WDTCF – Up, Up and Buffet

Woo hoo!  A classic Superman reference.  Makes me feel all Comic Book Guysey inside.

With all the romance in the air, it seems only natural that EA would give us a “classy” restaurant.  Sure, you could take your Marge to a fancy establishment like the Guilded Truffle, but that would be boring, right?  There’s nothing that says elegance and refinement like a restaurant made from a hollowed out airplane.


For 90 donuts, this isn’t too expensive a building.  It generates $800 and 80 XP every 48 hrs.  Up Up and Buffet may at first seem like it doesn’t fit in with the Valentine ambience of our current special event, but I hope to show how it fits in.  Sure it isn’t from a Simpsons Valentine episode, but it is the scene for a “romantic” Anniversary (their 11th in case you were wondering) dinner for Homer and Marge.


This restaurant comes to us from Season 9, Episode 25: Natural Born Kissers.  Homer and Marge end up going to the restaurant after Grandpa is a no-show for babysitting the kids.  With no sitter, the kids get included and Bart axes his parent’s “intimate and elegant” plans and suggests somewhere less boring… someplace romantic!


Ok… someplace that kids love.  Plastic silverware in overhead compartments, realistic turbulence courtesy of valets, it’s a neat idea for a restaurant.  Having eaten inside all sorts of strange places, including airplanes, double-decker buses and dinosaurs, I dig the idea and like this new item a lot.

Up-Up-and-Buffet-4-800x573 Up-Up-and-Buffet-3-800x573

The Gilded Truffle may have been a better choice for romance but what can you expect from a restaurant “Taking Low Standards to New Heights” according to TSTO.  For anyone wondering where to place Up Up and Buffet, the episode shows it is right next to the Gilded Truffle.


Another cool little addition to the game kinda sorta having something to do with a holiday about a Catholic saint better known for greeting cards and a mafia-caused massacre.  I’d recommend giving the episode a view if you’re interested in Homer and Marge figuring our how to better “Rock the Casbah” and running around in the buff.  Pretty sure Shareef don’t like it though.

Anywho… keep on breaking those hearts and spinning your wheels.  TTFN… Wookiee out!

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