So here we are on the eve of Presidents Day and as we announced when the Valentine’s Event launched…EA has brought back one of the Addicts Team’s FAVORITE building/character combos. Abraham Lincoln himself.

You will find him tucked away in your Premium items for purchase of 150 donuts from today until February 18th. He is a returning item from 4th of July 2013. This means he is LIMITED TIME. So snatch him before time runs out.



Hoppy Tappin


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p.s. If you want to read more about Lincoln and the Simpsons, check out Wookiee’s post on him HERE.
-Wondering if you should buy Lincoln?  Check out the Should I Buy on him here
-Curious about Lincoln’s Questline?  Check out Turbo Tappin’ Lincoln here.

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45 responses to “Honestly…ABE!!

  1. Im am 1 spin away to get the tunnel of love. All I need are those pesky balloons

  2. Just a quick unrelated question for anyone willing to answer it. I used to read TSTSBN for all my tapped out needs and for the longest time it seemed as if they were the go to website. They said they were compiling a book and they had a lot of traffic. Then one day I read a comment about some bloggers stealing something and they were having problems. Now their site is dead, last post was level 38 update and there are only a few comments. Now I love tstoaddicts.com and I think that a few of the writers here used to be there. Do I have any of this right or am I just losing it? Anyway you are doing a great job here, the post are nonstop and people are getting involved. Guess you won the tapped out blog war and I am now a tapped out addict.

  3. I started playing during the Christmas event and wasn’t ready to spend any money on the game, so I passed on Gil’s donut deal. Now I’m a little more open to spending money, but I don’t like the idea of paying normal prices when I could have gotten the deal not long ago. Do they have similar discounts throughout the year, or am I going to have to wait until next Christmas?

  4. Today is a good day! Bought good ole Abe and now i finally achieved the Tunnel of Love! Woooo Hoooo!

  5. How do all of you guys have so many donuts. Do you guys just get them from using real money to get them or do you have a way?

    • At Addicts…we buy our donuts. I know personally I purchased two boatloads of donuts from Gil after Christmas & Bunny and Wookiee stocked up as well. 🙂

  6. Abe was available when I first started last July…was hoping that EA would ease up on their greed problem…so I’d have to spend some dead presidents to get a dead president…
    Hey, last year in July or August there was a day that everything tapped produced a donut…think I got around 20 or so that day…thought that it was routine and spent them right away…what was that day about?

  7. Speaking strictly for me, i started as a Freemium as i slowly saved real money because i knew one day i would buy donuts. Then when Gil came, i bought that boatload but you can have alot of fun with this game for free such as just being creative aka 3D creations or even 2D as i have seen many other Tappers do!

  8. That’s a lot of donuts…but he’s a great buy! I’m gonna have to see if I can scrounge up some pastry currency…

  9. Got the in-game message around 3:15AM and went to look but no Abe…thought maybe he went out to see a show…too soon???…really, I looked in all crevices, no log cabin/vampire killa…

    • Maybe you scared him off? You yell at him to get off your lawn too? (Mine was in Homer Buddha icon location.) 😉

      • Well he IS a republican…lol…I used to be…don’t trust any party now…except ones with chips & dip…and booze…
        Found him…it doesn’t say “limited” under him…
        …I got a hangover…

        • Yah…not sure why it doesn’t…even the open dialog stated only valid until the 18th.

          Mmmmmm chips n dips…AND booze? Sounds like a party to me! 😉

    • Hey, I saw your comment about Abe and how he was a republican…and one of the best presidents in history. I personally am republican (please don’t stone me to death), but I think Pubs and Dems alike can agree on Abe’s awesomeness. Great prez.

      • I’m sure our wonderful mods would rather we stay away from politics…no love lost with me, Candie…I often say too much here even though they’re too nice to admit it…but, yeah…nobody wants me to get into politics here…!!!

      • Abe is one of the great ones that transcends party politics. Back then, political parties were more for politicians. The rest of the common folk just had parties. Oh, the good old days.

      • I know…I’m telling you I was born in the wrong era.
        I collect postcards from around 1909-14, the “golden era” as it is called…I should’ve been born then. Chivalry and values and hard work. No tv, but I’d take the trade. 🙂

  10. I wish they would let you purchase donuts with in game money. I have almost 5 million dollars, but only 130 donuts. There are so many premium items I want, but there is no way I am spending money to buy donuts. Any suggestions on how to get more donuts without spending money on them. I already read the post on here about donuts. I just can’t figure out how everyone here can afford to buy all these premium items. Do you actually spend money to buy donuts?

    • I know what you mean, I’m up to 13 million in game cash and wish I could spend it on donuts. Beyond the Bonus Level Up method and the other methods outlined in the free donuts post, there aren’t really more ways to earn free donuts in the game. Many of us do actually spend money on donuts, sometimes way too much! 🙂

    • As an Addict, yes we do invest in donuts as a team so we can provide you all the content and info possible. Myself, I was always a FREEmium player. My A game is still that. I earned a LOT of donuts during the halloween event. Was able to purchase many items I wanted. I used Halloween to keep hitting those extra XP level ups and get bonus donuts. Used the “glitch” to hit 3 over and over. It is really a matter of what YOU want to do to play. There is absolutely nothing what so ever wrong with playing FREEmium. Yes, there is cool stuff for donuts, but only play what YOU feel is comfortable to you. The game is a blast without spending money too. If you do want to buy in, wait for a Gil deal, like the one around Christmas (that is when we invested more in the game).

      Just remember…this is still a FREE game app…this game has NO ads…no pop up…something has to pay for the salary of all those game developers, designers, coders. They need to earn from it somehow. So donuts is their way.

    • I know how you feel…it’s super frustrating. But yes, we hardcore players have spent real money on donuts…it’s kinda sad but I love this game. I view it the same as spending money on a movie rental or take out.

      • I figure I spend $$$ at the theater, dinners, and shopping. I can cut out a few and use it here instead. Lol. 😉

      • Exactly! Good food lasts until you’re done eating…Shauna and my Howard’s Flowers will last forever! (Or until EA eliminates the game….whatever comes first)
        I’m pro spending $$ on something I can enjoy for months to come. Hopefully years to come.

  11. Hmm…I know that Abe is a returning item, but he is only showing as “new” and not “limited” in game. Is it possible they are releasing him into the general inventory or did they just screw up by failing to label him as limited time?

  12. I’ve been waiting all week 😀 I think I set Honest Abe up with a nice little quiet area all to himself (when the time warp gets to be a little too much for him anyway)https://www.dropbox.com/s/aes7dff2y8k7thv/Screenshot_2014-02-16-04-58-42.png

  13. Sory I meant to,say “Jebadiah”, but autocorrect had different ideas.

  14. Just went to play and there he was waiting to be bought with 150 Doughnuts!.. So I did!
    I almost forgot he might show up.

    Now we need George Washington and
    Jenadiah Springfield, or is that Sprungfeld. 😉
    With an alternate Pirate Costume and the museum with his silver tounge,on display in it.
    And the Museum Curator.

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