Valentine’s Day Bonuses…

Hey Howdy Hey Heart Breakers!

I know you’re all anxious for the finalists for the Valentine’s Day Contest and they’re coming soon…I promise.  They’ll be up in just a few short hours 🙂  So many awesome submissions it’s hard to go through them all!  It’s coming though, so just be patient….

Anywho…we’ve been seeing a lot of questions pop up in the comments about bonuses from items.  You see in TSTO when you buy a premium decoration not only do they look cool but they also award you a bonus % on all cash and XP.  For more about bonus % on cash and XP check out this post.  So we know that premium decorations add a bonus % to our towns but what about Valentine’s Day Wheel items?  What do those do?  Let’s take a look into the files to find out shall we?  First thing’s first.  Not all of the  wheel items earn a bonus rate.  In fact almost none of them do.  This is because they’re considered “free” items by the TSTO files not premium ones.

So what items offer a bonus rate?
Well, aside from the 2 premium decorations (the Whale & the Cozy Hammock) 2 wheel items earn bonus rates too.  Here’s the break down for everything that includes a bonus rate in the files:

I Choo Choo Choose You Train– Free on the wheel, 2.25% bonus
ico_vday_choochoo_mdValentines Pond– Free on wheel, 0.75% bonus
ico_vday_valentinespond_mdCozy Hammock– 40 donuts, 2% bonus
Whale– 300 donuts (yikes!), 7% bonus

Are you sure none of the other items on the wheel earn bonuses?
Yup, i’ve checked and double checked the files.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a screenshot of the files comparing the Lovely Gazebo to the Whale.  You’ll see the Whale indicates a bonus line of code (highlighted) and for the Gazebo it’s not in there:

So why do the Train and Pond Earn bonuses if they’re “free”?
Because they’re returning items from Valentine’s day 2013 and they did not update the coding for them.  They’re still listed as 2013 items and therefore the percentages remain the same because last year they cost donuts.  So, if they updated the files to remove the bonus on these returning items, those who were around last year would lose the bonus % rate they gained when they spent donuts on the items.

So why are you tell us this?
Well because some people asked AND i thought you might like to know how you can maximize your cash and XP for free by collecting the wheel items.  Might give you some incentive to keep spinning the wheel even after you’ve cleared it 🙂

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33 responses to “Valentine’s Day Bonuses…

  1. Last year the valentine decorations had no bonus, they were all essentially free. As soon as this year’s valentine event started, my bonus multiplier jumped by almost 30%

  2. Just one thing, the I choo-choo-choose you train and valentines pond were available for hearts, not donuts, last year just like all of the other decorations (love planter, valentines tree, rose arch, and rose bush). I don’t know whether it not they had the bonus percentage last year but either way I’m glad they do now.
    Sidenote: I preferred the way the rose bush looked before they changed the design for this years event. I wish they had just had two different kinds of rise bushes.

  3. I got the tunnel of love idk if I’m going to use my hearts for more spins in case the hearts turn into donuts or in game money do you think that’s a smart move or should I just use my hearts as soon as I get enough for a spin on the wheel

    • I doubt they’ll let you convert hearts to donuts, especially after they didn’t allow it after Christmas. If you want more decorations I say go for it! 🙂

  4. Can you tell me why we can sell some items from the wheel but not others? I’ve got a bunch of fence and fountians that I dont want and cant get rid of.

  5. Figures… the only two items left on my wheel are the pond and choo-choo. I foresee another ice goddess situation for me (and no, I never did get her). Oh well, I’ll take fences and lamp posts over the cash and gift cards from the Christmas wheel…

    • haha should be a little bit easier for you tho! I’m still with out the train BUT I got the pond recently and the odds are much better on this wheel:)

  6. Woo hoo! Hit the dec-fecta yesterday. Some pretty fortunate spinning on my part (no, I did not purchase any donut spins).

    I wish I had known about the bonuses. I have left everything in storage!

    1 Fountain of Love
    1 Valentine Balloon
    1 Lovely Flower Cart
    1 Valentine Pond
    1 I Choo-Choo Choose You Train
    3 Cherub Bird Baths
    3 Lovely Lampposts (which is misspelled in the game!)
    5 Love Benches
    5 Lovely Gazebos
    12 Lovely Fences
    24 to 25 Spins (can’t remember how many fences you get)

    Now, I am saving spins. I have 6 in the bank. Can I make 100 by February 25?

  7. Hey, what’s up with the site? How come so many menus are missing from the top fo the screen? Also, unrrelated, can you guys do a “Should I buy…” for Phineas Q. Butterfats?

    • We’ve got one in the queue…it’ll be posting soon 🙂
      And as far as the menus…we’ve streamlined everything (by request of so many readers). Now everything can be found within those header pages, or you can tap the search link and do an advanced custom search on the site to find exactly what you’re looking for. 🙂

  8. I hope you noticed I turned in the line “marge’s hair is blue” BEFORE they released the first mission and ripped off my poem! 😉

  9. I have five trains and five ponds! Love the bonus on them, plus the hammock! I make 86% more money on everything! Yay!
    You know how the hearts reset every day? Do you know when they reset? Is it based on the Other Springfield we visit? It seems like whenever that’s ready, my hearts go back to 5.
    Hope your having fun reading all those poems! I’m sure they make you smile! (This forum is so great)

  10. You can see the countdown when you tap the question mark next to your collected hearts. 😉

  11. The trains are awesome for bonus – especially for cheapskates like me who never buy donuts! I’ve got 4 trains already and 2 ponds… BTW this % info is visible when they’re in the storage box. One question: does the wheel still work after you’ve got the last one? If not, I hope I don’t get the 10th just yet…

  12. Oh cool, I already have 4 trains but no ponds. That wheel is giving me headaches haha. I designed a “park” for the wheel items, but I keep spinning it and keep getting repeated items, it’s so crowded I can’t fit another bench!

    • me toooo, i’ve got a vday block that is PACKED 🙂

    • Same, my little valentine park area has 29 wheel items, including 9 benches, 5 sets of fences, 3 gazebos, 4 ponds. In addition to the wheel items, I have 6 rose bushes from Cletus’ farm and bought 2 rise arches for entrances to my park. Going to need a much larger park.

    • All I need still is the train and the gazebo and then i’m gonna be tunnel of lovin’!

      • Ha! It’s good to see that I’m not the only one. I only need the pond now. This morning I gathered 800 hearts, but no luck, I just kept stuffing my springfield with baloons and cheesy benches 😛

  13. Crap! I’ve been selling my heart ponds simply because I don’t like hearts and stuff all over my Springfield (to each his own right). But now that I know they add bonus % I’ll have to stash them behind Mt Springfield or something. THANKS FOR THE INFO YOU DA BES!

    • Uh oh hold onto those ponds! And you’re welcome 🙂

    • Oops, I also sold one pond before I decided to find out if it was a bonus multiplier item and found this information. I still have 2 other ponds and 1 train, so I’ll keep them and hide them behind larger objects if I don’t have a good place for them.

      Thank you 🙂

  14. Thanks for the info.

    I’ve had 29 spins at the wheel so far. Have 1 train and 4 ponds to show for it so far. Here’s hoping I can get some more of these bonus generators.

    Where is the countdown on this event located? I believe it was an 18-19 day event. Do you recall when it ends?


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