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Bunny hopping in here while I have a quick lil break and cuz I am ITCHING to post something (if you think I am slightly obsessed with the game and wonder how I am finding so much info so fast and what I am working on…just look at a pic me and Alissa posted that someone turned into a meme. I still think I need at least 3 more devices. I do not even have all my devices in the picture. Addicts works HARD. Go big or go home, right? LOL)

I have been asked and was working on this anyway…but stopped while our reader Adam T. Beyer decided they wanted to tackle it themselves (Trying to take my job? Steal my thunder? Lol)  I wanted to amend Alissa’s Question Corner post and bring you all a full list of just who you can tap on for Valentine’s when you visit a neighbor.  . and I figured it’s best if it’s all in one place.

Per the data files …yes, I DO know how to frak the files…regardless what some OTHER people think…is it because I’m a girl and therefore too “dumb”? Yah, I think NOT! Haters are going to hate. Bunny will keep doing what she does to get all the cool stuff out to our readers as fast as…well…a BUNNY…I think a bit of jealousy is had when we smoke the rest on getting posts and data out…

MOVING ON…here is the list of people that are named in the files as being able to get a Valentine “Be Mine” card.


Valentines Card Characters
Abraham Lincoln
Bumblebee Man
Dr Hibbert
Drederick Tatum
Dr Nick
Fat Tony
Hank Scorpio
Hans Moleman
Kent Brockman
Miss Springfield
Squeaky Voice Teen
Suzanne The Witch
The Rich Texan
Tom O Flanagan
Superintendent Chalmers
Sherri and Terri
Disco Stu
Maude Flanders
Suzanne The Witch
Candy Kevin
The Yes Guy
Mr Costington
Snow Monster
The Grumple

So keeping all this in mind, remember if you have the max amount of neighbors to keep clearing your VD cards as much as you can throughout the day, otherwise they will not have anyone to tap. (3 taps x 100 neighbors = 300…not enough characters to go around). This also means if you see no one to tap, you still have that 24 hour window to return later to see if your neighbor has freed up any of their characters for you.Screenshot_2014-02-06-17-46-02-800x500


FYI…I have been able to verify after many attempts now that you can INDEED give cards to your neighbors characters regardless if they are inside or outside of a building. It is an interesting thing to watch. You can see their character as normal, but as soon as you tap on them to give them a VD card…they will go back to what they were doing. Like I went in my neighbors where Skinner and Agnes were standing in front of the stage. As soon as I gave them Valentines, they went back to their task of singing on the stage. WOOHOO!!

So there you have it.



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  1. Bunny – Who is tired of pink? Im a guy who adores pink. The ONE THING I live and breathe for is pink.. beautiful pink!

    • Lol…pink. I see what you did there. 😉

      As fo the color pink, I’m just not a “girly girl”. Grew up a Tomboy. Loved the thrill and adrenaline rush more then playing dolls. If you look at the avatar I made, she resembles Shauna and is sporting my favorite “colors” red & black. This Bunny has fangs (just ask Monty Python and the wizard Tim). Lol 😉

  2. I don’t like that the first few people you give VD cards to give you 5 hearts, then the next few only give you 4, then 3, then 2, then about the last helf of the neighbors only give you 1 heart per card you give. So the more effort you put in the smaller the return. I don’t like that.

  3. So…which characters cannot be tapped on in a friend’s town?

  4. Half of my neighbors are growing corn or triffids still…sure I want the new ride for KL but I don’t know how much PINK I can endure to get it…lol

    • As if YOU would use anything pink. Pssssh. I know you better than that. 😉

      I keep trying to add you and get errors mister. You blocking me? 😉

      • How was NewYork??? …Not blocking anyone…spent most of lastnight selling houses and setting up a welcome area for a visitor(hopeful friend) that didn’t show…there’s extra pink up in there now…go check my last text on ” from the mouths”…hope you get a laugh…

        You’re still in my request box(the only one)…though I’m not worthy.

        • I was finally able to get it to register you…for my A town. I will keep trying on the B town.

          I did like the cozy lil Bunny area. Took a screenshot of it. 😉

          NYC was AMAZING! Though, getting a lil off course in Jersey City was a lil…ummm…awkward. Lol. I now know that if I return…what ferry boats to take on and off of Liberty Island. And if I want to go on a helicopter flight around the city, who to ask at the aviation place for a “free ride”. Lol 😉

      • That loop around NYC with the arched bridges…I hit it with a truck in 2000…didn’t see the “No Trucks” sign…parked in Queens and slept in the truck…

        I have a new friend???

      • Blerk, blerk, bleeerrrk…awesomesauce…*bows to Bunny*…I really am not worthy…

        I’ll be adding to your block…*backs away with averted eyes*…

  5. Hey, just wanted to mention that Booberella is listed twice.

    • Lol, that is how EA had her listed in the files. I found it funny. However, I did remover her from the second time. 😉

  6. Dear EA,

    Why no love for the zombies?! I know you’re not prejudiced against the dead because Ghost Maude can get valentines. I guess it’s just the reanimated that you discriminate against!

    Zombies want love, too. ZOMBIE LOVE FOREVER!!!

    Yours truly,

    OK, they really just want the hearts…lots and lots of delicious, nutritious, still-beating hearts…

  7. Random Question: If a character is completing a task in Krustyland will those characters have cards floating above their heads in Krustyland? Just curious!

    • Took me going through 15 neighbors in my kiddo’s game but finally found the answer for you. If your neighbor has characters doing tasks in KL, they will show Be Mine’s over their heads. Hardest part about figuring this out was most people ignore KL. Special thanks to the little Ewok for having newer players on her friends list.

  8. What is up with the “no more hearts available today”? I still had neighbors to tap on and they were only giving me cash and XPs.

    Does that reset after 24 hours? There is not count down next to the notice under my hearts count when in the friends area.

  9. I have these two neighbors who do not have anyone with a card above them. As I looked on the list they have many characters that should have cards. One of them finished harvesting the rosebush and one of them haesnt so why arent there cards above there peoples head?

    • If your neighbors haven’t cleared all the Valentines they have received, there won’t be any available to tap. This indicates that either a) they haven’t logged in to clear recently or b) they aren’t playing any more. I’d say give them a little before giving them the axe.

    • They need to spin the wheel and unlock the event first. Not sure where they are in their game.

    • Because most like they’re full of Valentine’s (like gifts at christmas) and they’ll need to go into their game and clear them because they can accept anymore. Check out this post for more details. 🙂

  10. I’ve had some success going to my neighbor’s Krustyland if there are no hearts in Springfield.

  11. Why is it that when I go to others they have nothing there it not right but I guess life no right but I play the game every 2 to 3 hour I wait for the others to get the hearts or money or whatever and nothing..

    • Some people only tap once or twice a day…so if they have a lot of neighbors it could be just a matter of nothing to tap at the moment. But I completely know what you mean…it is frustrating.

      • Wow, good job decoding that one…

      • Yeah I love the game but I work two jobs and am in graduate school, working on a thesis and have an internship. So not all of us addicts have time to tap more than when we wake up and before bed! 🙂

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