Life’s A Glitch, Then You Cry!

Bunny here, hopping in with some interesting stuff going on in the game. I am seeing more and more and more reports of this coming in, so I figured I would do a lil post about it.

In the past, I have dealt with many a “texture glitch”. More so when I am working on my 2D and 3D art. Most of it made me giggle like crazy. Heads poking out of the ground, garbage fountains, missing background mountain landscapes…just to name a few. Here are some of those that I am used to seeing below.


People replacing decorations (like shrubs, fences, and trees)







Buildings and items replacing fountains




Missing Mountains (the background just vanished…POOF)



Character out of place


Building on top of character


My game flipping me off


Then there was the glitch when Krustyland launched and people saw Krustyland IN Springfield. (This one sadly did effect game play, but tappers were compensated when it was resolved.)




This new glitch…well…it’s on crack. As crazy as…well…ME! Lol. I am seeing ALL sorts of weird things. I even asked some of our fellow Addict tappers to send me what they were seeing. The characters are literally walking through and under buildings. As if the layers of animation cells in the game have all been separated and the coding keeping them all tight has just disappeared. I can see these issues as I am hopping through my neighbors towns, so the show is for all to see. (Please contact EA if you are experiencing this one so they can resolve it fast. The more of us that tell them what is wrong, the quicker they know about it, how wide spread, market specific, and can fix it.)

Here are some pics from our Addict reader Squire1999




And here are some from long time friend, cohort, and fellow TOuk Addict Drew D.







This one is from another Addict reader Kyle.


But wait…there is more….

…from fusionwerks. They have houses and items going into “move” mode and rendering them useless. It does this all on its own. Can’t sell, store, or do anything. Anyone else having this issue too? The nothingness is literally engulfing their game and eating up all the items til they disappear. This one is a bit more curious to me. They have tried troubleshooting and currently have an open ticket with EA.


Are you experiencing any of these issues? Did you contact EA? Any results? Let us know.

In the meantime, I hope basic troubleshooting clears up most of the issues, if not…contact EA. I know it is hard, especially for Addicts to wait for their response…but they are helpful and will do all they can. Even offer compensation in various amounts depending on severity of issues.

HOPPY Tappin’


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25 responses to “Life’s A Glitch, Then You Cry!

  1. Any news on these glitches? I’ve experienced them from the time I started playing (part way in to the Easter event) and have played the same game on several iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and also on a Kindle Fire (Android). Often they’re funny but sometimes they drive me crazy, and as time they become more pervasive & constant.

    There are 4 main types: (1) Moving: bits of a building replacing a stationary object that has moving parts (the hot tub becomes a bit of a house and the bubbles are flickering other bits of the house; this happens a lot with the butterfly tent too); (2) Static: something has “exploded” and I see all its components including ones you don’t see normally (like the backyard distillery’s interiors or the cat lady’s house including cats in all positions, everywhere); (3) Static: some or all of a building repeated in a grid over the whole town, often backwards (so the writing on the signs is in reverse); and (4) Static but cycling: the character ones where I see one or more of the same character coming out of the ground, and as I watch it switches characters, cycling through most of them, in different positions (from the front, from the side, from the back), with arms and feet of previous characters left behind.

    I have a zillion screenshots, if it’s helpful. None of the basic troubleshooting tips have changed anything, and my posts to EA go unanswered or answered with stock responses & are closed, with no results.

    • I’ve posted some shots. The most mystifying to me being the first, with a cracked easter egg pile . . .

    • No need for pics. Lol. We all get them. It is just something in the game itself that is pretty impossible to fix. It gets worse the more items, decorations, and buildings you add into your game. I get so many of them. For me, they make me giggle. They really don’t hurt the game play at all. Usually exiting the screen and resyncing the game will correct it. Like hop to Krustyland and back or neighbor screen.

      They get worse for me when I do my 2D and 3D art. It is funny.

  2. superlambchops

    I started experiencing this glitch after updates loaded yesterday. At the same time my friend points started counting again, I haven’t uncovered any donuts since and I’ve stopped receiving triple money for friend interactions.

    • There is a new item, E.A.R.L. Lighthouse, so you have a new goal to reach to get back the triple earning bonus again. You just need 5000 more FP to get it. Same with donuts. That was just an added bonus for maxing out after getting Stampy. I am hopeful it returns after E.A.R.L. too. 🙂

  3. I’ve got a solution!
    I play on an android and my characters were also disappearing under buildings and decorations (super annoying). I read that all you needed to do was sign into your game on an ios device and problem solved. I was skeptical so I just waited hoping for a fix from EA. I got impatient and decided to try it. Using an ipad, I logged into my game and played around for a couple minutes. When I logged back into my game on my android (literally right after logging out from the ios) it was fixed! No more characters vanishing under buildings! Hope this helps some people!

    • Ooooooh thanks for the heads up, will have to test it out on the games I have that the glitch is in. For the ones on iOS with issue, I will try the opposite. Lol 😉

  4. I used to get crazy glitches all the time, I probably have about 200 screenshots of them, but I got a new tablet last week and now I never see them anymore. I’m kind of sad.

  5. I have been screenshotting alot of things around my Springfield lately. I luckily haven’t had any characters crushed by buildings (anyone else thinking Wizard of OZ when that happens?) Mine I noticed are mostly when I’m rearranging. When I exit out of move mode I have multiples of weird items where something else is supposed to be. For example, I have 6 brown houses set in 2 pairs of 3 and I captured this. I was saving them in case a thread like this popped up LOL.

  6. I have been seeing a lot of my characters disappear under buildings, which is really annoying since I just obtained several new characters. It doesn’t happen to everyone or with every building. I’m also seeing random hedges and other decorations showing up on top of a building they’re behind. And the shattered image of some other part of the game replacing various buildings.
    I contacted EA and hope this gets resolved soon so I can actually see my new characters!

    • It is a weird possessed glitch, that is for sure.

      Being the silly person I am though, I can’t help but giggle at all the headless bodies roaming the town. It makes for some great “Caption This” screenshots. They all look like they are up to something they shouldn’t be doing. Lol 🙂

  7. Funniest glitches I have run into:

    Fat Tony bathing in the Squid Port fountain:

    One of the Flanders kids sitting on the Mayflower:

    And two Flanders:

  8. I am having the same over lapping issue and will contact EA. By the way, Iove the blog, checking in to see what’s new is part of my tapping ritual.

  9. I had two Homers in my Springfield this morning. Don’t know what that was all about, but while Maude was getting revenge on him, he was standing a few feet away from his self playing on his mypad.

    • I have seen “double characters” during outdoor tasks. This is mainly so that your neighbors can still tap on them and give them Valentines while they are completing a task. This is also a glitch that happens and I find it kind of amusing to see. Can you screenshot it for us and send it in?

      I see this when Burns is getting piggyback rides, when Flanders is being interrogated, etc. It seems it hits the dual task characters more than anything. No worries. It will go away when the task is completed. 😉

  10. Very minor glitch: When your game tells you will get 5 hearts for the next 1 actions and you tap on someone, you only get 4 hearts, and then the counter says 4 hearts for the next 30 actions. Same happens at the change from 4 to 3 hearts, and so on. So you only get 29 times 5 hearts instead of 30. I am curious what will happen if you are down to 1 heart for the next 1 action – never got there yet.

  11. I have tried everything on the troubleshooting page and my characters are still all walking under buildings, shrubs etc. It’s really annoying! I also have buildings overlapping other buildings. I’ll have to let EA know.

  12. 😀 That one screenie looks like a new task was unlocked for Fat Tony: ‘Clear Whirlpool of Corpses sleeping with the fish’.

    By the way, does the farm glitch work with rosebushes, too?

    • Farm glitch is no longer active unfortunately. All building tapping has been disabled until after Valentine’s day.

  13. Capital City Goofball

    I like how Nelson is laughing at Grandpa Simpson’s misfortune. I occasionally have the characters half vanish under buildings so I will contact EA too!

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