Origin Cha Cha Cha Changes….Turn and Face Your Neighbor

Hey Howdy Hey Heart Breakers!

Have you noticed a few things different when you log in to TSTO since the update?  Perhaps a different log in screen?  Or a few different things with how you manage neighbors?  Well let’s take a look at all of these Origin Cha Cha Cha Changes…shall we?


The first you’ll notice (on iOS and Android) right at the log in screen.  It looks different now…it’s pretty 🙂 Here’s what mine looks like (and yes that is my picture):

Right away you notice something is different with Origin.  The log in screen looks more…”fancy”.  I’m a fan that’s for sure! 🙂

Next change is on your friends screen.  Now you can actually see all of your friends on 1 Origin screen broken up into categories:2014-02-05-18.16.09-800x450
The first category (the handshake) shows you an overview of your pending Friend requests (received and sent), and it will also show you all of your neighbors in alphabetical order.

The next category (Bart and Milhouse) will show you an overview of all of your neighbors in alphabetical order.

The third category (Facebook logo) Here’s where you can see your Facebook Friends that play TSTO!  But you’ll have to log in with Facebook to see this.  To log in via Facebook simply tap the Log in with Facebook box on the bottom left of this screen.  If your Facebook is connected to your device it will log you in automatically.

The fourth and final category (Origin logo) will show you all of your Origin friend’s (across different games, like Scrabble) that play TSTO.

Finally…the last BIG change is….THEY BROUGHT BACK UNFRIENDING SOMEONE TO THE GAME ITSELF!  Woo-Hoo!  Now you can delete lazy neighbor-eenos right from TSTO…Sweet!  In addition you can also Tap on a friend to see how often they play and when they last logged on to TSTO:
This is an awesome new feature of the Origin Changes, as in the past it’s been so difficult to make changes to your TSTO Friends and clear out those lazy neighoreenos!

Not only have they made it easier to unfriend someone they’ve also made it easier for you to figure out when they last played!  This will come in handy during events like this if you’re trying to figure out if your neighbor is active but just playing slow OR inactive and completely abandoned their Springfield.  Another great new feature to help you clear out those lazy neighboreenos!

So one question we’ve been seeing a lot in the comments is…just how do you delete neighbors in the new Origin TSTO?  Well let’s break it down…I promise it’s really simple!

First access your Neighbor screen by tapping on the Bart and Milhouse icon in the lower right hand corner of your main Springfield.  Once your on your Neighbor screen you’ll want to once again look for the Bart and Milhouse icon in the lower right hand corner:

This will launch the new Origin menu screen:
Yes I’ve blacked out my neighbor’s names for their protection!  

From here just tap on the neighbor you want to unfriend.  Again it’s in alphabetical order so you should be able to find it fairly easy.

Once tapped on it will launch their, what i’m calling, player card.  This will show you the last time they played and give you the option to unfriend them:

Simply tap the unfriend option and viola! Done.  You’ve now gotten rid of that lazy neighbor, congratulations!

See I told you it was simple!

So there you have all of the changes to the new TSTO Origin…OH and I forgot to mention (how could I)….Your friends are now in Alphabetical Order!  Yes tht’s right…now when you go through your friend’s list their names will appear in alphabetical order making it easier to find just who you’re looking for!  You asked for it and EA listened!  How sweet is that?!

Ok that’s it from me for now.  What do YOU think of the Origin changes?  Have you connected to your Facebook?  Find any friends that were closet Tappers?  Have you been having fun deleting lazy neighboreenos from your game?  Sound off with your thoughts and questions in the comments below….you know we LOVE hearing from you!

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73 responses to “Origin Cha Cha Cha Changes….Turn and Face Your Neighbor

  1. I have dead neighbors that have no unfriend button of any sort, How do I remove them. They were friend-ed through Origins, had to be my Facebook account has minimal ppl on it.

  2. I followed your steps , but when I go to someone to delete ,appears this: ” An error attempting to Unfriend this friend . Please retry” . what to do?

  3. Thanks for responding so quickly! I closed the app, restarted my iPhone, logged out and back in to origin and that did the trick! lol hopefully this works for someone else having the same problem

  4. When I try to delete a neighbor it says that I was unable to delete this neighbor. What can I do? I tap on the neighbor’s name and then on unfriend and when I confirm it says it cannot be done. Help! I have closed the app, restarted my phone and I still get the same error. Help!

  5. How can I delete Facebook friends that no longer play the game

    • You can’t. You’d have to delete them from your Facebook. If they have the game they’ll appear. You can however hide them so you don’t see them.

  6. How do you get the fed bubuttonWhen I’m in others town it tells me to press the fed button but unless its hidden or not obtained yet there is no button. So sad.

  7. I can’t get into my neighborhood and I have 420 friend requests is there a site that I can do this from other then the game? Thanks

  8. Hi, everybody. I have several friends who haven’t played the game in several months, but I still feel so bad defriending them! Lol In your opinion, after how long of friend not playing the game would you feel ok defriending them? Thanks! And sorry for the weird question. Lol

    • For me…if there’s an update like this out and they haven’t updated it in 5 days i cut them off the friend’s list. Otherwise I give them a 3 week grace.. 🙂

  9. I want to unfriend those from FB because they are no longer playing this game, but I don’t want to delete them as my friends on FB. I don’t want to lose friends simply because they don’t play this game anymore.
    How can I accomplish removing them just from TSTO?

  10. What does it mean when a friend has a red border instead of a blue border around their avatar?

  11. What does it mean when a friend’s avatar has a red border? I’ve been seeing this for a while and can’t figure it out.

  12. My friends list only shows FB friends who AREN’T playing…the current players section is completely empty. For a while I thought nobody else was connected to the game, but then I saw a friend’s name pop up when I was clearing handshakes in my town. The weird thing is I can’t find him anywhere in my friends list to visit him back! Have you heard of this happening before? And yes, I tried logging out of FB and logging back in again 🙂

  13. Someone I unfriended weeks ago visited my town. How is this possible?

    • It could just be a remnant or “ghost” name. Similar to the system having Professor Frink visit you randomly. Also, if they were a friend through Facebook, they may still have access that way. Just double check all your lists, if they’re gone…no worries.

      • Or- if they’re EA origin(etc) acct name has been changed for whatever reason (had to change mine after a super sever error/crash..Anyway u get it.:^/)

  14. JerseyShore17

    I am fairly new to the game, and I would like to add friends. I’ve seen people post screen names to add, but add friends screen only lets me input emails, not screen names. When I try adding the screen name anyway, I get a “failed” error. I would prefer not to log in via Facebook. I’m playing on my Kindle HDX if that makes a difference. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Welcome to the Addicts! 🙂

      No worries. Here to help. It says email, but Origin IDs will work too. I’ve found if I drop the last 2 or 3 letters of the ID it’ll give you a list of close names and you can select it from there. If that doesn’t work well…try the Origin Desktop Manager.

      Feel free to poke around the Tips & Tricks section of the menu. Jebediah especially 🙂

      • JerseyShore17

        Thanks! I tried to add a screen name. It came up in t he search but I still got a failed message- “unable to add friend. Failed to send friend invite” I don’t know what’s wrong.

  15. Yours was the only website that made since, I have been trying to get rid of lazy player’s for weeks, thanks so much for just telling me in English how to do that.

  16. Add me: ameerahc

  17. How do I access my profile in this new origin? Cannot seem to find!

    • Go to your neighbor’s screen and tap on the Bart and Milhouse icon. BUT if you’re talking about your specific profile (like your image etc) you can’t do this from the game. You can only modify it from the Origin website itself or the Desktop manager.

  18. I was initially thinking I would have to reinstall, but as it happens across three diff devices, it most likely isn’t my app. But thank you for trying to make me feel better. 🙂

  19. Great! just before this event i broke my phone (anger outburst don’t ask why) now i have to wait maybe a week or 2 before i can play again. My neighbours will think i’m inactive and delete me 🙁 well it’s my own fault for breaking my phone but when i have some room clear for new neighbours i need some who tap my tileeeeeeeeee and i have corn growing. BBQ CORN!

  20. Candiekidz, since you mentioned not wanting to uninstall due to the rollback glitch: well just wanted you to know that that doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore, at least for me. I was almost dreading the update since with a lot of the big ones the Amazon app store doesn’t do automatic updates. I HAVE to un-re-install to get the big holiday updates (smaller ones don’t cause a problem for some reason). Anyway, this morning when I got back into my game after having to uninstall my handshakes were still there over my port entrance. Not sure if this is the same for all systems or what store you originally bought from to receive the updates, but it was good news for me.

  21. Love this new option to unfriend! I just removed 3 unenthusiastic neighboreenos 😉

  22. Laurie (aka shoebits)

    Every neighbor I’ve tried to unfriendly has given me a “An error has occurred trying to unfriendly .. Please try again” screen ! Should I just assume the new feature has been overwhelmed by unfriendly requests or that I need to stay friendly? :~p

    • Laurie (aka shoebits)

      That would read better if the first 2 ‘unfriendly’-s said ‘unfriend’ :~

    • Could be an Origin issue. Hang in there and try again later. Or restart your device and see if the changes took. I also like to use the Origin Desktop Manager for issues like this. I want to ensure they are completely gone from my lists.

  23. I hope they’ll implement another detail, saying how long neighboreenos haven’t been visiting my SF. I have the feeling some of them didn’t tap for at least 20 days.

    However, the changes done are great! 8)

    • I like that idea…how long since a visit could tell you better than if they just haven’t logged on because they are out of town or whatever.

  24. WanderingCaveman

    The hide feature is pretty nifty as well. I have an origin friend who I don’t want to unfriend, but they started a town in TSTO and never got past level one (it’s just Homer standing in any empty field). I clicked the hide button and their town disappeared from the list but I can keep them on my friends list.

  25. Can we trust the last log in data? Before when the last log in data was available several of the blogs indicated to not use them as a reason to unfriend as what was displayed was usually inaccurate.

    • SO far it seems pretty accurate. I’ve checked it out with my B town and A town as well as Bunny and Wookiee’s town. It’s pretty accurate showing when they last logged on…so far anyway. 🙂

  26. In my old world I spend 15 dollars in iTunes but then it was deleted. I know 15 dollars isn’t a lot but is there a way to either get that money back or get my world back?

  27. I haven’t been able to get past the retry button all day 🙁

  28. That recommendation for a factory reset sounds incredibly scary.
    How would I know if I have too many decorations? Would it tell me?
    Other people aren’t having problems visiting me, so I’m unsure if it’s the deco…you’re a friend, will you see if it looks like I have too much deco?
    I’m afraid of uninstalling because of the rollback glitch…but would I really need to do a factory reset or uninstall if it’s happening on all my devices? I mean, Bluestacks, iPad mini, and iPad? I think my game is broken! If it were the app, wouldn’t it be ok on one device, but not on another?

    • It’s possible it’s just your game. I’m doubting you have too many decorations (it will warn you beforehand)…it’s probably just a problem with your account. Opening the ticket with EA is your best bet (which you’ve already done) 🙂

      • Damn…that’s kind of what I was afraid of…was this what Wookiee went through? Did they fix it for him? Did it take a long time?

        • I wasn’t able to get into my town at all. My game would crash every time during the load screen. Took a little less than 2 weeks to be fixed but EA compensated me donuts and made sure I got back my lost character. It may resolve itself for you, i.e. server issue or they will help you out. First step is the work ticket.

  29. I’m having some real issues with my SF…it keeps loading and crashing…I’ve contacted EA and we will see, but it’s frustrating, I’ve tried on 3 different devices, and if I get in, it’s only for a min. I get multiple hearts from the same people on one character, and though I assign tasks, when it go back it after it crashes, my progress has not been saved. Have you heard this from anyone else? I’m afraid to uninstall because of the rollback glitch again, and it seems it would be pointless since it happens on my device, my moms device, and Bluestacks.

  30. Thank for always having the best info!!!!!!great picture too it’s adorable….keep up the great work 🙂

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