A look behind the Wroshyr trees

Happy blogiversary Addicterinos!

Well, we’ve been here for just about 6 months and still going strong.  While you have been following all our madness, you may be wondering just who are “these people” blogging about TSTO. Well, in honor of our 6 month mark, we decided to unveil a little bit more about ourselves.  At Addicts, we like to think of ourselves as a different kind of blog team. Every one on Addicts is actually cool with each other and we work behind the scenes every day to bring you what you hopefully think of as the Best. Site. Ever.

Alright, getting to the point. We’ve been at this crazy TSTO blogging gig since August and every day I find myself truly humbled that thousands of folks come here just to see what we have to say about The Simpsons Tapped Out.  I know I like to actually know a little about the authors I read, so I figured I’d take the chance to take you away momentarily from all the Valentine’s Day Event Madness and tell you about my least favorite subject… ME.

Inside Wookiee

I’m well aware that some people don’t care so if ya don’t, cool by me.  Just don’t click more.  I’m sure there’s one or two other things here to pique you interest.

Wow… you clicked more?  Seriously, just that leaves me blushing.  Truth be told, I don’t think I am any one special and kinda accidentally fell into this whole blogging deal.  If it wasn’t for Alissa digging my 2D art and words over at tapped-out.co.uk., I wouldn’t even have the opportunity to ramble about myself.  So you may know me as The Wookiee (furry owner and proprietor of Wookieecorp).  No real reason for the name other than I’m a huge Star Wars fans and love Chewbacca and all things Wookiee.  My friends tell me Wookiees are strong, loyal and good friends, usually gentle but not someone to trifle with. Since I tend to be self-deprecating, I’ll take their description and be flattered by it.

First off, I am so happy to be a part of this site. It really is a pleasure to get to give my point of view to all things TSTO and have a blast doing it.  I have been tapping away since October 2012 and play TSTO on ioS on my iPhone 4S.  Due to this, I have had the blessing to get a lot of the game content that is envied by other folks, especially Android users (so happy this disconnect is being remedied slowly by EA). You might know me from such 2D content as King Snorky, Emperor Moe and Master Yoda.  My regular posts include 2D stuff, What a Wookiee Wants (WAWW) and TSTO Anonymous. In addition, I often get the chance to let you know where items come from.  You can always count on me to ramble about things that float around randomly in my brainpan (it really is more than just a hat rack).

Here’s some random stuff about me and my madness.

The Wookiee

Tapped-out user name: Joe Wookiee Riot

Real Name: Joey or Joe (or Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo)

Favorite Simpsons Character: Comic Book Guy.  I am an uber-geek at heart. Star Wars, comic books, science fiction, fantasy, cosplay, occassional Trek.  He is everything that is good with the world (besides the obesity lol).

TSTO Comicbook guy

Gotta say that CBG recently getting married made me soooooooo happy.  There’s hope for all of us nerds.

Favorite Episode: Season 4, Episode 12 (Marge vs. the Monorail)


This is arguably the best episode.  It was written by Conan O’Brien AND Leonard Nimoy made a cameo!


Favorite TSTO time of year: Halloween


Favorite TSTO Character: The Rich Texan (just his sayings make this an easy one for me. After all, “America’s not a place for seatbelt-wearing cowards.”


Favorite TSTO Building: Abe Lincoln’s Cabin.  I’m a huge history buff so having one of the Best. Presidents. Ever. in my town is righteous!

Favorite TSTO task: Without a question, CBG’s 12 hour Cosplay Task. Although not a trekkie, anything that pays homage to my fellow geeks and/or sci-fi has my love.

Brief synopsis of me: 33-year-old father of three.  Served almost 14 years in the USAF and going to school to be a history teacher (hence all my free time for this mess).

Aspirations in Life: To write fiction for a living and to someday record an album of my own music.  It hopefully is obvious I like to write words but I also really love to sing.  If you ever want to know what auditioning for The Voice is like, let me know, I seriously auditioned for it in December 2013.  Sang Broken Road by Rascall Flatts (originally by The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) and was told I sing well but that I wasn’t what they were looking for.  Guess I’ll stick to my “day job”.

The Voice

Embarrassing Confession: I have scheduled my TSTO tasks around my real life AND sometimes prefer the company of other Addicts to family and friends.

I seriously love this game and that it has introduced and reminded people about The Simpsons.  I love the show and can get quite nerdy about it.  It really is more than just a silly animated show about yellow characters.  Sharing the game and show with my family makes me incredibly happy.  Getting to share all of it with you, well that’s even better.

Well, that’s a little bit about me in a nutshell.

Help! I’m trapped in a nutshell!

When I’m not up in the middle of the night writing here, I can usually be found over at tapped-out.co.uk. and of course by comments on the BEST. TSTO BLOG. EVER.

Special thanks to Alissa and Bunny for putting up with me through all the madness that is Addicts.  They really are two of the Best. Ladies. Ever.

You stay classy Tapperinos! TTFN… Wookiee (Joey) out!

Wookiee and Blinky

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47 responses to “A look behind the Wroshyr trees

  1. Hey wookie, I am a fellow addict and long time addict of this website you guys have conjurd. I have noticed some time that people have written to you about ideas they have for the game and I have one as well but it would take a lot of time to explain it to you on here so I was wondering if you would like to exchange emails and hear me out. Did you see the new friend prize?! KBBL radio finally! But anyway if you would like to know what I am brewing in my addict brain email me at shawdunn_14@hotmail.com . Hope to hear from you

  2. Wookiee! Can I get you as a friend in the game?

  3. Thank you for making this such a fun place to hang out. I look forward to reading the great variety of posts here. Keep up the great work!

  4. Great stuff. Enjoyed both bio’s. Nice to be able to know our fearless leaders on a bit of a personal level. Keep up the good work.

  5. I’ve been reading this blog since September and never posted, but I had to just say this – Man after my own heart! I come from a nerd/music buff family and being able to quote Star Wars (and know the whole of The Beatles back catalogue) became an unofficial rite of passage, and I’m engaged to a sci-fi/comic obsessive (He’s a BIG comic collector, the boxes are slowly taking over the whole of the flat) so there’s no escape for me, not that I’m complaining. 😉 Sorry you didn’t get through The Voice auditions, my other half is a professional musician and got asked to do the UK version, but they didn’t give us enough notice to get to London, so that was that! Don’t give up! Cool beard btw 😉

    • Woo hoo… nerd love. Thanks for finally writing something. I love knowing there are kindrid spirits out there. Even if I never record something, I’m a karaoke king when I go out and that always feels good. SInging is more personal for me. I love singing with my kiddo and writing goofy songs. Who knows, maybe I’ll record and share something on Addicts some day. Beards are awesome!

      • Ah well, I’ve been putting off commenting for a long time, but what’s the worst that can happen eh?.. Basic recording programmes can be got for quite cheap, you could start a youtube channel? Once upon a time I would of said get a myspace page for your songs, but I don’t know if anybody even uses it anymore!? Just a suggestion anyhoo.

        • I have a digital recorder in storage on the other side of the country. I’ve debated getting a camera to record video. We shall see. All the support feels good though and you peeps don’t even know if I’m good lol.

  6. Just went to tap on some neighbours during an Olympic commercial break. Saw your Olympic Rings display Wookie. That was a pretty resourceful and creative design.

  7. grrrwaaaaaarggggh

  8. Love the nutshell!
    You forgot to list your favorite fan…me! 😉
    You’re my favorite Wookiee.

  9. Hey thanks for sharing 🙂 I was jw what genre of fiction you like to writing? Have you started anything?

    • I have two books I’ve been working on forever. One is dystopian science fiction a la 1984 and the other is hard to explain. Basically a love story set against alternate dimensions involving psychology and color. If I spent half the time I do on here working on them, I might actually finish one lol.

      • Wow, they sound very original- I’m actually toying with a dystopian book (but set in the future) myself. Of course I’m much too lazy to actually put any effort into it haha.
        Your ideas sound really fantastic, if you ever want someone read over something I’m a willing guinea pig 😛
        (Also, comic book guys my fav character as well!)

        • A CBG fan writing similar fiction? Super rad. Mine’s set in the future too. I meant more it was inspired by the book 1984. ALso has a little bit of Huxley’s Brave New World. I just love sci-fi books and movies. Coolest thing to me is things predicted decades ago that are reality now. Still waiting for my hoverboard, but oh well.

      • I tried reading this book called 1Q84….it’s a dystopian 1984 type but I wanted to shoot myself because I could never seem to make progress…then I realized it was almost 1,000 pages! If you’re writing a book like that, just promise me you’ll check that book out! I just couldn’t get into it and I think it’s a lesson on how NOT to write a book in this genre.
        I’d love to read yours when it’s done.

      • Awks, I’ve just started reading 1984 and I didn’t get your reference! I thought you were doing like some crazy dystopian parallel universe thing set in the past.. Which actually sounds pretty cool too! Do you post any fiction online? I’d seriously love to check it out (and steal ideas *cough cough*). I’m the same- I feel like I’m writing about how the future will pan out, although perhaps a bit of an extreme, messed up version of it…

        • Oooohhh… dystopian parallel universes… like some sort of opposing forces story? That sounds really cool actually. Gotta finish one of my books before I start anything new though lol. I haven’t posted anything online. All my published writing is here on the site I suppose. Maybe some day I’ll convince Alissa to let me post a chapter or something on here.

  10. Great piece! Now I like you even more!

  11. Glad to make this connection wookie….great job!!

  12. All Joe’s I know are good people and good friends. Cool read.

  13. Very cool — nicely done!

  14. Hope you bought Blinky.
    You’re my fav ( sorry others ).

  15. Awesome article! Really liked it.

  16. Thank you. It’s nice to put a face to a neighbour.(I have to admit, changing from “Joe….” to “wookiee…” threw me for a bit of a loop, lol) Keep up your “ramblings”, they are as much apart of my TSTO experience as the tapping is. 🙂

  17. Wow, Wookie! It was so awesome reading this stuff about you! You really seem like a terrific guy, as are the other bloggers. Thank you for sharing!

  18. Enjoyall the ts to blogs.Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. I’m a tapper for sure.

  19. Thanks for sharing a bit about you. We children (readers) always like to find out things about our parents 🙂

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