Addicts Poll Question: Have You Cleared the Wheel of Friendship?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Happy Tuesday!  Back with another Poll Question from the Addicts team.  This week we want to know, Have you cleared the Wheel of Friendship?
We’re curious to know if you’ve earned the Tunnel of Love yet, if not how many items do you have left to go?

Let us know how your doing below!

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87 responses to “Addicts Poll Question: Have You Cleared the Wheel of Friendship?

  1. I still can’t get that $&%^ gazebo! I’ve got 2 bird baths & multiples of EVERYTHING else. & I’m basically out of time! I’ve got 23 hearts left & have gone through my neighborhoods… I’ve got roses growing, flanders singing, & melhouse chasing lisa, but it won’t be enough. I had NO problem with Christmas. This? forget it. I’ve got no hope left… The only thing I wanted from this whole stinkin’ promotion was the ride for Krustyland but I guess that won’t be… *sob* darn lack of money to buy spins… :_(

  2. Finally got them all yesterday, now collecting hearts up waiting to see if anything updates before the end of the valentines update. Last couple of days I’ve been getting neighbour handshakes again instead of hearts from some neighbours too which is odd.

    • Was the handshake on Cletus’ farm with rosebushes? Or other areas? You can tap on items related to the event. But if there are more, I am curious what other items are being able to be tapped on too. Let us know. 😉

      • No, just on normal buildings, no hearts or anything just the normal handshake sign like when there isn’t a seasonal special. I’ll get a screenshot if it happens again.

        • Very interesting. They had disabled it for the event. I’d like to know if some are getting it released due to complaints that they want something more to tap on then hearts. Still not an option in either of my towns. 😉

      • I think I’ve worked it out, they are coming from an internet only friend, who seems to not be bothered by the Valentines Event, no Madame Chaos, no Valentines Roses planted, no wheel of friendship prizes in sight but a ton of brown houses, very odd way to play.

        • So…a house farmer? That’s what it sounds like. It could be someone that has not updated to the new event at all. It is odd. Usually the game forces the update after a few days. (Unless they’re playing an “altered” game.)

      • Said Tapper seems to have a very odd game plan, they are on level 8 but don’t have the purple house, blue house, Krusty Burger, Van Houten house or the pink house. Given the level of progress would say they are not playing a hacked game.

  3. Not sure when it happened but I just noticed that the pond and train are now available for purchase with doughnuts. In the VD limited time menu.

  4. I have tried every single trick, but I can’t get that freaking birdbath! I have four or five of everything else! I’m dying here!

    • It’s funny..the birdbath sits at 10% odds yet you’re like the 10th Tapper to tell me you just can’t get it. For me it was the train, which made sense because it only had a 5% chance.
      My best advice is just be patient. You still have until next Tuesday to clear the wheel. Just keep collecting hearts, take a break from spinning the wheel and go back to it. Or what I sometimes like to do is have someone else take a spin for me. Usually when they do they end up getting what I’m looking for. 🙂
      Good luck!

  5. Finally, I’ve got ’em all!

    A lot of nice decoration stuff (like fences) and some scrappy things…

    Fortunately you can SELL those useless trains (ONE has found ist place in front of the School beside Jebbediah). I hope to get more fences next year 🙂

  6. UPDATE:
    I used 14 spins and got 1 of the 2 items that I needed. Not only did I get the 1 item, I got 3 of them !!!
    None of the “tricks” worked.
    Hey EA, gonna be one angry bacon freak if I don’t get that birdbath in the next 5 days !!!!!

    No seriously, I appreciate all of the free stuff that EA gives us during these special events.

    • Oo that is rough. I had 20 spins saved up to get my last item, went through 19 before I FINALLY got it. Hopefully you’ll get that birdbath soon! 🙂

  7. Spider Fans post is a good point are there any really limited items. If something or one is popular then EA will bring it back to make some more dough. (See what I did there) OK fair enough and I did collect shuma this year.

    But shouldn’t limited mean just that bringing stuff back takes away a bit from the game andi hope some things stay limited just not the stuff I really really want lol

  8. Its funny but as soon as this article appears I get the birdbath and tunnel of love.

    Cool though still 6 days to go so plenty of time to collect freeebie decorations and restructure I think and focus on beta town.

    I do smile at the complaints people seem to rush the events then complain it is over too quickly or the wheel is rigged (duhh) or the wheel is rigged too hard too easy the prizes are rubbish why can’t we get premium stuff free…….

    Its a game be,patient enjoy the moment and if you don’t want another VD decoration don’t spin he wheel…radical thinking ehh!

  9. I cleared it in a couple days and got the tunnel. In the last mini update it uncleared the wheel. I’m waiting to see if I get 2 tunnels of love. That would be hilarious!!

  10. Oh, I also noticed that they posted this on Facebook earlier:

    LAST CHANCE! Spend your Hearts and spin the Wheel of Friendship or use the handy Heart Grinder to convert Hearts to money before Valentine’s Day leaves Springfield!
    Please Note: No matter what Dr. Nick says, the Heart Grinder cannot be used on human hearts.

    Does anyone know where to find the heart grinder?

    • We saw it too, but right now because the servers are down we can’t verify it. Currently trying to see if we can see anything in the files, but until the servers are back we won’t know for certain if the heart grinder is making a comeback in 2014. 🙂

  11. The wheel was a complete let down. The prizes were poor, having to collect multiples of the same item that you cant get rid of is very annoying and the free gift on V-day was a total cop out imo. If they use the wheel again I hope they go back to the format they used at Christmas. Better prizes and once you get one remove it from the wheel or at least let us sell the multiples.

    On the other hand I really did enjoy the storyline with Homer and Mindy and the addition of Brandine was awesome.

    • It was a really nice storyline, and it didn’t drag on too long. Always appreciated! 🙂

    • I agree, so many fountains, fences… Too bad they did not change up a bit. Too bad they did not do a community counter on all the hearts collected for more prizes. Got one train, and that was the free one…lol But I did get the tunnel of love.

  12. Capital City Goofball

    The Tapped Out Facebook page mentioned something about a heart grinder. Anyone see it yet? I keep getting Barted so I can’t verify.

  13. I have to say that this event was quite a let down and getting multiples of the same item on the wheel that I cannot sell was very annoying.

    On another note this was posted on facebook earlier:

    LAST CHANCE! Spend your Hearts and spin the Wheel of Friendship or use the handy Heart Grinder to convert Hearts to money before Valentine’s Day leaves Springfield!
    Please Note: No matter what Dr. Nick says, the Heart Grinder cannot be used on human hearts.

    Where do you find the heart grinder?

  14. I’m stuck on the fountain, been trying to get it for a week. I have a bajillion trains and hate the wheel. I wanted from it was the snow monster and I could never get it, among other things I wanted less. Grumble grumble.

  15. So many people complained about the christmas wheel that they made the valentine’s wheel extremely easy to clear. And since it was easier, I feel like they put less interesting prizes – no buildings. I prefer to have a harder wheel with better prizes on it, but I’d like to point out I never once complained about the christmas wheel. 😉

  16. I got everything on the first 12 spins (No donuts required!). Which was good and fun but now what do I do. Kind of took the fun out of it and now I have lots of duplicate items since I’m spinning to kill time. I kind of miss the money option from the Christmas 2013 event. I wish I could gift you all the items you’re looking for!!!!!

  17. I must admit Christmas wheel did give me everything except one ice figure (dog).

    However this Wheel of Doom was kinda horrible.
    I was getting the same crap over and over again until the EA choo choo choose gift and boy you can’t sell that crap and of course many of your neighbor’inos don’t clear their town awww

    After the gift it seemed like they changed the probability because with the next 200 hearts i did get the last remaining item and subsequent spins did often give me the preselected items (the ones i wanted)

    But as seeing the poll result i guess i just had luck

  18. Still haven’t cleared it on one ID. Lots of pink fences, though. This is the same ID where it would not give me the Snowman even though I had 120,000 gift cards worth of spins. I’m not a wheel lover.
    PS I refuse to spend precious donuts on the wheel. I did at Christmas and didn’t get the one thing I wanted, so never again.
    I did enjoy seeing the results of the poll.

  19. The only item i needed was the train, when they gave it free last week, it unlocked the tunnel of love, so i got it all and waiting for the next event………. 🙂

  20. WanderingCaveman

    If EA keeps this up I may develop an aversion to wheels. last Christmas I watched the wheel disappear into the mists with the snow monster (the only thing I didn’t clear on the wheel). This go around I started to get nervous watching it land on everything but the two items I still needed (the train and the balloons). I plunked down donuts for 5 spins and still got nothing. So I caved, I bought 30 spins and figured I would clear the wheel for sure… and out of those 30 spins I got the train twice… but no balloons. At that point I began to curse whatever forbears conceived of such a contemptible contraption. Then I collected the 10 or so hearts I still needed for my next free spin, gave the wheel a whirl and land on the balloons -.-

    • Did the “trick” not work for you? 🙁

      • WanderingCaveman

        At the time I didn’t know about your specific trick. During the Christmas event I could get the wheel to spin slowly, but for some reason on this go around it seems to be fast or nothing. When I tried to spin it slow it moved a couple of space but didn’t register it as a spin. And when I give the wheel the gentlest of taps it goes spinning madly around…

    • Did you spin it fast? cause when I spin the wheel gently I keep getting the love fountain so when I spin it normal I keep getting different items mostly the bird fountain so yeah I think is the phone/tablet not the game

      • The “trick” that works for me is put the trigger in the middle 3 or 4 spaces down from the one I want. Then ever so gently spin it counterclockwise. Like barely. It takes a couple tries as you do it so softly that sometimes it wont even spin. But none the less. I got all the prizes off mine about a week ago doing this…without using any donuts. 😉

      • awesome I already got all the items so this V-Day event was fun.
        I’ll try your trick so thanks for helping your fellow tappers 😀

  21. I have a general question (but not sure where to post it).

    Are there any items / characters that are genuinely limited?

    Discounting that last couple of months or so, as its too early to tell, is there anything that has been released once and never has been again?

    To my mind pretty much everything has been re-released. So there is nothing rare nevermind anything to reward players who have been there from the start. It is good for newcomers though.

    • Not a problem…for future reference, we have a “Your Questions” section under the “HELP ME!” menu on the main home page. Feel free to ask us anything you need. We will help all we can.

      So far there has been some items that were released but have not been brought back. Like the Mayan God, Cool Brown House, Mapple Store…to name a few. EA is tricky with what they decide to bring back. I think it may be more a user response. Like if a lot of people write in or contact them to bring something back, they may be more likely to do it.

      There are many rare items. Even those brought back may have changes that have been made to them, so they are not the same. (Like the rose bushes this time around are not the same as last years.) So the “first-timers” do have some cool items that I still covet and would like to see in the game. 😉

      • Thanks for the quick reply Bunny 🙂

        It does seem at the moment a lot of thing are getting re-released whichade me think how ‘limited’ are the limited time things?

        PS Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the correct place to post random questions too.

        • No worries at all. If the search engine bars do not lead you to what you are looking for, we are always here to help you find your way or point you in the right direction. It’s what I love about what I do. Helping people (and making them giggle. Lol.) 😉

  22. Cleared the wheel last week. I now have 4 each trains & ponds & lots of fencing. I’m trying for more balloons & have started storing gazebos. You really CAN have too many pink gazebos IMHO. :~)

  23. Just completed the wheel yaaaaaaaaaa
    Now what to create out of it all lol
    Got more gazebo’s than E A. Lol :-))))

  24. Imwaiting for the bird bath got multiples of everything andbetetownhas 6 of them.

    Still building a cornucopia of Smaltzy romantic stuff for my wedding chapel.

  25. i had cussed under my breathe, pissed and moaned too because i couldn’t get that dang train but i persisted and tried different tactics to finally achieve it. You cannot give up! Plenty of time left, especially if you have your max neighboreenos! Funny thing for me was that after i completed the wheel, i’ve been hitting the train on almost every spin now! LMAO love that 2.25 Keep em coming and i’ll figure out a place for them muhahahahaha!

    • lol that’s great! I can’t hit that train for the life of me. Got it once, then got the free one and haven’t been able to hit it again since! Oh well…i’ll settle for all of the other multipliers I have in my town lol 🙂

    • When EA got me a free item (choo choo train) I accidently drop my phone so yeah that choo choo is something xD

  26. After my roll back i think i need 3 more items. I dont like my chances of getting the krustyland tunnel of love

  27. Currently sitting on 12 spins and I will try “the trick” to get the last two prizes.

  28. There’s another option:

    “Can’t be bothered, I don’t want any of the items.”

  29. I had a hard time getting the pond, but finally cleared it 😀 Now I have tons of trains and fences lol

  30. Cleared it today. I have been stuck on the bird bath fountain thing since day 1. I was able to take advantage of the 20 hearts per spin glitch when vd first came out. The last one made me feel like it was impossible.

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