Sunday Night Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

How are my favorite Addicted Tappers this evening?  Did y’all enjoy your weekend?  Do anything fun?  Get slammed with more snow?

Anyway enough rambling from me….it IS Sunday and you know what that means, right?  No, not a day for hangover recovering…unless you’ve been hitting the Bunny “water” with Seapeach, Freak, Bunny and I.  It’s time for another Sunday Night Open Thread!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Sunday Night Open Thread.  It’s the Sunday after Valentine’s Day, did anyone do anything fun for the weekend?  Have you been watching the Olympics?  How is YOUR home country doing?  Have you been redesigning your Springfield with all of the new Valentine’s Decorations?  Have you purchased Honest Abe?  MLB Pitchers and Catchers have reported already.  Your thoughts on the upcoming MLB season?  Oh and tonight is the NBA All-Star game…will you be watching?  

So chat about the Olympics, the All-Star game, MLB, TSTO, Valentine’s Day or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all!  You know we  LOVE hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

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86 responses to “Sunday Night Open Thread

  1. I wonder why there wasn’t any Olympics themed content but, rather, valentines lingered almost 2 weeks.
    … Or maybe I just missed an update?

  2. WanderingCaveman

    I had a great S.A.D. day. I took myself to the zoo to draw some animals (it was sunny and warm here in Southern Cali), then I went to comic shop and spent as much on comics as some people spend on a good bouquet of flowers.

    • Ooooh Cali. Enjoy the beaches of Newport, Balboa, and Huntington. Also enjoyed living up in the middle in Cupertino. I mainly just miss the beach.

      Comics? Which ones? There are quite a few interesting shops here. Still small mom n pop shops. Though, every time I set foot in one I feel I’m invading some private geek space as I’m given strange looks when I enter the door.

      Free Comic Book Day is always fun.

      • WanderingCaveman

        Which comics… that’s a dangerous question. Fables, Captain Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dead Boy Detectives, Wake, Pretty Deadly, Coffin Hill… I also just finished reading the trade paperbacks of Y: The Last Man. Fables is always a fantastic book that I highly recommend and Captain Marvel has become one of my favorite super hero books.

        I’m sorry to hear you get strange looks when you go into the comic shops. Some shops can be super inclusive and friendly. Others can be a bit exclusionary, which is unfortunate.

        • Lol. They aren’t bad looks. It’s more a geek frenzy of “zoinks…a female…hide…that kind never enters here…what’s it doing…I must hide behind computer screen/comic book so it doesn’t see my real identity”

          Hehehehe. I adore my geek shop boys. The owners all are absolute sweeties to me. Several times they’ve donated thousands of old/unwanted comic books to me for fundraising and auctions. I think Dr. Voltz and Hastur are still my fav geek shops to frequent.

          I’ve never met an unfriendly comic book store owner. 😉

        • FYI…nice collection 😉

      • Well, I’m glad to hear that. Although to be fair, some of us geek guys freeze up around women regardless of location…

        Yeah, that’s just part of my current reading list… the rest of my collection takes up about a dozen short boxes and several shelves of various trades.

      • Phoenix Campbell

        Hi Bunny, just adding in about friendly comic book store owners, most of the staff at my local store store are really friendly and all, but there’s this one guy who goes out of his way to act like the grinch (or should I say Grumple) to me and my friends XD Apparently as soon as we leave though he burts out laughing and is really friendly… I guess I’ll never know.

        • Lol. All mine are jokesters too. I’ve seen them tease and joke around with others that come in the store. It cracks me up. They’re all playful and a riot. I actually hang with a crowd of guys that run their own podcast. Geek Show Podcast. They frequent Dr. Voltz. Buy their comics there. Record live episodes there. Even hang on free comic book day.

          I like geeky boys. It’s the intellectual thing. That and they make me laugh. 😉

      • Phoenix Campbell

        Hey could I ask for some nerd advice? I mainly hang around those places for card games as opposed to graphic novels but someone recommended I read Fables. Have you read it and is it any good? 😀 Thanks and I love you Bunny!

        • Ooooh Fables! Great read. Its been round since…early 2000. 2002 ish I believe. Been a bit since I picked one up as I’ve been a bit busy with a lil TSTO game. Lol.

          It is more along comics line… so you can see if it’s what draws you. A lot of comics are going digital as well and the artists allow peaks online. Take a look.

          Many comic store owners are quite knowledgeable. You can always let them know your genre, likes, tastes and they can usually point you the right way. (Like anime, horror, scifi, fiction, etc.)

          What card games? I played D&D as a teen (yes…boardgame. Lol). Still have some Magic the gathering cards round somewhere, but haven’t played in ages. Now…I play Killer Bunnies (of course I would. Lol.), Settlers, and more. It’s fun to get huge groups together and play.

          Awwwwww thanks for the love! 😉

        • If it’s same one they’re talking about…this may help. 😉

      • Phoenix Campbell

        Thanks for the advice, I’ll ask the guys at the shop 😀

        I mostly play Magic the Gathering but I also love games like Settlers, that’s one of my favorites! 🙂

  3. Oops one last tid bit. ..(does that show my age? ) ha. Has anyone noticed that all the strange happenings that going on in everyonebtown tha the ‘Other Springfield never seems to have that issue? Whats up with that. They dont have the premium itemsthat we all get during events. Could that have a reason for it?

  4. PS its so weird ya’ll are getting winter weather and way over here in Calif.bits so warm I could have worn shorts. Its a strange year. We sure needed some rain.

  5. I kinda feel like im butting in( so sorry.) But im alone on Valentines. No biggy to me I just bought myself my favorite chocolates -turtles and some……. what else but DONUTS for my Springfield. Heheh

  6. Yoohoo *tap tap tap* is this thing on? 😉

  7. Gotta say, just watched the newest Walking Dead episode and I loved it.

  8. Btw, have any of you seen this?

    • Hahahah…commercial was TCM…talk about classics. Lol.

      And I ADORE Conan. He cracks me up. I heard about this, but haven’t watched all of it. Just clips

  9. I wanna see the Lego movie myself…I’m cheap though…there’s a dollar theater in my town that shows movies a month or so after they open in most other theaters…so I’ll wait…

    As per what Alissa said above, I’ve watched some of the olympics, I’m lately into watching tv series’ on netflix or Amazon …Grimm, Haven, Justified, to name a few…watching “Band of Brothers” now with my son and father…

    • Ooo Band of Brothers was really good 🙂

    • True Detective on HBO now, it’s my current favorite. Band Of Brothers was fantastic!

    • Band of Brothers was made very well. I started on Grimm…it got…weird. So I stopped. Trying to get into a new series on Netflix or Hulu to pass the time. I just don’t watch that much TV anymore.

      I am still a classic movie buff. Give me a good old Black & White. Thin Man, Gaslight, Danny Kaye (yes he is in color), etc. I swear I should have been born in another era at times. 😉

      • I’m the same way with old movies. In fact, I never saw Gaslight but I have it on my DVR right now!

      • Oh God the number of classics I’ve seen…just caught Hemingway’s “Old Man and the Sea” last night around 2:00 am…Spencer Tracey. Grimm did get weird but I got through it and well…I’m in love with Rosalee the “storekeeper” so she keeps me watching…

        • Spencer n Hepburn, Bette Davis, Maureen O’hara, Rock Hudson, Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, Cagney, Cotten, Olivia de Havilland, Fonda, Grant….on n on n on…LOVE watching those films over n over.

      • Hey remember how I tied in “Lawrence of Arabia” with my 200k dograce trick???

  10. How about all this snow in the north east at least I have tapped out to turn to everyday I’m saving up for the popsicle stick tower halfway there after buyin the escalator and more land recently:)

  11. Some of my friends get bummed out on Valentines Day, do this was my Facebook post Friday :

    While it’s true that Valentines Day is a made up holiday (okay, technically all holidays are made up!), I feel no need to dump all over people that get all lovey dovey with their significant others. Romance is a great thing if you have it in your life, so buy your one and only those cards and stuffed animals and flowers and candy and whatnot. Go nuts. On the flip side though, if you’re alone today, don’t fret it. Don’t let other people’s sappy displays or romantic programming on TV make you bitter or sad that you’re alone. If you have no one to spend the day with, be your own Valentine. Do something nice for yourself, buy yourself something you like, make yourself your favorite food for dinner. Most importantly, don’t use the fact that you’re alone today as a trigger to make yourself feel bad and unloved. Instead, think of all your good qualities that the right person just hasn’t noticed yet. Maybe it’s not that you’re unlovable, it’s just that you’re special and most of the dullards you meet at the local watering hole can’t appreciate it. Perhaps you’ve made some mistakes, maybe you have been a crappy person, but rather than dwell on it and beat yourself up over it, change it. Improve yourself, make yourself happy. People(at least the well adjusted ones) respond much better to a happy, secure person than a miserable one. Trust me. I know this for a fact. If you feel good about yourself, others will feel good about you, that’s how it works. You can’t change the fact that we are hard wired to want to be loved, deny it as you might. Sooner or later we will give in to that urge, and you will be much better off if you’re okay with yourself when you do. Finally, if you’re my friend and you’re reading this, you’re not alone today or any day. You have me, and I truly love you all.

    • Nice. For me…I just get annoyed with it due to it seems so one sided all the time. “Get HER what she wants… Impress HER…Buy HER this…Spend your 2/3 months salary on HER…” Doesn’t the guy deserve anything? Lol. Don’t answer that. 😉

      It just makes women look needy and greedy to me. I always felt that stuff like that should be shared. To me, something from the heart means more than what it cost. Something given at the least time expected instead of a Holiday seems more special. Surprises are better…well at least to me.

      I just hope that people keep that love and romance year round. Dote on each other year round. Appreciate each other year round. Not just because the Holiday tells them to.

      I always try to show love and joy year round. You never know when someone will enter…or leave your life, so make the most of any moment you can. Appreciate the little things. Don’t stress and worry that a Holiday makes you feel not good enough. Because most people are…commercialization makes them feel they aren’t.

      Sorry…that was a mouthful. Lol 😉
      **steps off soap box**

      • Sadly, I think people lose track of the love and romance thing. I feel that if you love someone you owe it to them to make some gesture now and then to make them feel loved and show them that there is still a little magic left in the world. Unfortunately, I think so many people are just so damaged or so worn down that they are incapable of giving that or receiving it. Oh well, I’m going to keep on giving and hope I find someone who can appreciate it someday…

        • I am with you on that. People are so focused on “love me…show me” that they forget they need to give it back too. Just a hug, a smile, a gesture to show affection. Just touch. Any kind of touch can make someones day. 😉

    • Preach on bro!

    • Good post!!!

  12. I’ve got songs stuck in my head all day anyway! If you loved it I’m sure it’s right up my alley. I’m assuming it’s full of geeky references.

  13. I think I might go see The Lego Movie this week. When I first heard about it I thought it would be for little kids or just plain stupid. After seeing the trailers and reading about it I think it might be fun. Has anyone seen it and what did they think?

  14. Well I got turned downed by my crush…… after buying her roses and chocolates :/ and got parking lot in the mystery box *sigh* pretty bummy weekend.

    • That stinks. I had a completely single VD and it was nothing special but at least I have all the amazing people here.

    • Well that makes me very sad. 🙁 I spent the day and night alone myself. I get annoyed at Holidays, but muddle through.

    • Me too! There is this really cute waitress in a restaurant I have lunch on Fridays, so I finally asked her out. Turns out she just started seeing someone. 🙁 I’m not that bummed though, because she was genuinely sad that I hadn’t asked her sooner and told me that she would let me know if things don’t work out and she would love to go out with me if they don’t. Could still be an excuse, but it didn’t feel like one. I’ve been turned down my fair share of times, but you gotta keep positive. Girls change their minds! And if they don’t, there’s plenty of others with a lot to offer. I’ve also gotten plenty of parking lots as a mystery prize, can’t help you there…

    • Hey Tapper, welcome to the club man…spent many a night focused on shooting pool, having a beer with friends just to keep from sulking alone at home…chicks just get in the way anyhow…
      *dodges something thrown*

      • ***throws carrots*** 😉

        I love to hang out in a dive, shoot pool, laugh and giggle. Enjoy life. 😉

      • So I told you about my cheese pizza tree…yeeeeahhhh…pepperoni tree died… hurrican Irene I think…
        So when I was a kid we lived out in the “sticks” right next to a macaroni farm…real peculiar that farm…when the wind blew just right it’d whistle through that macaroni almost like a harmonica. Then one day the farmer said the real money was in manicotti and his farm never whistled again…

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