being neighborly), or is that he end of it?

    • That’s pretty much the end of it. The only benefit to collecting hearts is to help your neighbors or earn more decorations. 🙂

    • Does anyone else think this is lame? I have only been playing for 2 months. I missed Thanksgiving, so this is only my second “event” (I don’t count the Super Bowl). I now have 6 pink fountains. What am I going to do with 6 lurid pink fountains. I have hidden a few behind buildings to get my Vanity up, but seriously.

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